7 sins of networking.2012


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A 2 Hour Workshop covering the 7 Networking Sins and Mistakes we see at Business Wealth Club Meetings that Kill Leads, Destroy you chance of getting business and leave people wanting to avoid you next time they see you!

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  • Coach the Room about “Getting Present” Turn Off Phone’s – BE HERE!If You are Not OPEN & PRESENT YOU”LL MISS the BIGGER Learning's & DISTINCTIONS That can change your LIFE!Most Business Owners are too Focused on their To Do List rather than being “With” Their Team, Their Customers etcHigh Performers – GIVE MORE ENERGY – BIG ENERGY ATTRACTS BIG RESULTS!
  • Exercise: Top 3 things you want to Learn from this Workshop?
  • So here’s your opportunity to tell us about your businessHUMANITYThe problems you solveHow we can help youAnd what is the call to actionPlease be succinct – keep to the 30 secs and give everyone a chance to speak - Angela will ring a bell at 30 secs and I would ask that you stop wherever you are and allow the next person to speakWe will listen to half the room now and the other half a little laterFirst I would like to hear from those business that have sponsored us here today and supported this event
  • Add in 5 Steps from Referral to Rapport
  • The OLD Model does not work any more – 1,2 or 3 Day Intensives leave you overwhelmedTime Away from Your Business is more of a challenge than ever beforeWe DECIDED there must be a better way – There is…Professionally Run Networking Meetings – by a Qualified MentorBlended Training & Coaching to DRIVE you to the next level – Practical, Prove & Profitable Strategies & Tools with a 7 Year Record of Success!!LOCAL Like Minded Support – As Being in Business for Yourself Can be Very Lonely at Times
  • Good morning & welcome to TBWC Open Day! - ASK Two Questions: How many have been to a BWC Open Day before?How many of you as Visitors is this your first Open Day?
  • 7 sins of networking.2012

    1. 1. How to Avoid Networking Nightmares and go from Rapport to Referral
    2. 2. Why Network in the First Place…• Great way to start new Relationships…• Low cost Lead Generation…• Informal and Low Pressure…• Can Position You as an Expert…• Find new Suppliers…• Develop Your Sales Funnel…• Identify Speaking Opportunities…
    3. 3. Sin 1: Poor Planning & Preparation… • Plan: Your time out… • Do: Your research into type of event, costs and who attends… • Check: Rules of the Networking Meeting… • Act: Visit, Connect and Evaluate Results…
    4. 4. Sin 2: Not being Professional… Turning Up Late or Rushing Off early No Clear Goals or Talking All about You Measure of Success and NOT Listening! Only Looking for The 8 Relationship Not Carrying Tools SALES Now! Killing Habits of like a Pen Poor Networkers Poor Dress Staying with People Choices, Looking You already Know Unsuccessful Not Asking Questions
    5. 5. Claim Your FREE Business Card Checklist!
    6. 6. Sin 2: Not Bringing Your Business to life…
    7. 7. Sin 3: Having a Poverty Mind Set ① Only see’s number of people in the room – Rule of the 250 multiplier… ② Thinks Short Term – it cost me £15 for food how many leads did I get for it? ③ Speaks badly of competitors and other members… ④ Jumps from person to person looking for their type of Prospect… ⑤ Never offers to Help others…
    8. 8. Sin 4: No Clear Message or Value Proposition
    9. 9. 40 Second Spotlight – Get Promoting!What’s Your Business Name?Some Humanity! orSell the PROBLEM You solve!How can You HELP them?What is the Next Step?
    10. 10. Sin 5: Focused on Selling Vs Giving First…
    11. 11. 5 Steps from Rapport to Referral 5 Seconds to first IMPRESS 5 Minutesto CONNECT 55 Minutesto EDUCATE 5 Touches to CONVERT 5 Referrals from this RELATIONSHIP
    12. 12. Sin 6: Not working the Room…
    13. 13. How to Correctly work a Room…
    14. 14. Sin 7: Not Following Up & BuildingRelationships with Contacts made…
    15. 15. Money Loves Speed…Follow Up Fast!
    16. 16. People buy when They Want to buy... 80% of leads you consider 67% to be ‘dead’ will buy within 2 years IF you Stay in contact… of prospective buyers Sirus research tell you ‘no’ today will be ready to buy in the next year… Gartner research NEXT 12 MONTHS WITHIN 2 YEARS
    17. 17. Build Profitable Long TermRelationships & Partnerships
    18. 18. What Were Your Top 3 Learning’s or Ideas..?
    19. 19. Where are You Choosing to Invest…? Education Entertainment
    20. 20. The Worlds No1 Business GrowthCommunity™ for Serious Business Owners… Professional Blended Positive Networking & Training & Local Joint Ventures Coaching Support
    21. 21. Claim 1 Months FREE MembershipValued at £99 today ONLY!
    22. 22. The World’s No1Business Growth Community™
    23. 23. See You at the Next Meeting!