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Fpg financial planningservice_v8_hires

  1. 1. Financial planning service
  2. 2. Who are The Financial Planning Group? • Established in 1993 • Based in Teddington, South West London • We deliver a holistic financial planning service to Individuals, Companies and Trustees • Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services AuthorityWho are we?
  3. 3. Key questions to consider • Do you have a clear understanding of your financial goals? • Are your investments producing a sufficient return to meet your goals? • Will you be able to afford to pay for School and University fees for your children? • When and how will you be able to repay your mortgage? • Will your family be protected should you die? • What happens if you lose your job or become incapacitated? • You are planning a major lifestyle change; can you afford to do it? • When can you afford to retire? • How can you pass on your wealth to your family in the most tax efficient way?Key questions
  4. 4. Financial planning service • We will help you to understand your current financial situation Using financial planning software we will put your assets, expenditure, tax, protection and debt in context and relate these to your future plans and aspirations • We have a structured investment process to manage the risk of your portfolio With the use of an investment platform we manage your portfolio in one place providing you with online access • What you know as financial products - Pensions, ISAs, Bonds, Unit Trusts - will be recommended only as relevant tax vehicles • We offer a comprehensive mortgage service - residential, holiday home, investment and business • We will work with your accountant or solicitor to ensure a truly holistic approach to your finances • We provide an ongoing relationship; your financial plan will be reviewed at least annually • We will act as your agent in all communications with insurance companies and other providers to minimise the administrative burden and complexity of dealing with your financial affairsFinancial planning service
  5. 5. Financial planning service: Stages 1 Initial Meeting Discuss your aims and learn about our service 6 2 Review your financial Gather data and set plan regularly goals and aims 5 3 Implement the We prepare your agreed plan financial plan 4 Present and discuss your financial planFinancial planning service
  6. 6. Financial planning service: Planning With you we explore and record all aspects of your financial life to ensure the best possible starting point for your planFinancial planning service
  7. 7. Financial planning service: Planning We model your assets, tax, expenditure, protection and debt into the future and help you to decide on the shape of your financial planFinancial planning service
  8. 8. Investment philosophy • Our philosophy is based not on speculation but on the science of capital markets • When investing for your long term future, return is the reward for the risk you take with your money • Capital markets around the world are efficient; there is no advantage to be gained from stock selection or market timing • Diversification reduces risk and Asset Allocation allows risk to be adjusted to fit individual need Eugene F. Fama Efficient Markets Hypothesis University of Chicago - 1966Investment philosophy
  9. 9. A picture of growth Portfolio 4: 10 Asset classes 8626 Securities 2%   2%   WRAP  CASH   12%   UK  CORE  EQUIT 36%   9%   UK  VALUE   UK  SMALL  COM 9%   INTERNATIONA GLOBAL  TARGE 11%   4%   EMERGING  MA 5%   10%   EMERGING  MA GLOBAL  SHORT STERLING  ULTR 2%   2%   WRAP  CASH   12%   UK  CORE  EQUITY   36%   9%   UK  VALUE   UK  SMALL  COMPANIES   9%   INTERNATIONAL  CORE  EQUITY   GLOBAL  TARGETED  VALUE   11%   4%   EMERGING  MARKETS  CORE  EQUITY   5%   10%   EMERGING  MARKETS  TARGET  VALUE   GLOBAL  SHORT  DATED  BOND   STERLING  ULTRA  SHORT  FIXED  INCOME  Investment process
  10. 10. What this means for you? • Your risk profile is assessed using a psychometric risk profiling questionnaire • Your attitude towards risk is then put into the context of both your time horizon and planning goals • We will help you decide on the most suitable portfolio to align to your financial plan • Our role as the financial planner becomes one of supervision, monitoring and maintaining discipline • It is important to ensure that the portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure it remains suitable and provides the investment return needed for your financial planInvestment platform
  11. 11. Use of an investment platform • The Financial Planning Group use a WRAP platform to manage your Investment Portfolio • The WRAP is a web-based facility that allows us to construct cost-efficient and consolidated investment portfolios • The financial products you may have bought in the past - Pensions, ISA’s, Unit Trusts, Bonds - are taxed in different ways. To allow a cohesive investment strategy which is aligned to your plan these ‘Tax Wrappers’ can now be managed in one place • Your online access provides a clear view of your whole investment position. No longer are you required to think in terms of individual products or plans. Keeping track of your entire portfolio becomes a simple task, with instant portfolio valuations • Vastly reduced paperwork and increased efficiency mean that we can focus on ensuring the correct investment strategy is in place to achieve your objectivesInvestment platform
  12. 12. Investment platform: online access Online access to the value of your investment portfolio. Login securely to your personal account to view realtime valuations of your fundsInvestment platform
  13. 13. Strategic Partners • Dimensional Fund Advisers – investment solutions • Standard Life – platform and service provider • Voyant – cash flow modeling software • Oxford Risk – risk profiling www.dfaeurope.com www.standardlife.com www.planwithvoyant.co.uk www.oxfordrisk.comStrategic partners
  14. 14. Regulatory • The Financial Planning Group are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (no.161655) www.fsa.gov.uk/register/firmRefSearch.do • Treating Customers Fairly www.fsa.gov.uk/smallfirms/tcf/ • Data Protection Act 1998 www.ico.gov.uk/for_organisations/data_protection/the_guide.aspx • Assessing Suitability Rule https://fsahandbook.info/FSA/html/handbook/COBS/9/2 • The Financial Planning Process – International Standards Organisation 22222 www.iso.orgRegulatory
  15. 15. The Financial Planning Group 1 Cambridge Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8DTTel 020 8977 7090 | enquiries@fpgonline.co.uk | www.fpgonline.co.uk