Shaw Science Partners Overview


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Brief overview of Shaw Science Partners.

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Shaw Science Partners Overview

  1. 1. Unique DifferencesThank goodness for 
 Combining Science & Innovation. Strategic Marketing & Development. Creating highly effective communications.
  2. 2. Pioneeringthe concept of Science BrandingIn today’s world of new and more complex compounds, differentiating your product through relevantScience Branding provides an important foundation for changing  prescribing behavior. At ShawScience Partners, our core strength lies within our ability to investigate and synthesize extremely complexscience into inherent Science Branding that can shape markets.
  3. 3. We are Doctors communicating to peers and patientsAs a physician-centric organization with a scientific focus, our teams are built arounda unique cadre of medical scientists who are also communication specialists. They work with ateam of experienced marketers, creative artists and digital media experts. At our essence, we aredoctors talking to doctors and patients about complex science in a way that achieves impact forour clients. And because we know how doctors think and learn—we excel at communicating withthem in a way that is relevant and captures their interest and imagination.
  4. 4. Illuminating the Science. One Story®
 a time atWe have the ability to anticipate and develop new ideas based on your science. We developscience concepts that communicate our clients’ products through clear, insightful andcompelling stories. In fact, we invented the concept of the Science Story®.“Science Branding” brings Science to life, and we excel at it. Depending upon the specific needsof our clients during the pre-launch phase, we provide the following products and services: Science Story® Development Advisory Boards Lexicon Development Market Research Thought Leader Development Scientific Meetings / Programs Speaker Slides and Training Publication Planning
  5. 5. Brandingat Shaw Science Partners Creating Consensus and a Unified Product Vision
We start by understanding the details and developing expertise in the science. Our collegialrelationships with world-class thought leaders helps us to develop and validate new ideas aboutyour science. We use advisory boards to build consensus around the critical concepts that will helpyou to differentiate your product. We then distill the science into creative ideas and strategicopportunities that form the “Unique Science Proposition™” of your product.
  6. 6. Expertise T h e r a p e u t i c C a t e g o r i e s As the industry leader in designing and communicating science-based solutions for complex market challenges, our therapeutic category experience includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: Central Nervous System Ophthalmology Respiratory Cardiovascular/HypertensionInfectious Disease/Immunology Diabetes Oncology Gastroenterology Osteoporosis Erectile Dysfunction Dermatology/Wound Care Sepsis Arthritis
  7. 7. Ready, set LaunchAt Shaw Science Partners, we’ve developed Science Branding and professional communications for the pre-launch and launch of more than 40 major pharmaceutical products. Many of these launches have received “Launch of the Year” recognition.
  8. 8. Over 300 Major Industry
 AwardsOver the years, we have achieved more than 3 0 0 major national and international awards for our clients. That’s more than any other company in our industry.
  9. 9. Partnering with
 InnovationWe have partnered with Georgia Tech, a leading innovator in cutting-edge Healthcare TechnologyWe at Shaw Science Partners stay at the edge of the Curve when it comes to marketing science-based products via new and technologically advanced digital media.
  10. 10. Technology If you dream it, we will build it Programs, designed for use withMac®, Windows®, iPhone®, iPad®, Smartphone® and Wii™ operating systems, educate physicians by capitalizing on new and unique technologies that are both enjoyable and entertaining.
  11. 11. Science
“E d u T a i n m e n t ”“EduTainment” is a term we coined at Shaw Science Partners to describe the concept of usinginnovative media technologies to reach and teach physicians in the most engaging mannerspossible. Education + Engagement = Retention We are pioneers in virtual reality, gaming and simulation, EduTainment, iPad and Flash-interactivity. 

  12. 12. Mobile & Beyond
 Innovative new ways to reach a new generation of prescribers.Additionally, by delivering information and education via a Smartphone®, iPad® and other mobiledevices, we provide our clients with innovative new ways to reach a new generation of prescribers.
  13. 13. Branding Science with our innovative channels Virtual Reality Virtual Debates Video Holography Patient Education Distance Learning Experiential Reality Computer Animation Physician Communities iPad® and Mobile Technology Peer-to-Peer Programs 3D Stereo Computer Animation Websites and MicrositesFlash-based Interactive Slide Decks Wii-based Exhibit Programs Interactive Case Simulations Print Programs/Monographs
  14. 14. Gaming
The concept of “edutainment” is particularly important because many/most medical meetings willnot allow “games” on the exhibit floor unless they are educational in nature. This is a way toprovide an educational experience to doctors in a form that they enjoy. It also allows easydistribution via the web or by direct distribution to doctors.
  15. 15. Interactive
V i r t u a l W o r l d s Engaging and Entertaining Media CommunicationsFrom Virtual Journeys through the body and Virtual Debates that poll physicians to Wii-based Exhibitsand Case Simulations, these interactive programs communicate effectively while also being fun! Afterall, doctors learn best when they become fully absorbed in the message and the media.
  16. 16. Science Story® ProcessPrimary Journal Kick-off Internal TL External TL Present Draft Research Meeting Interviews Interviews (4-6) Science Story® Secondary Present Interim Validate Advisory Board Revise Science Research Science Story® with TLs Feedback Story® Science Story® Delivery
  17. 17. Digital Assets Core Symposia & Meetings Education Toolkit ContentA Systematic, Cost-Effective Methodology for Building the Science Brand Exhibit Sales Training Programs Graphics Speaker Exhibit Slide Kits Programs TL Science Visual Interviews Story® Design Disease State Virtual Medical Websites Forums Animation Interactive Peer-to-Peer Case Studies TV Video Library Ask-the-Expert Educational Technologies DVDs Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Science Platform Digital Assets Multi-Channel Communication
  18. 18. Contact To create your own Science Story® Paul Boidy EVP, General Manager, Strategic Accounts Shaw Science Partners 847•521•3358 Twitter @Bucktown