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AMHF 0133 - How to Sell Aviation Art at a Trade Show


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We had a question from Nate, (not his real name) who is an artist that will be showing his work at NBAA. We have some advice about how to sell more!

In a nutshell -
- Build a list of potential buyers
- Create a fantastic catalog
- Feature one piece of art per hour, with a guest speaker
- Follow up with specific customers after the show about their favorite piece.

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AMHF 0133 - How to Sell Aviation Art at a Trade Show

  1. 1. Episode 133
 How to Sell Avia3on Art at a Trade Show
  2. 2. Ques3on • “I’m going to display and sell art at NBAA in Orlando in October. I don’t have a ton of money, I’m going ‘all-in’ on this event. I have a great corner booth and am planning a great display. 
 How do I make the most of this opportunity?” 2
  3. 3. Before the Show • Buy, borrow or build a list of poten3al buyers. – Past Buyers – A Lead Magnet – Lead Capture SoSware on your website – Social Media Connec3ons – Referral Program – Other People’s Lists – Rent Lists from Organiza3ons or Brokers 3
  4. 4. Before the Show 4
  5. 5. During The Show 5
  6. 6. ASer the Show • Follow up with an illustrated thank you card 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8