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Life Groups, Classes, and Ministry Opportunities at Calvary Assembly of God.

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Trail Guide Fall 09

  1. 1. Trail Guide fall 2009 also also available available online via via
  2. 2. The Map To keep growing in your life with Jesus, we have designed this map to help guide you. You will see different areas (Classes, Life Groups, Ministry opportunities, as well as retreat areas). These all represent the different ways for you to get involved and grow as a disciple of Jesus and as a member of our community. All of these areas flow together and are centered around our coming together for worship and other all community events. Do not feel as though you have to be involved in everything at the same time, but we do encourage you to try new things and not get stuck in the same area. Wandering vs. Growing While you are free to move around and try different things, ultimately we want you to be progressing and growing. Different levels of classes, a variety of types of groups, as well as opportunities to serve and lead in ministry are all available to help you keep moving forward. You will also find self-assessment tools throughout the guide that are designed to help you grow in a healthy and whole way.
  3. 3. connect Connect in meaningful relationships with God and with people. Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ grow Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. 2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. serve Serve others as Jesus would serve them. Using your gifts and talents to build up one another. 1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. share Share the Gospel of Jesus with the world. Matthew 28:19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.
  4. 4. Table of Contents welcome ................................................................................... 6 about this guide ....................................................................... 7 doing life together with jesus .................................................... 8 becoming a christian ................................................................ 9 your journey begins .................................................................. 11 self assessment ........................................................................ 12 starting points .......................................................................... 13 life groups ............................................................................... 15 classes .................................................................................... 22 ministry opportunities ............................................................... 26 childrens ministry ..................................................................... 30 youth ministry .......................................................................... 31 young adults ............................................................................ 32
  5. 5. Welcome to Calvary! Doing Life Together with Jesus is an adventure of a lifetime. We may not be able to walk on the same soil as He walked. However, Values we can walk the same path through People the study and fulfillment of Discipleship Scripture. Integrity Discipleship is a journey of Mission growing in knowledge and We are a relationship with Jesus Christ. community of Enjoy the opportunities before you, caring people living out embarking on a path of ‘Doing Life Together with Jesus.’ God’s Word Take this journey alone, with your Transforming lives spouse, with your family or a through discipling friend. Everyone can walk where relationships. Jesus walked. Vision Reaching and Equipping people for life! Pastor Coon Where People are Valued and God is Experienced!
  6. 6. About this Guide Hebrews 2:-2 “Therefore since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us, and run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfector of our faith” The spiritual life is a journey–a journey toward Christ-likeness. A person beginning their faith journey would logically start out at the beginning and progress from there a step at a time, growing and maturing into the person God designed them to be. This book is your guide in that journey and is designed to help you connect, grow, serve, and share at Calvary. Our goal is to become a community of people who are committed to growing as true disciples of Jesus who are changing the world for God’s glory. What is a disciple? Jesus doesn’t just want people to admire Him. He wants people to follow Him and be His disciples. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus says to His followers to “go and make disciples”. But what is a disciple? A disciple is someone who has chosen to FOLLOW Jesus and to LEARN from Him a new way of life. To follow Jesus means that we seek to live our lives like He lived His. He is our example for living. To learn from Jesus means that we allow Him to teach us, correct us, and transform us. Disciples of Jesus aren’t perfect, but they are on a lifelong journey of becoming more like Him.
  7. 7. Doing Life Together with Jesus! A t Calvary, we express discipleship in the phrase Doing Life Together with Jesus. The life that Jesus wants us to live is active and alive. He wants us to live it with those around us, forming a loving community of grace and growth. A Disciples journey When a person answers Jesus’ call and begins to follow Him, they begin a journey. Christianity is not just a moment, it is a long walk with Jesus. In Corinthians :, the Apostle Paul says that we are to be always becoming more like Jesus. The Holy Spirit works in our lives to transform us into a person that talks, walks, thinks, acts and lives like Jesus. This is what a disciple’s journey is all about. God doesn’t want us to just stay in the same place our whole life, He wants to form us into the person we were meant to be! He wants to help us grow and change so that we can make a difference in this world.
  8. 8. Becoming a Christian Purpose God made each one of us with a purpose in mind. That purpose is that we come into a relationship with Him. God’s desire is to have a personal relationship with us. The God of the Bible is not one that is far away. He is one that is near and He cares deeply about the people He created. Invitation When Adam Eve committed the first sin in the Garden of Eden, they broke the connection between God people. God, however, loves us so much that He came down to Earth in the form of Jesus so that the broken relationship could be mended. Jesus lived, died and rose from the dead so that God’s purpose for us, to be in relationship with Him, could be once again a possibility. Encounter The question now is, “What will you do with Jesus?” In order for us to have a relationship with God and realize our purpose for living, we must make a choice. We have to choose to either accept or reject Jesus. Life Accepting Jesus isn’t about getting a free ticket to Heaven. It’s about living the life we were meant to live! Becoming a Christian isn’t just a moment; it’s a lifelong journey! What will you do with Jesus?
  9. 9. If you would like to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and begin the adventure of following Him.. Admit you are a sinner (self-centered; relying on ourselves instead of God) in need of a Savior. Our sin separates us from God. We need a Savior who can bridge the gap and restore the relationship between us and God. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior that you need. He is the Son of God who became a human being, died on a cross to pay the price for our sins and came back to life. There will never be anyone else like Him. Consider that Jesus wants to be our Lord as well as our Savior. As our Savior, Jesus forgives our sins and bridges the gap between us and God. And as Lord, He calls us to follow Him and live completely for Him. Do something. We have to ask Him to be our Savior and our Lord. Becoming a Christian is not just a mental exercise. It is one thing to admit we need a Savior. It’s another thing to believe that Jesus is that Savior and ask Him He to be Lord over our lives. All that is left is for you to open the door and ask Him in and begin the journey If you have questions, please contact Paul Bowman at 302-697-7776 x123 or
  10. 10. your journey begins.. Watch for this compass throughout the guide for other assessment questions answer these questions to get a better idea of where to start How long have you been a Christian? check out Alpha on pg not one yet, not sure, or just a couple months or years? several years and have been consistently growing Check out Vision of Calvary on pg as a follower of Jesus? How long have you been attending Calvary? Learn more at Vision of Calvary on pg just started or a couple of months? several years and have been through Alpha and Why not join a group or class? Vision of Calvary, Find them on pgs -24 Are you currently involved in any ministry service? Discover how you can serve at not yet? Vision of Calvary on pg not yet, but have been through Vision of Calvary? Join a ministry and get involved! Check out opportunities on pg 26
  11. 11. O ur goal as Christians is to grow and be transformed, becoming more and more like Jesus. This process is a life long journey and it takes effort. However, this is what we were created for, so it is the most fulfilling life experience. Beginning the journey with the Alpha Course and Vision of Calvary, we encourage you to continue on the path to growth by participating in a Life Group, Classes, and Ministry Involvement. The following questions will help you in evaluating your spiritual growth and will help guide you forward. Take some time to answer and discuss your answers with someone. Please contact Paul Bowman (pbowman@, 697-7776 x123) if you have any questions or if you need assistance. Some questions to help you grow Connect How many meaningful relationships do you have with other Christians? Are you regularly connecting with people who can encourage you and help you grow closer to God? Grow Read Galatians 5:22-23. Do you see these characteristics increasing in your life? Serve Have you begun to discover and use your God-given gifts, talents, and passions for God’s purposes? Share Are you building relationships with non-Christians and actively sharing God’s love and message of salvation with them?
  12. 12. W hether you are new to the faith or are just new to Calvary Assembly of God, we encourage you to start your journey at one of the following... Alpha Course A practical introduction to Christianity. This is an 11 week course for those looking to explore the Christian faith in a non-threatening, friendly environment. This course is also great for those new to the Christian faith that need to learn the basics or someone who has been a Christian for a while but wants to brush up on the basics. Each week we gather for a meal, video lesson, and group discussion. Please pre-register by September 7. Meets: Wednesday’s at 6:30pm beginning September 9, 2009 Contact: Paul Bowman,, or 697-7776 x123 Vision of Calvary An introduction to the vision, mission, beliefs and heart- beat of Calvary Assembly of God. This 13 week class will help you to learn what Cal- vary is all about and is a requirement for official church membership. Meets: Wednesday’s at 7:00pm, beginning September 9, 2009 Contact: Diane Lamborn,, 697-7776 x109
  13. 13. Join us for the Alpha Course Introduction Night September 9 go to for more info 4
  14. 14. Y ou can make Calvary smaller... and bigger...dynamic worship, preaching and teaching is what we’ve come to expect at Calvary on Sunday mornings. While enjoying the large weekly celebration service, we also need to be a part of a meaningful network of friends. In a hurried and busy world, that’s often easier to say than to do. That’s why Calvary provides Life groups to help you Connect, Grow, Serve and Share. Add people to your life! Join a group that wants to share their lives and what God is doing in them. And if you are a follower of Christ, consider starting a group: any interest you have can become a way to connect to each other and God. Start a group that walks for exer- cise, trains dogs, plays tennis or bocce ball. Since Life Groups are started by people based on their interests and available time, we have groups that meet during the week, on the weekends, at daytime and at night. We have groups that meet at Calvary and some that meet in homes. If you have further questions about our small group system or an idea for a group you’d like to lead in the future, contact Jeff Dyer at 302-697-7776 x102 or Our groups run on a semester system, but you are welcome to join at any time unless otherwise noted. Simply contact the group leader to join, get more information or confirm the meeting time location. Current semester: September
  15. 15. LIFE GROUPS Childcare: No Interest Based Requirements: Men of all ages Cost: entrance fees, chip in for gas Honor Bound Motorcycle Ministry Roland Everett - (302) 492-8886 Wardrobe Warriors Katrinka Contant – (302) 674-0727 We are a group of riders who have chosen to make a Willing hands and hearts needed for a sewing group difference for Christ. We use our passion for motor- for Calvary musicals and other church needs. You do cycles as a witnessing tool to other bikers. We regu- not need to know how to sew to participate. There larly attend biker events to build relationships and are plenty of other tasks to do, or we can teach you win some for Christ. That is the ministry side of our how to sew. group. We also offer a fellowship riding element for Time: Wednesdays at 7:00pm, other days/times as those who just like to get together and ride. needed Time: Generally meet monthly (watch newsletter Location: Calvary in “The Upper Room” church bulletin for details) Childcare: No Location: Varies Requirements: A smiling face God filled heart Childcare: no Cost: None Requirements: Any make of scooter or motorcycle capable of maintaining posted speed limits. Riders Stitching for Jesus must also meet state law requirements for operation Lora Garner – (302) 857-3507 of scooter/motorcycle. Participants must also sign a release form. Designed for ladies who like to sew and quilt with a Cost: Only for personal needs, event fees, etc. heart to serve others. I would like to see this group make quilts and other items such as lap robes and In His Grip – the Golf Guys cancer caps for shut-ins, folks recovering from surgery Pastor John – (302) 632-1092 illness, new babies, etc. Time: 1st 3rd Tuesdays at 7:00pm A group for men who like to golf! We meet to play Location: Calvary golf and share what Christ is doing in our lives. The Childcare: No golfer’s grip is the foundation for the golf swing. God’s Requirements: Women only grip on you is the foundation for your life! Cost: everyone responsible for her own expenses Time: Mostly evenings (as weather permits) occa- sional day trips A Nation Under God Location: Various courses Cindi Walker - (302) 331-8517 Childcare: no Requirements: Golf gear Are you a conservative talk radio/television fan? Do Cost: Various greens fees you enjoy debate and discussion about pertinent topics affecting our great nation? How about reading/ 1st Delaware Military History Group discussing books recommended by the various hosts George Contant – (302) 674-0727 of talk radio? Lastly, if your concern translates to taking We will meet 1-3 times a year at Calvary to show polite, peaceful actions for positive change, then let’s video documentaries and discuss military-related sub- meet up! jects and take 3-5 day-trips a year to various historic Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month. 7pm military sites to learn about Delaware and America’s Location: Felton amazing military history. We will also encourage and Childcare: No educate others at Calvary to be involved in patriotic Requirements: None activity and holidays. Cost: None Time: Varies Location: D.C., DE, PA, MD, NJ and VA 6
  16. 16. Cost: $3 for dinner/week, $4 manual Bible Studies Truth Project Singles Bible Study Potluck Dinner Chris Gillespie – (302) 335-3957 Vern Atkinson – (302) 241-6067 A biblical world view, it can mean the difference Interested in building relationships, having fun, between deeply knowing and living in God’s truths or and understanding more about God’s plan in our endlessly seeking significance through worldly values life? Want to grow in your personal relationship and pursuits. It means knowing that God has a plan with Christ. We would love for you to join us as we for everything and by following those plans we can fellowship together and learn to walk closer to God. have life to its fullest. Join us for an in-depth Christian We meet for a Bible study and potluck dinner (Park world view experience with “The Truth Project” in the rear parking lot and enter the second floor Time: Mondays at 7:00pm through the handicap ramp.), and sponsor many trips Location: To be determined and events throughout the year. Childcare: Yes Time: 1st 3rd Saturdays at 6:00pm Requirements: None Location: Calvary, Rooms 109 - 111 Cost: $5 for notebook and materials Childcare: Available, please call for details Requirements: Single, bring a dish to share Prayer Force Cost: A smiling face God filled heart Lisa Falkner – (302) 387-1596 A time of worship and intercession to cover Calvary’s Spiritual Formation Ministry Team, ministries, outreaches, events, missionaries, services, etc. in prayer. Live Deep School of Discipleship Time: Sundays at 9:45am Wednesdays at 7:00pm Paul Bowman - (302) 697-7776 x123 Location: Calvary Prayer Room, Family Life Center Childcare: No Cost: None A year long intensive discipleship “school” designed to introduce people to the biblical principle of discipleship and spiritual formation and to set them on a lifelong path of continued growth Time: On-line and In-person once a month Location: Online and in-person - various locations Childcare: No Requirements: None Cost: One time $25 enrollment plus book costs Alpha Course Paul Bowman – (302) 697-7776 x123 A practical introduction to Christianity. This is an 11 week course for those looking to explore the Christian faith in a non-threatening, friendly environment. This course is also great for those new to the Christian faith that need to learn the basics or someone who has been a Christian for a while but wants to brush up on the basics. Each week we gather for a meal, video lesson, and group discussion. Time: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Location: Calvary, Multi-Purpose Room Childcare: Yes Requirements: None
  17. 17. Milford. Service Ministry Time: Saturdays, once a month Location: Milford The Messengers Requirements: No Dave Bell - (302) 736-6476 Cost: No The greatest commission given to us by Jesus Christ Note: No construction or building experience is is to go into all the world and spread the gospel. needed. Do you see the dire need to do this? If you are a Christian you certainly should. Join us twice a month as we spread the gospel to those that are lost and on their way to hell. It is our duty as Christians to deliver Young Adults this message of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-21). Sunday Night Bible Study Time: twice a month Pastor Jeff – (302) 632-0637 Location: meet at Calvary by the picnic table near the handicap ramp in the back Want to ask the tough questions? Looking to connect Childcare: No with other young adults? Explore life’s questions with Cost: None others each week. We’ll spend time learning from and praying for each other. Come join us for a journey of Coffee Cart faith! Amy Knight – (302) 242-3926 Time: Sundays at 6:00pm Location: Dover Do you like people? Interested in coffee? Always Childcare: No wanted to learn to make a triple-shot, no foam, cara- Requirements: 18-20 something mel macchiato? Greet people with a smile and serve Cost: None great coffee as a part of the coffee cart team. Time: Sundays at 9:30am special events Girly Group Location: Calvary, at the coffee cart Shanessy Owens - (302) 531-5796 Childcare: yes Requirements: ability to smile, willingness to learn Cost: none—you even get a free drink! Interested in building relationships with other Note: We schedule everyone so you won’t be asked to young adult women? Come connect with us as work every week we pray for and encourage one another to be godly women. Salvation Army Time: Thursday’s 7:00pm Paul Bowman - (302) 697-7776 x123 Location: Dover Childcare: No Put your faith to work! Jesus said that when we serve Requirements: 18 - 20 something female those that are less fortunate, we are serving him. Cost: None This group meets once a month to serve lunch at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. Campus Cru Time: Third Saturday of every month, 10:00am - Jeff Dyer and students - (302) 697-7776 x102 1:00pm Location: Dover Salvation Army Childcare: No Looking to grow in your faith while attending Del- Requirements: None Tech? Join a group of believers for a time of on Cost: Donation for food cost campus Bible study and prayer. We’ll spend time growing in our faith and facilitate opportunities to Habitat for Humanity reach other students with the Gospel. Paul Bowman - (302) 697-7776 x123 Time: TBA Location: Del Tech in Dover Swing a hammer, make a difference! Be a part of the Childcare: No next Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity house Requirements: Del Tech student build! This group will meet approximately once a Cost: None month to volunteer at the latest Habitat house in
  18. 18. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Men Fannie Humphries - (302) 335-3377 This invitation is for every woman who’s ever felt she Men’s Fellowship Breakfast isn’t godly enough, isn’t loving enough, isn’t doing Ron McFarland – (302) 284-8687 enough. The life of a woman today isn’t really all that different from that of Mary and Martha in the New A fellowship gathering of men for breakfast: we meet Testament. Like Mary, you long to sit at the Lord’s each week at the Camden Bob Evans Restaurant feet…but the daily demands of a busy world just for about an hour. Come join us for good food and won’t leave you alone. Like Martha, you love Jesus fellowship! and really want to serve Him… Yet you struggle with Time: Wednesday at 8:00am weariness, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy. Location: Bob Evans Restaurant in Camden Then comes Jesus, into the midst of your busy life, to Childcare: No extend the same invitation He issued long ago to the Cost: your breakfast or coffee two sisters from Bethany. Tenderly, He invites you to choose the “better part” – a joyful life of intimacy Men’s Fraternity with Him that flows naturally into loving service. Jody Wood – (302) 697-7776, ext 110 Come learn how to overcome to obstacles and enter into a deeper intimacy with less stress and greater This captivating journey helps men understand their joy. masculine identity and shows them how to make the Time: Wednesday, September 9th; 6:30-9:00 pursuit of authentic manhood a lifelong priority that is Location: Camden incorporated into the fabric of their everyday lives. It Childcare: No offers clear definition of what a man is and challenges Requirements: No each man to develop his on personalized manhood Cost: $10 plan. There are three groups meeting at different times. Believing God Time: 3 Groups: Sunday at 6:30pm, Tuesday at Val Branch - (302) 465-2082 6:00am Wednesday at 7:00pm Location: Calvary God is so much more than we have yet acknowledged Childcare: No and experienced. He is capable of tremendously Requirements: Men only more than we have witnessed. Unfortunately, we Cost: $20 per person see so little primarily because we believe Him for so little. Ephesians 3:20 says “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or Women think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Drawing from the “Heroes of the Faith” in Hebrews WOW! – Women of the Word Bible Study 11, this study examines the lives of Abraham, New Testament Survey Moses and others who believed God. Through their Diane Lamborn - (302) 697-7776 examples, we will explore what it means to know and truly believe God as described in Isaiah 43:10 and Experiencing the WORD Through The Gospels; We encourages women to deepen their own trust in God will be examining the Theme, Author, To Whom and receive a fresh word from Him. This powerful Written, and Contents of each of the Four Gospels. resource will lead all to a more active, living faith— With the help of Dr. Henry Blackaby, we will share one that begins with...believing God. significant themes reflected in Jesus’ life that will Time: Tuesday Nights 6:45 – 8:15pm bring us a new awareness of God’s work in your own. Location: Magnolia Time: Thursday 9:30 - 11:00am Childcare: No Location: Choir room Requirements: No Childcare: No Cost: $16 Requirements: Female Note: Class Start date Tuesday 8 Sept; Class size 14 Cost: None Note: Begins September 10
  19. 19. Journey to Joy - Support Group Scrappy Chicks Bonnie Arnold and Sandy Jacobsen Kathy Burton - (302) 284 - 8647 or Bonnie3353@comcast. net Whether you’re a pro or beginner come scrap with Journey to Joy is a Journey that opens all the doors to other women of like interests. Get a lot of scrapping our heart and soul to allow Jesus to heal and cleanse done while connecting, having fun and gleaning us from all unrighteousness. Preparing ourselves to new ideas from one another. Once in awhile a become all we were created to be. demonstration of a new technique will be given and Many things happen in the course of a life time that you can participate with a take-away. Tables will be send our lives spiraling out of control. Our flesh finds set up to share space for scrapping to your hearts ways to cope that were not part of God’s plan. The content. Bring your own snacks or dinner and we wonderful plans that God made for us are still there provide the coffee or tea. A Creative Memories waiting for us. If you’re tired of failure and ready to consultant will be available with extra supplies for rise above the ruins of your life, join us for a Journey sale. that you will never forget. This Journey will open up Time: 6:00 – 11:00 pm One Friday night a month: a new reality to those who are ready to do the work. Sept 11, Oct 16, Nov 6. We will help you to get back on track with God’s Plan Location: CAG MPR for your life. That will open up a deeper relationship Childcare: No with Jesus, and the Spirit’s leading in your life. Requirements: Reserve a table by contacting Kathy Time: Friday nights 7:00 – 9:00 pm Cost: bring your own drink and snack to share Location: Prayer Room Childcare: No MOPS - Mothers of Pre-Schoolers Requirements: No Diane Lamborn - (302) 697-7776 x109 Cost: $15 Note: People can sign up confidentially by emailing MOPS is a community that strives to meet the needs of moms with children from birth through Gabby Girls’ Game Gathering kindergarten. MOPS recognizes that all moms share a Dorie Kope - (302) 632-5224 similar desire to be the very best moms they can be. Monica Kulesa - (302) 698-1281 MOPS groups can help! MOPS groups meet regularly to celebrate the joys of motherhood and to encourage Do you like to play board games like Scrabble, each other through the challenges. The theme this Yahtzee, Ticket to Ride, Boxers Briefs, Sequence, year is “Together on Planet Mom”. Scruples, etc.? Don’t play games but looking for Time: Starts Monday, September 14 9:30 am some fellowship with Christian women on a Friday Location: CAG Lobby night? Then join us at the Gabby Girls’ Game Childcare: Gathering (bring a friend)! Requirments: Time: 6:30 pm until the game is over. 2nd Friday of Cost: every month Location: Wyoming Healing is a Choice Fellowship Study Group Childcare: No Barb Aubrey - (302) 697-1811 Requirements: Ladies only. Light-hearted friendly competitive attitude. Women encouraging, edifying and enriching one Cost: Food to share. We will enjoy soup, salad, another as we study and fellowship. Currently in part snacks and dessert. III of The 4:8 Principle, a book based on Philippians Donation: Can of non-perishable food for Calvary’s 4:8 which encourages believers to be joyful by Food Pantry. focusing on the Word. Easy for anyone to join us, the chapters do not build on previous work. Time: Wednesday 7:00pm Location: Dot Harper’s office Childcare: Yes, Wednesday night church program Requirments: Female Cost: $10 20
  20. 20. Single Parents Support and Care Pam Courtney - (302) 284-1015 Grief Share Are you a single mom or dad? Is your spouse Robin Murphy - (302) 697-9350 deployed? Are you tired of feeling like you are trying If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend to do it all by yourself? This will be a group for you’ve probably found that there are not many people fellowshipping, sharing survival secrets, learning that who understand the deep hurt you feel and you may it is OK to ask for help, and developing a support find it hard to feel optimistic about the future right system that will be there in time of need. now. You may not even realize why you are feeling Time: Once a month on Sunday night the way you do, you just know that something is not Location: Calvary right inside. This support group, for people grieving Childcare: Yes the loss of someone close, will offer you comfort, Requirements: Single parent encouragement and Biblical teaching during a difficult Cost: None, except potluck dinner time. No matter when your loss occurred, we invite Note: Contact Pam for first meeting time you to join us. Time: Mondays at 6:30pm Location: Calvary Childcare: No Requirements: None Cost: $15 HopeKeepers Mary Conaway - (302) 653-4392 HopeKeepers support groups are support groups/Bible studies designed to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the person who lives with chronic illness or pain, through a Christian environment. Through the support group/Bible study setting you will have the opportunity to grow spiritually, while surrounded by others who share similar circumstances, unrevealed answers, and even joys, while living with a chronic illness or physical pain. Time: Second Tuesday of the month, 7pm Location: Calvary conference room Childcare: No Requirements: None Cost: None Widow’s Might Dee East – (302) 697-0841 A group offering comfort and encouragement to widows of all ages. Come and meet with us for prayer, Bible Study, devotions and discussions in understanding and dealing with various stages of the grieving process, as led by the Holy Spirit. Time: 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm Location: Prayer room Childcare: No Requirements: for widows (female) of all ages Cost: None 2
  21. 21. T hese classes provide an opportunity to connect, studying the Bible and other topics, while learning how Jesus can change lives. Our classes are all about: Learning together Including all who come Finding others who need to know Equipping for ministry SUNDAY CLASSES Sundays @ 9:45am September 6 - December 27 Through the Bible: A Look at the New Sharing the Journey: How to Study Testament Scripture and Lead Others in the Discovery Come and experience the WORD in our New with You Testament study. We will be continuing our study Have you ever read the Bible, but not been sure of the New Testament by picking up in the book how to really study it? Have you been interested of Romans. We will examine the theme, author, in sharing your faith while leading others through audience, and content. We will also look at Scripture, but not been sure how to lead them significant events in Paul’s life and letters to the through reading the text? Come along with us early churches that will bring us a new awareness as we explore the Gospel of Mark through the of God’s work in your own life. Inductive Bible Study Method. You will learn to Teacher: Diane Lamborn read and investigate the text and then use books Room: 109 and online resources to gather more information about the text you are studying. At the end of the Incredible Characters of the Old Testament course, you will be more proficient at studying This class will focus on the people who made and helping others to learn to study Scripture. an incredible impact in the early stages of God’s Teacher: Jeff Dyer creation. We will look at the lives of such people Room: 205 as Moses, Saul, David, Solomon and more. We will search what we can learn from their lives, how God interacted with them, and how their strengths and weaknesses affected them and those around them. This is an early look at the history of God’s people presented in the Old Testament. Teacher: Jody Wood Room: MPR 22
  22. 22. CLASSES CONTINUED Relational Evangelism For Bikers God’s Heart for the Nations This is evangelism 101 aimed at the biker If you really knew the heart and mind of God, community or anyone else wishing to join us. would you dare follow Him? The purpose of this If you wish to join HonorBound Motorcycle study is to help create an awareness of one of Ministries then this course is a requirement. the most ignored themes of the Bible - God’s Relational evangelism is the most effective global purpose: His desire and activity of redeem- method of winning souls. A believer involving ing the nations to Himself. This study will reveal him/herself in the life of an unbeliever in the how the themes of God’s blessings and his global context of a friendship makes the greatest purpose are beautifully woven together in the difference and has the greatest impact when it Bible. Also, each lesson will have a focus on an comes to sharing personal faith in Christ. The unreached people group. Join us as we study unbeliever is most likely to give a believer the God’s Heart for the Nations! opportunity to share his or her faith when the Teacher: Paul Welzel believer’s life has first proven that their words Room: 203 are truthful and their actions reflect what they believe. So invite your biker friends to the class. Prayer Force Come dressed to ride after class. All are welcome A time of worship and intercession to cover to this class. Calvary’s Ministry team, ministries, outreaches, Teacher: Pastor Dan events, missionaries, services, etc. in prayer. Room: 206 Facilitator: Lisa Falkner Room: Prayer room Financial Freedom Money! Money! Money! Do you control it or does Americas Voice it control you? In this course, we will take the Are you concerned about issues in our commu- time to build a firm Biblical foundation of financial nity? Is there a social issue you are passion- scriptures that are relevant to our lives today. In ate about but you don’t know where to begin? addition, we will look at mortgages, amortization America’s Voice can give you the tools you need schedules, and learn one of the best kept secrets to take a stand for righteousness and impact our of the financial world. We will review budgeting, community for Christ. Jesus challenges us to be household expenses and ways to increase our “salt and light” in our world. We have been given cash flow. We will study investment principles a Biblical mandate to shape our culture. Learn and general guidelines to follow that will help us how to share truth with love in the public arena. be better stewards of God’s resources. We will Teacher: Cheryl Precourt discuss the proper use of credit cards, the pit- Room: Conference room falls associated with them, and how to get out of credit card debt. If you would like to improve your financial situation and be a better steward of the blessings that God has given you, then this class is for you. Teacher: Bill Orth Room: Choir room 2
  23. 23. WEDNESDAY CLASSES Wednesdays @ 7:00pm September 9 - December 30 Vision Of Calvary The Holy Spirit: Ghost or Real? Vision of Calvary is an opportunity for you to Jesus told his disciples that the Holy Spirit would experience Calvary Assembly of God in a whole new come and he would have a specific role in their way. We will learn how doing life together with Jesus lives. The Holy Spirit is with us today as well. shapes our vision, mission, beliefs and the heartbeat In this class we will look at what the Bible says of our church. We will explore how ministry is a about the Holy Spirit and answer questions such great adventure and call to fulfill God’s purpose in as: What is His role? Who is He? Is He with us our lives. This comfortable setting provides a time to ask questions and interact with Pastor Coon, ministry today? Does He speak to us? Is He real? team members and other newcomers on a personal Join us for an exciting look into the third person level. We want to provide a fresh perspective to of the Trinity. “church”. You won’t be disappointed! Teacher: John Bowman This class is required for those desiring to become a Room: member of Calvary Assembly of God Teacher: Pastor Coon Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Room: Choir room Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth Your prayers are powerful. If God is all-powerful, Alpha Course why does He need us to pray? If we pray and A practical introduction to Christianity. This is an 11 nothing happens, does this mean that God isn’t week course for those looking to explore the Christian listening? If you’ve ever felt that your prayers faith in a non-threatening, friendly environment. This don’t count, our discussion of Intercessory course is also great for those new to the Christian Prayer will show you just how vital your prayers faith that need to learn the basics or someone who are. We will journey together and pray for has been a Christian for a while but wants to brush up the “impossible” and you will learn to find the on the basics. Each week we gather for a meal, video persistence to see your prayers to completion. lesson, and group discussion. Please pre-register by September 7. Discover your role as a prayer warrior—it can Contact: Paul Bowman,, mean the difference between heaven and hell or 697-7776 x123 for someone you know! And, most importantly, Facilitator: Paul Bowman you will discover that prayer changes you as you Room: MPR become more like Jesus by spending time with Him! Teacher: Lisa Falkner Room: 203 24
  24. 24. An important part of the journey Sunday morning celebration Each Sunday, we gather as a community to re-connect, learn, and worship together. On Sunday mornings, we have two opportunities to celebrate. Our first service is at 8:30am and our second is at 11:00am. There is nursery (ages 0-4) and kids church (ages 5-12) at both (as well as during our 9:45am classes). We look forward to you joining us for this important weekly celebration. Sunday Nights Reclaiming the fire of God. The Apostle Paul told Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God. Paul was speaking of Timothy’s pastoral calling, but we too can capture something here. In part, Paul wanted Timothy to experience God in a greater way. We should desire the same thing: to experience God in a greater way. Beginning April 19, we are going to have a Sunday morning type of format during Sunday evening service in the Sanctuary, with extended opportunities around the altar. Don’t forget to bring a snack to share for Front Porch Fellowship from 6:00pm-6:30pm. See you there! 2
  25. 25. MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES Serve What gifts and talents has God given you? What God-given passion do you have that can be used to serve God and others? How do you see yourself making a difference in the lives of people inside and outside of the church? It is our goal to help believers to be fruitful and fulfilled in a meaningful place of service within the Body of Christ—with each one of us building up the Body of Christ and bringing glory to God. Let us set you free to pursue your ministry calling with enthusiasm and confidence. You can also go to and click on “Connect” and “Get Involved” to download a ministry opportunity form and to find out some current volunteer areas of need.
  26. 26. GET INVOLVED! General Children’s Ministry Contact: Dorothy Wood 697-7776 x106 Contact: John Bowman 697-7776 x104 o Hospitality / Food service / Kitchen o National Girls Ministry o Security Team o Royal Rangers o Usher o Children’s Church Helper o Greeter o Visitation o Welcome Center attendant o Nursery o Special Events support o Club 58 o Transportation team o G-Team - Outreach Sunday o Administrative office support School o Building Grounds Maintenance o Give a Kid a Chance Calvary Life Christian Education Contact: John Bowman 697-7776 x104 Contact: Diane Lamborn 697-7776 x109 o Trips, events, picnics o Adult teacher o Assistant teacher / classroom C.A.R.E. assistant Contact: Dan Burton 697-7776 x105 o Children’s Sunday school teacher / assistant o Administrative support o Visitation (Hospital / Home) o Grief Support Compassion Ministries o Community Care Contact: Jody Wood 697-7776 x110 o Hopekeepers (Chronic Illness Support) o Meal Ministry o Burden Bearer (counseling) o CARE calls o Marriage Mentor o Military CARE o Pre-marital mentor o Benevolence o Divorce / Crisis Mentor o Prison Ministry o Support Group Facilitator o Lead a Home Builders Group o Host a Home Builders Group 2
  27. 27. Creative Arts Ministry Men’s Ministry Contact: Angela Coon 697-7776 x103 Contact: Jody Wood 697-7776 x110 o Choir (Sanctuary/Production) o Lead a Men’s Bible Study o Worship team o Men’s Choir o Theater Arts o Actor Missions o Set Design Contact: Dave McClellan mcclellandavid@ o Set Construction o Makeup o Wardrobe / Costumes o Attend a missions trip o Stage Crew o Missions trip administrative o Decor - Sanctuary/Foyer support o Expressive Movement o Special Music Multi Media / Technology Contact: Paul Bell 697-7776 x121 pbell@ Discipleship / Spiritual Formation Contact: Paul Bowman 697-7776 x123 o Video Production o Graphic Design o Be a Mentor o Sound o One on one discipleship o Lights o Host a Grow Group o Video Camera Operator o Be an Altar worker o Computer Support o Host a prayer group o CD Duplication o Help with the Alpha Course o Photography o Website Keenagers (55+) Contact: Wayne Nina Hollar Singles Contact: Vern Atkinson singles@calvary- o Attend a Keenager gathering o Host a Singles Small Group Life Groups Contact: Jeff Dyer 697-7776 x102 o Lead a Life Group o Become an assistant leader o Host a Life Group 2
  28. 28. Solid Rock (7th-12th grade) Young Adults (18–35) Contact: Ryan Coon 697-7776 x125 Contact: Jeff Dyer 697-7776 x103 jdyer@ o Lead a Life Group o Adult Leader at youth services o Participate in a service project o Small group facilitator / leader o Volunteer at the coffee cart o Youth Sunday School facilitator / leader / assistant o Student Mentoring / Discipleship Women’s Ministry Contact: Angela Coon 697-7776 x103 Still not sure what to do? o Lead a Women’s Bible Study Contact Paul Bowman (697-7776 x123 or o Lead a Women’s Interest Group for help o Lead a Women’s Service Group finding your place. o Event helper o Mother’s of Preschooler’s (MOPS) 1 Corinthians 12:27 Now each of you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. 2
  29. 29. Childrens Ministry ages 0-6th grade Because we love your children, we provide a host of spiritual and educational opportunities for them. One word describes our Children’s Ministries, “Sheep”. Our purpose statement: S.H.E.E.P. Our Children’s Ministry exists to SHARE the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children, HELP children grow in their relationship with God, EQUIP children to fulfill God’s will for their lives, ENCOURAGE children to stand firm in their faith and PARTICIPATE in ministry. In John 21:16 Jesus says, “Take care of my sheep.” It is the goal of our Children’s Ministry to fulfill this commandment. Nursery Elevate Kids Church royal rangers Nursery is provided during every Kids Church is available for Every Wednesday night at 7:00pm morning and evening service. kindergarten through sixth grade boys ages 5 to 18 can attend The infant, walker and two year every Sunday morning at 8:30am this action packed club for boys old nurseries are located in the and 11:00am. The teachers who like fun and adventure. This east wing of the Sanctuary. The present an exciting service with program offers several camping three and four year old nursery is praise and worship, challenging trips and other special activities for located upstairs in room 204 of the lessons, and lots of fun! Meets in boys throughout the year. Education Center . the Multi Purpose Room. Check out National Girls for more information Club 58 Ministries A club designed for fellowship and Crossroads Every Wednesday night at 7:00pm fun for kids in 5th-8th grade. Meets A special Sunday School service girls ages 3-18 (ans boys age 3-4) at the Dover YMCA on specific for 5th 6th graders who are at can attend this action packed club Saturday nights from 6-9:00pm. a “Crossroads” in their faith. They for fun and achievement. See the parents newsletter on are being pulled one direction or another it’s our goal to help for dates. them remain on the path that leads to eternal life. We meet each Sunday @ 9:45am in the MPR for praise worship, discussion and special message. Contact Pastor John Bowman if you have further questions about our children’s ministry jbowman@calvarydover or 302-6977776 x104 -
  30. 30. Calvary Youth Grades 7-12 Sunday Youth Service Every week we tackle topics that bombard teens and help them see what God’s Word has to say about it. Collide - 9:45 - 10:45am Service - 11:00 - 12:30am Monthly Hang Outs The last Wednesday of every month, come and hang out at the Community Center from 7:00 - 8:30pm. Open gym, games, and entertainment. Get Involved We are looking to expand the ministry by offering small group discipleship, youth activities, and more. If you’d like to help and make a difference in a teens life please contact Pastor Ryan at or 302- High School and Junior High Ministries exist to help young people Connect with God and other fellow teens, Grow in their faith and ability to live God’s way and lastly, Serve and worship God as they continue their journey into adulthood. Solid Rock’s mission is God’s great commission to go and make disciples. We work hard to disciple through small groups, youth services, trip’s and events. Our hope is to see your teenager grow in their Faith and Love for Jesus Christ. check out
  31. 31. Connect “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the with God and others second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39 Grow in your faith Serve others Share your faith We’d love to connect with you and help you connect with God and others! Want more information about the Young Adults Ministry? Looking to get connected or grow spiritually? Check out our Life Groups on page 20 or contact hing Pastor Jeff (email:; call/text: et som ts 302.632.0637) 20 18 - du l ng a yo u Facebook Group ( 2
  32. 32. Calvary Assembly of God 1141 East Lebanon Rd Dover, De 19901 302-697-7776