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The 3M Formula for Business Growth


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The 3M Formula for Business Growth

  1. 1. The Secret 3M’s Formula Business Owner Must Master to Grow in the Double Dip Recession!
  2. 2. Founder & CEO – Paul Avins… University Business Drop Out Builder Sales & Dyslexic Marketer Global Award Author Trainer Winning Coach BWC International Founder Speaker
  3. 3. Who Drives Me…
  4. 4. Our Mission… To Deliver World Class Business & Personal Development Training that Fast Tracks Business Owners to Success!
  5. 5. Meet some of Our Club Mentors
  6. 6. It’s Official! This is a Double Dip 
  7. 7. You Can See the Harsh Reality…
  8. 8. BUT…..there is Good News….You CAN Still Grow & Prosper!• You CAN get New Leads• You CAN get More Sales• You CAN make More Profit• You CAN Sleep at Night• You CAN have time off!• I BET You’re thinking….
  9. 9. I’m going to show you a different road…
  10. 10. Let Me Prove it!
  11. 11. He Even Won an the Turbo TurnaroundAward in December!
  12. 12. What is Your Biggest BusinessChallenge Right now…?
  13. 13. Top 3 Things Worrying Business Owners…
  14. 14. Just a Little of What You’ll Learntonight…?• How to Spot Limiting Money Beliefs• The Tools to Unlocking Quick Cash Flow• Where Your Profits Really Come From! (Shocking)• The 1 Marketing System You Must Have for Success• The 2 Most Powerful Advertising Hooks to Use…• My Top Strategy to Boost Conversions Fast• The 4 Types of Customer Fuel & the 1 that can Stop Your Business in it’s Tracks!• The 4 Keys to Social Media Success• Plus Much Much More…..• Lets Get Moving!
  15. 15. How to Take Notes from Today…
  17. 17. Opportunity Mind Set…
  18. 18. What things do you FEAR that could keepyou from Succeeding ..? The 3 Types of FEAR! 3)Pain from LOSS 4)Pain from the PROCESS of Change 5)Pain from the OUTCOME
  19. 19. The 4 Keys of Wealth Mind Set … it… am Dre … See it Speak it… Act ion it…
  20. 20. On Your Journey You’ll experience … riticism an ejection eally dvercity ffect rofits ressure
  21. 21. Law of Money Attraction…  What you give your Attention and Energy to, whether Positive of Negative Expands!
  22. 22. Where Will You Choose to Look? Looking out the front, the windscreen – optimistic, creative, control, change, manifestation, happy, in control and seeking knowledge? In the rear view mirror – regrets / anger / disappointment / fear /mistakes / broken promises / focus on negativity & errors?
  23. 23. What are Your Beliefs about Money ...?
  24. 24. 3 Critical Areas of YOUR FinancialWealth in the Business ... 3 On Balance Sheet Value & Off Balance Sheet 2 Sales & Turnover 1 Net Profitability
  25. 25. Strategies to Cut Your Cash Gap ... Fast!• Offer discount for early payments…• Set Cash Collection Targets …• Improve your Credit Control Systems…• Streamline operations to complete jobs faster• Just in time ordering – small and often…• Change your Terms & Conditions…• Use debt collection services…• Negotiate better terms…• Research higher pricing…
  26. 26. The Critical Business Lesson ...Profit Profit is a Direct Result of Repeat Customers
  27. 27. Myth Busting – Increase You Prices! Customers leave Customers leave because of because of price! PERCIEVED indifference!
  28. 28. The 4 Types of Customer Fuel ... D Grade C Grade B Grade A Grade V.Low Profit Low Profit Medium Profit High Profit High Low High Low Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance
  29. 29. Money Marking Mastery – 3P Formula™ 50% OFFER REDUCED Products Promotions Profits
  30. 30. Have a Product Staircase…Case Study Medium Cost HUGE Value Product Low Cost £297 High Value Continuity Product Low Cost £99 pm High Value Event Low Cost £20 High Value 1x Product £14.99 Free High Value Info
  31. 31. Have a Product Staircase…Case Study High Cost Medium Cost HUGE Value HUGE Value License or Product High Cost Franchise £297 Low CostHUGE Value £15k High Value Coaching High Cost Product - £5k Continuity £3k Low Cost £99 pm HUGE Value High Value Event Event Cost High £1,497 Low Cost £20 Value HUGE High Value Product 1x Product £997 Free £14.99 High Value Info
  32. 32. The 3 Main Functions of Your Marketing
  33. 33. Real Member Results – Web Site Enquireshave increased x 10 = Best Month EVER!!!
  34. 34. Let me be YOUR Coach & Help You!• My LIVE Advanced Marketing, Sales & Profit Teleclass Training – Over 2 Saturdays… 14th & 21st July 9 – 12• 5 Hours of Me Live Training YOU – Valued at £2,500• The & Sins Video Training – Valued at £247• First 7 get 121 Coaching Session with me! £397• 1 Day Live Training Day - £297• Total Value of Bonuses = £1,439• Tuition Fee - 1 Payment of £197+vat• My 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  35. 35. Fast Action Bonus! Ends in 48 Hrs!!• Book NOW and get a £500 Discount Voucher for… my ALL NEW 3 Day Event…
  36. 36. Stop Wasting Money!Start Getting More Leads & Customers
  37. 37. Sin No2: Over reliance on TOO fewLead Sources 1. Website 10. Networking 2. Google Adwords 9. Referrals 3. E-mail Marketing 8. Social Media 4. Direct Mail 7. Speaking / Events 5. Telemarketing 6. Joint Ventures
  38. 38. Follow Up Failure™
  39. 39. Real Member Results …“Following our BWC Mentors advice We’ve increased Enquires 100% on last year! And Conversions are Up 60%.” Nial Douglas (MD) Full Circle Travel
  40. 40. The 6 Keys to Influential Communications…The Law of The Law The Law Law of Law of Law ofReciprocity of of Consistency Like & Social Proof Scarcity Authority and Trust Commitment
  41. 41. The Law of Scarcity – The Less the More weWant it, Bit it must be Genuine… 2.
  42. 42. Modern Day Business Scarcity Examples…
  43. 43. And we all know…
  44. 44. Table Exercise – In What ways do you, orcould you Use Scarcity in Your Business?  Limited Time Offers …  Limited Product Supply, Number…  Limited Bonus or Upgrades…  Product Launch Offers …  JV Special Limited Promotions … 2.  Remember – The Scarcity MUST be Real and You must tell People why it exists.
  45. 45. Law of Social Proof –Proof that other customers have been first… 6.
  46. 46. Some of Our Examples…
  47. 47. Different for Different Products…
  48. 48. Question – What’s Your Social Proof do, orcould you use in Your Marketing? • Video Testimonials … • Case Studies… • Before & After Photos … • LinkedIN Testimonials … • Audio Testimonials … • Product Review Pages on Social Media & Your Website… 6. • Remember – The best time to get a Client Testimonial is when their Positive emotion is High after a great experience!
  49. 49. Social Media & Social Proof = Success… Reputation Authority Visibility Engagement
  50. 50. What ACTIONS are You going to Take Today?