Finding and writing for your niche audience online


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Hadassah Levy's presentation at MEGAComm 2013 - February 7, 2013

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Finding and writing for your niche audience online

  1. 1. Hadassah
  2. 2. Finding Your Niche Audience
  3. 3. “It has never been easier to be as influential as you can be today. Information is cheap. Information is easier to produce. And if you have a quality message, it’s never been cheaper to get out.”– Jordan Raynor, Web strategist
  4. 4. • Be helpful before you promote• Make your affiliation clear so no one feels duped• Stay away from marketing language• Provide customer support when necessary
  5. 5. Open blogging platforms Starting your own blog Blog commenting Guest blogging
  6. 6. • WikiAnswers• Yahoo Answers• Quora• LinkedIn Answers
  7. 7. • Keyword research• Yoast• Keywords in social media profiles• Facebook and Google + posts