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VisionIT is a flexible, low cost, efficient monitoring solution for infrastructure, network and application management.

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  • Architecture showing a ‘drop-in’ PiIT Vision appliance or VM on a customer site.
  • Change order of priority
  • VisionIT from Partners in IT

    1. 1. IT Service Management Solutions Paul CashAll information in this presentation is provided in confidence and shall not be published or disclosed wholly or in part to any other party without Partners in IT’s written permission. All trademarks are hereby acknowledged Copyright © Partners in IT Ltd 2011
    2. 2. Agenda • What is VisionIT? • Why VisionIT? • VisionIT Architecture • Capabilities • Deployment Process • Customer Example
    3. 3. VisionIT • A flexible, low impact monitoring, reporting & notification solution • Server, Network and Application Management • Simple and low cost model • Priced on a per node basis (fixed monthly cost) • Mature code base • Based on preconfigured open source or free tools • SaaS based • No overhead for users to purchase any software, hardware or ongoing licence support • Process driven • Created to work within ITIL Process Model - to provide ‘best practice’ BSM
    4. 4. Background • Cost of Enterprise software – High • Ongoing support • Multiple products – growth drives additional purchases • Complex integrations are required just to provide base functionality • Often only basic monitoring is required • Enterprise solutions too ‘feature rich’ and complex to implement • At best, 40% of available ‘features’ are used, or needed • Post go-live software support is significant • increasing headcount or stretching IT staff to breaking point
    5. 5. Using Open Source as SaaS • SaaS helps deliver faster solutions with less investment • Allows customers to focus on core competencies • Enables agile development • Dramatically reduce development costs • Thus Open Source is the perfect marriage with SaaS “By 2011, at least 80% of all commercial software solutions will include elements of open source” – Gartner
    6. 6. The Development of VisionIT • Downward pressure on costs • Especially Support Costs and the uncontrolled nature of them • Open Source tools now more mature and are ready for the Enterprise • VisionIT – Enterprise Monitoring, Reporting and Notification • Based on Open Source software • Utilising 15+ years experience of Enterprise Management • Integrated with mature ITIL Event and Incident Management processes • Utilised internally to manage our infrastructure and data centre
    7. 7. VisionIT Solution Architecture Voice & SMS Text (SMS via Paging Service) User Portal Email Notification Notification Incident Integration to other Polling and Event third party solutions MySQL Incl. Service Management Management Incident Engine Integration (e.g. Service-Now) and Manager of Managers (e.g. HP Operations Manager). VisionIT Proxy Agent SNMP Agent Agent Network Agent-lessUnix Windows Devices
    8. 8. VisionIT Connection and Security
    9. 9. VisionIT - Capabilities • Provides Best of Breed Open Source management tools, integrated into one scalable architecture – Server health ‘golden metrics’ – Application metrics: SQL, MS Exchange.. – Application logfiles – Web Transactions – Network Services: SNMP, POP3, HTTP...... – Service Views – Notification – Event forwarding to customer preferred event handler • Clear and simple to understand user interface • Providing dashboards and status information monitors
    10. 10. End to End Incident Impact Updates Analysis Best practice ITSM process model Event /Incident Shared Service Escalation Models SMS/Email/Voice Notification User Notification Real Time Monitoring
    11. 11. VisionIT Deployment Process • Capability Assessment: How much could be saved by using VisionIT • Requirements Capture: What is it that needs to be monitored • Implementation: Rapid deployment due to SaaS style and basic agent installation • Support: Managed Services to maintain and administer VisionIT, incl. upgrades and changes • Quarterly: review of service provided Provides a cost effective Monitoring, Reporting and Notification solution, with a subscription based price model.
    12. 12. Customer Example • Enterprise Monitoring Solution • Variety of tools from BMC & HP monitoring up to 900 nodes • Tight Integration of tools deployed • High level of skills required to maintain • Lack of control over on-going support costs • Yearly increases from all vendors • Business objective to reduce overall costs • Not uncommon in todays market.
    13. 13. Customer Example • Capability Assessment performed • 75% of the deployed agents provided simple functions - Disk space check, Server connectivity, process monitoring and logfiles • Solution – VisionIT • Replacement of 631 Agents with VisionIT. • VisionIT integrated into HP Operations Manager for central management and notification. • Summary • VisionIT replaced a ‘Big Four’ Enterprise License Agreement: • Provided in the region of £80K per annum saving on existing support costs.
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    19. 19. IT Service Management SolutionsAll information in this presentation is provided in confidence and shall not be published or disclosed wholly or in part to any other party without Partners in IT’s written permission. All trademarks are hereby acknowledged Copyright © Partners in IT Ltd 2011