Simple Guide To Creating A Campaign On Adfonic


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How to create a mobile advertising campaign on Adfonic is 5 easy steps.

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Simple Guide To Creating A Campaign On Adfonic

  1. 1. A simple guide to setting up a mobile advertising campaign on Adfonic
  2. 2. 5 easy steps to creating a mobile advertising campaign on Adfonic  Create your account on Adfonic in minutes  Login and navigate to My campaigns  Click on New campaign  Enter your campaign details  Set up your targeting parameters  Choose between Performance and Premium Network options  Set up and upload your creatives  Set your bid price and budgets  Review your campaign  The Adfonic team will review and approve1) your campaign on the same day 1) Creatives must comply with the Adfonic Advertiser Content Guidelines available here
  3. 3. Step 1 Enter your campaign details You can choose to run campaigns across all phones, iPhone OS only or Android OS only Enable your campaign to run across sites and apps that are not in your campaign language. You can choose a start and end date and select what time of day or day of the week to run your campaign. Control the number of times a user sees your ad with the frequency capping option.
  4. 4. Step 2 Set up your targeting parameters You can choose to run your campaign across a selected number of countries. For your chosen countries, you can target mobile operator users. You can target by mobile platform (JAVA, Windows etc.) or select specific mobile phone models.
  5. 5. Step 3 Choose between Performance or Premium Network 1) The Premium Network comprises of established brands, digital plays and popular apps. 1) Note that the Premium Network is only available to approved advertisers and publishers.
  6. 6. Step 4 Set up and upload your creatives Clicking on this link triggers a pop-up that displays Adfonic’s Advertiser Content Guidelines. You can add multiple creatives using different ad formats per campaign. Start off by choosing one and then repeat this step. For iPhone OS only campaigns you have multiple destination options. Click on the yellow boxes to load your creatives. Or enter a text copy if you have chosen the text link ad format. 1) Note : You can load multiple creatives after clicking “Save creative”.
  7. 7. Step 5 Set your bid price and budgets Choose between CPC and CPM advertising models Slide the bar to chose a bid price You can set daily budgets or campaigns budgets here for your campaign and opt-in to get email notifications.
  8. 8. Next steps  Once you have created and submitted your campaign, it will be reviewed by the Adfonic Team  You will need to fund your account via credit card or Paypal. You can do this on the website under My transactions  The minimum deposit is $50.00 USD  As soon as your campaign is approved it will go live immediately , unless ...  You have entered a start date, then the campaign will not became active until then  Or you have yet to fund your account  You can monitor the performance of your campaign using Adfonic’s real time reporting and analytics tools under Reporting