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Paul Sanders presents at IoT Oxford 3 - M2M Nervous System


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Paul Sanders, Technical Director at Caption Data was delighted to contribute with a presentation to the IOT Oxford 3 group on 10/07/2014.

The presentation was titled the 'M2M Nervous System' and outlined the key m2m system elements, in terms of hardware, firmware, data transportation and cloud capabilities.

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Paul Sanders presents at IoT Oxford 3 - M2M Nervous System

  1. 1. The m2m nervous system-the complete overview This is a slightly edited version of the presentation used @IOT Oxford and Midlands
  2. 2. IOT Lighthouse!
  3. 3. IOT Parliament building!
  4. 4. Field based elements Transducer/ comms • EXACTLY what specifications do I need to measure to • What is the environment • How important is the cost of replacement • Is the sensor supplied by a single source? • Will I need to calibrate the sensor… • Communications link? • Are we sure and have we made sure this is the correct measurement
  5. 5. Field based elements Sampling/storage/ intelligence • Do I need to store locally – log jam??? • Do I really need to be performing lots of on board calculations? • How much on board intelligence do I need, maybe I should be relying on the server to do the number crunching? • How accurately do I need to take the measurements? • How quickly do I need to store data – really!
  6. 6. Field based elements GSM Transmission • Power requirements • What is the usage profile? Maybe equipment is dormant for months per year • Management and support • Operator(s) • Who is going to manage the SIM’s £££££’s • Which Country or Countries is the SIM going to be used in
  7. 7. Field based elements Installation • Skill level • Environment • Time available • Management • How do they know it is set up correctly • Turkey’s voting for Christmas? OR
  8. 8. Field based elements Cloud • Skill level/personas • Environment • Time available • Management • How do they know their assets are working correctly?
  9. 9. Transducer/ comms Sampling/storage/ intelligence GSM Transmission Cloud Installation System element summary
  10. 10. Please contact Paul Sanders for more information. +44 7974 694885