Deliver Value to Empowered B2B Customers for Japan TFM&A


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  • We used to control the information flow, messages, channels to our target customers – at Cisco, we got very good at inside out marketing…But the landscape is changing - Two major forces, 1, the increasingly empowered buyer with direct access to trusted information from sources besides ourselves – marketeers, (this is the demand side, the challenge), but we also have a supply side to this equation… marketing technology to help us meet this challenge. These are driving a real shift in what marketing is effective – towards customer-focused inbound marketing.Stats outbound marketing $400/lead; inbound $x/lead; 70% of all leads will be inbound by 2015
  • So starting with the customer in the center is a critical foundation; and coalescing your relevance to this customer via one core idea that integrates across your messages and channels – is a holy grail that we at Cisco have been working towards. Remember the 9 different key markets that we play in… I’ll come back to that later…This new era of B2B marketing is such a rich and exciting space – but today, I want to focus on 3 elements that take us from today to tomorrow… and the common foundation is improving the value exchange with customers/prospectsInbound digitalSocialInsight-based automation
  • So back to One Core Idea – for those who know Cisco, you will know that our culture is one of innovation and empowerment to the extreme… so with a broad portfolio, the one core idea remains a holy grail, but in the last 6-12 months, we have managed in Greater China to drive One Integrated Cloud Campaign – massive market transition, aligned to customer careabouts and very relevant to our portfolio and sales. I’ll come back to this campaign several times to illustrate the transition we’ve made, lessons learnt and the results we are seeing adopting this new approach to marketing.
  • As the ROI from traditional outbound tactics have declined, the first major area ripe for transformation was our owned website. We’ve been on a journey moving from a online information repository to a website that is designed to engage and entice customer interaction. In the last 12 months, we’ve really put a focus on this in China.
  • Many of the new activities on the left are about better delivering value to the customer/audience; matching the content and offer to our understanding of the audience even if somewhat limitedSince this was new to us, started with a slow ramp in investment – continually adjusted and learnt. Daily / weekly reviews and changes. Change management, people learning to inter-work with each other. Lead by example.360% increase in leads valuePaid search still an area we are trying to improve.Listen to understand trending / hot topics of interest – what topics related to Cloud?Promote relevant content on website / landing pagesOptimize inbound channels and landing experience
  • Marketing strategy – rooted in fundamental business strategy and key differentiators / capabilities; Social media often can be used as a disruptive marketing tool; but for Cisco, we understand that our long history as leaders in networking puts us at the center of key market transitions like Cloud, BYOD, etc – and we need to leverage our networking strength and expertise as a key differentiator – we built our Social Ambassador program to connect our experts to our customers directly. With no disrespect to our call center agents, it’s an entirely different experience. competitive differentiation.Enablement for ambassadors and everyone else.Customer intimacy is also one of Cisco’s key strategic strengths – social listening really adds a dimension and channel and aggregation/analysis that complements what sales face to face interactions can achieve.APJC: behind the model is a deep belief in the value of social engagement. Personally I started doing web 2.0 and social in 2005.
  • Listening to match content to market maturity, and ultimately individual customersSeekingLots of netizens doesn’t know about Cloud, they seek for someone as expert can give the definition or learning materials of this new concept: What’s the cloud? What the usage of Cloud in our life? How dose it work.Strategic developmentCloud will be the hard-fought market for many IT industry leaders, lots of media accounts paid attention to market trend and forward related news evoked hot discussion online. E.G.:At Microsoft Corp.’s BUILD conference, Microsoft showcased the developer opportunity with continuous services, including focus on back-end Cloud, such as Windows Azure cloud service, Windows Server 8 etc.Cloud ApplicationMore and more netizens did not only want to know about what the definition of Cloud, they began to pay attention to different Cloud application in various of area by IT enterprises, such as Cloud desktop, Cloud storage etc.Information securityCloud computing solution will be chosen by lots of enterprises in the future, many industry insiders joined in the discussion of how to provide the true and reliable solution especially on protecting the information security of enterprise was the most important point IT providers should know.
  • Integrated Campaign across traditional and new marketing tactics – customers still love face-to-face events with well designed agendas, and experts to interact with.
  • 20K to 100K followers of official accountsTP story
  • Could marketing have achieved these results alone? Absolutely not… our role was in orchestrating the engagements between our best and brightest with our empowered buyers / target audience who are reaching out and hungry for information / knowledge / insight in the area of Cloud.
  • Did we reach nirvana or insight-based automation… sadly no… this is slideware only…Ingredients we’re still working on…PeopleCustomer data / analyticsRelevant content / offersRecapEmpowered Buyer – inbound; but also once they’ve leaned forward, sensing their interests, where they are in buying cycle, etc and responding in real-time is just as important. It makes our buyers feel like they are in the driver’s seat, gathering relevant trusted information for their buying decisions, while we marketers take back a bit of control as we respond in real-time with relevant and compelling communications and offers based on our progressively deeper understanding of the buyer.This journey is just beginning but things are moving fast. Let’s look to a B2C example for insight based automation.
  • So where are we going next? I’ll spend a few minutes on a rapid fire look forward at the mountain we’re climbing at Cisco marketing. Give credit to Scott Sorokin, Chief Digital Officer at Mindshare for these slides and future directions
  • Concerted effort to move from our prospects from “unknown” to “known” – from geo targeting, domain name lookups, behavioral targeting, cookie retargeting, etc – we plan to tailor and target our communications even if we don’t have identity. But always with objective of an exchange of value that will eventually get us from anonymous cookies and social ids, to profiled individuals connected the rich insights across channels.Moving from an unknown (MASS) to a known view of the consumer dramatically changing the relevance of brand Real time consumer interactions will pour petrol on the fire of “machine learning”  AND  leave an observerable,  trackable exhaust trail of behavior and attitudes. Now we will observe, collect and curate these experiences and attitudes.  Only syncing her across many channels, can we really know who this is person isYou need to know consumers at that level to start driving the conversation with will be an exchange for values moving forward
  • From targeted outbound archery, to ping pong - a game where sometimes we serve and sometimes they (customers) serve. Engaging in social and other methods of peer-to-peer interaction will continue to increase in importance. A world of complex and every changing brand and consumer engagement.The impact of data of owned media is significant. The site side analytics available from Omniture and others provides rapid interpretation of site performance. How are people arriving? What actions are they taking when they arrive? What was the reason why they abandoned? What transactions occurred as the result of which stimuli on an individual event and lifetime basis? What do we need to do better?
  • Unknown to known – constant curiosity to know more and readiness to respondTechnology and analytics – this is a powerful force and those who master it will see orders of magnitude performance edge over their counterparts who don’t. CMOs will spend more on technology than CIOs in a few years…Finally back to where we started, we have to accept and embrace a world where customers are in control, and play an interactive game of value exchange.
  • Deliver Value to Empowered B2B Customers for Japan TFM&A

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    2. 2. The Cisco Vision changing the way we work, live, play, and learn. SM The Mission Revenue: $46.1B Headcount: 66,639 © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partners Cisco Confidential 2
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    5. 5. The Old Way How customers used to buy How customers buy today Sales enters buying process early on Sales enters buying process later on Sales answers questions Customers find answers to most questions before engaging Sales Difficult for customers to research choices Endless research options via search and social media Marketing has minor role, restricted to early awareness and consideration phases Marketing plays pivotal role across stages with content delivery via search and social channels © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 5
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    10. 10. Web Optimization Advertising SEO / SEM • Registration: ~30K (507%) Test & Target Social integration Web survey, listening Content localization 50% attributable to Cloud campaign • Cloud landing #2, 37x global engagement rate • Video Viewed: ~350K (172%) • File Downloads: ~400K (62%) © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 10
    11. 11. 2. Social Media Marketing Framework Enablement Social Media Enablement Intelligence Engagement Social Ambassador Program Social Listening Measurement Metrics/Scorecard Social Media University   Policies and Governance  Infrastructure and Tools  Internal Consulting © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.  Define Scorecard Engage with customers and partners  Standardize Reporting   Social Media Listening Program Activate employees  Workshops   Support for major campaigns, Tier 1 events, e.g. Cisco Plus, Cloud etc.   Facilitate leads generation Monitor branding and campaign impact  Track trends  Shape future marketing program design Cisco Confidential 11
    12. 12. Cisco’s social media audience base is 3.2 million and growing. Cisco averages 2 million mentions on social media sites per year. The click-through rate on posts with video is 5x higher than the rate on posts without videos. © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 12
    13. 13. 25 Core Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced Courses • Establish understanding of social media • Expand knowledge in key disciplines 10 Channel-Specific Elective Courses 3 Certification Levels Several Executive, Cus tomer, and Partner Courses © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. • Offer learning certificates • Award badges and tie-in with other rewards • Collaborate with fellow teams • Develop more training resources 4 Hands-On Labs Cisco Confidential 13
    14. 14. 20000 18000 16000 Cisco Systems ends ZTE 14000 partnership 12000 10000 Cisco FY’13 Q1 Earnings Cisco and Citrix Expands Partnership in Networking, Cloud and Mobile Solutions Cisco acquisition of Meraki Cisco plans on selling Linksys Parallels acquisition Cisco completes sale of Linksys to Belkin Videoscape Unity Introduction at CES 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Biz News Announcement © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. • Launch Source: Radian6 - (Cisco Brand - Trend Analysis) Acquisition Other Cisco Confidential 14
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    18. 18. • Cisco SOV: ~116K (670%) • Official Social followers: ~100K (400%) • Owned online community: ~130K registered members (100%) © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 18
    19. 19. Cisco Sentiment Trend 100% 11% 12% 12% 18% 20% 21% 88% 88% 82% 80% 79% 80% 60% 12000 88% 40% #3 10000 #2 20% 8000 6000 #1 0% #3 #4 1% #2 Feb %Negative Feb Mar 0% Mar 0% Apr %Neutral 0% May 0% Jun %Positive 0% Jul Apr May 4000 Jun 2000 Jul 0 Cloud Mentions by Brand © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 19
    20. 20. Ad Impressions (Awareness) • Video to create interest in demo • Demo served as a catalyst to begin in-depth technical conversations that influenced over $80M in ASR 9000 sales • Video views tied directly to Video Views (Consideration) Demos (Response) purchase, not just awareness Result (Purchase) 210 qualified leads $80M+ influenced sales © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 20
    21. 21. Web Direct Mail & Email • Web offer optimization • Localized company and contact targeting • Multi-touch campaigns • Triggered emails • Email offer recommendations Contact Center Events • Intelligent • Event scoring click to chat • Pre & post • Localized “Let event us help” management • Weekly outbound telemktg lists Using Insight to Create Connected Customer Experiences • • • • Advertising Search Social Media • Landing page offer optimization • External search landing page optimization • Internal search offer optimization • Offer optimization • Engagement scoring Multi-channel integrated journeys Always-on campaigns Engagement scoring Advanced customer targeting Sales and Partner Opportunities © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 21
    22. 22. Inspire/Discovery Entice Educate Design • It's not just devices, it's • The IP network is the only about consistent user control point to manage experience, scale and all of these issues and will security save me time and money and they’ll work with what I already have. Social Media & Search Engage Purchase • Cisco's solution empowers my users to work the way they want, while giving me the control or monetization I need. Offer 1 • Cisco's validated design / blueprint made it easy and will save me time and money and they’ll work with what I already have.” Offer 2 Offer 3 Email / Events GIST Email High Score? Yes Call Centers © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. No GIST Email High Score? Yes No Landing Page with C2C and 800# Email Qualify for MQL Cisco Confidential 22
    23. 23. “The future ain’t what it used to be” Yogi Berra “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” Niels Bohr “Today, the sum total of human knowledge doubles every 2-3 years” Thomas Fuller, “Knowledge Doubling Curve” “In 50 years, 95% of everything we know will have been discovered in those 50 years” Dave Evans, Cisco Futurist © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 23
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