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E.t work


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E.t work

  1. 1. AUSTRALIA UNVEILS POWERFUL RADIO TELESCOPE Made by Paula.S1-News2-important details3-localitation4-images5-summarise6-questions
  2. 2. NEWSAustralia has launched one of the worlds fastesttelescopes tasked with surveying outer spaceand probing the origins of stars and galaxies.The name is Askap and forms part on theworld´s biggest radio telescope project.
  3. 3. Important details• The telescope cost between 155 millions to 96 millions dollars.• Its expected to capture radio images.• The telescope is not very big but it´s still very powerfull survey instrument to start to get a look at the origin of galaxes. The australian westwrn desert where it´located
  4. 4. Localitation• The telescope is located at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, 315km (196 miles) north-east of Geraldton in the Western Australian desert. telescope desert
  5. 5. IMAGES The telescope is made up of 36 antens
  6. 6. australian telescopeit´s located at the It´s located Will provide a lot ofwestern australian in australi in information about: desert the western desert Black holesMade up of 36 Still litle but The origin of antens powerfull galaxes
  7. 7. QuestionsWhat person create the telescope?Dr John OSullivan, from AustraliasCommonwealth Scientific and IndustrialResearch OrganisationIs the telescope involved in any project?Yes , in the SKA , a future project made bynew Zealand, south Africa and Australia.
  8. 8. Images from the telescope that make a resume.