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Ektron wcm lr

  1. 1. Revealing Web Content Management at Its Best Give Content Creators the Tools They Need What Do You Want Your Website to Do? With the Ektron web content management platform, organizations can deploy, publish and update time-critical content without needing to rely on IT to get that content on the Web. Content creators take ownership of their content, while website administrators focus on the management and enhancement of site capabilities. Ektron simplifies the process of managing content across public websites and intranets, providing such core features as authoring, site design, page deployment and management, plus marketing optimization features including content targeting, in-context analytics, and multivariate testing. The Ektron content management system has been deployed successfully by organizations of all sizes – from Ektron Empowers Content Creators nonprofits to multibillion dollar corporations, from government to global enterprises. Ektron is used every day by press, analyst using a “What You See is What You Get” Content authors can utilize the Workarea’s and investor relations departments; marketing editor that provides an interface familiar to advanced web features, such as applying communications groups; sales and support anyone who has used Microsoft Word. Authors cascading style sheets and categorizing content organizations; enterprises, universities and non- working in the editor have access to an array for search, or remain focused on content profits – by content developers, subject matter of word processing features and can publish development and leave that work to site experts and business managers – to create their final content to the Web with one mouse administrators. Authors also can have the option content, establish review cycles, publish and click. Dependent on an organization’s needs, of editing content on the site with in-context update Web material. content developers also can take an active role editing, working directly on any page, and in website management, including workflow applying changes to that page immediately on When first developing content, most writers control, page design and publishing approval. the site. will begin in the Ektron platform’s Workarea,2 3 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  2. 2. Freeeeee! Your IT Resources Freeeeee! Your IT Resources Ektron Liberates Website Administrators Website administrators often have multiple IT responsibilities, charged with maintaining hardware and software, addressing security and backups and providing daily user support. Content updates to the company website may be a low priority on an ever-changing list of IT priorities. Ektron provides content creation and editing tools intuitive enough to be placed directly into the hands of the people requesting content updates, freeing IT resources to focus on site maintenance, development and enhancements while eliminating the “Webmaster bottleneck.” Ektron gives administrators the ability to organize site navigation, establish layouts that best display content, assign search engine optimization terms to content, provide reports and analytics to management, and identify, revise, and approve content as needed.4 5 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  3. 3. Developers - Leverage Your .NET Skills Developers - Leverage Your .NET Skills Ektron is 100 Percent Native .NET CMS Extensions - Ektron provides a complete developer SDK allowing developers to create extensions where custom code executes upon certain The Ektron web content management platform is developed on the Microsoft events firing within the CMS. For example, your organization might want .NET framework and is 100 percent native ASP.NET. Developers can your content management team to receive notifications via AIM messenger immediately leverage their .NET knowledge with Ektron, building, launching whenever new content is published. A developer would tap into the and customizing websites easily rather than being forced into learning a new, “OnAfterPublish”event to send those notifications. proprietary development environment. Another example would be to use the CMS extension architecture to A Complete API - The .NET API provides easy access to data stored in the manipulate the content object being entered by the author. For example, database without the need for a developer to ever write a line of SQL code or a content author wants to display a Google Map within his article to show to understand the database schema, providing for seamless future upgrades. the location of an event. When the author fills in the address metadata an Consistency, discoverability and simplicity make building applications with event would be fired, “OnBeforePublish,” which would execute custom code the Ektron API quick, easy and efficient. making a web service call into the Google APIs and passing in the address By accessing the Ektron.CMS.Framework developers can create customized to return back a Latitude and Longitude for storage within the article content user controls for added functionality or presentation and fully integrate with object. The end result would be a Google Map showing the exact location of third-party systems. the event, with the author never having to leave the CMS interface to create that map. .NET Server Controls – As part of the software installation Ektron provides more than 80 pre-built implementations of the .NET APIs in the form of Provider Model – Ektron’s provider model creates an abstraction layer to server controls ranging from simple controls to compound controls. Many access data, making Ektron fully extensible. Areas of the Ektron platform more controls can be found at the Ektron Exchange (http://dev.ektron.com/ that use providers include analytics, allowing developers to integrate with exchange/), a community featuring a “one-stop shop” for developers that their own analytics system if they implement a provider; search, which has offers a variety of community benefits and features, including the latest news, provider-based integration points where developers can customize many “Best Practice” advice from Ektron experts, pre-built code, server controls, fundamental aspects of search; and Ektron eCommerce, which integrates widgets and more. with major purchase and shipping providers. All Ektron server controls encapsulate complex functionality, making it a straightforward process for developers to quickly assemble web pages by dragging and dropping controls from Visual Studio’s Toolbox onto an ASPX Template, then defining the control’s behavior by setting properties either in6 code or by using Visual Studio. 7 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  4. 4. Deliver Dynamic Web Pages Deliver Dynamic Web Pages Easily Build Web Pages, Marketing Campaigns and Micro-Sites with Ektron With Ektron, create and deliver dynamic campaign pages and micro-sites - tracked and managed in real-time, with no programming or design knowledge necessary. Promote a new product or special event. Set up registration and contact forms, surveys and polls, even ecommerce shopping carts without needing to request technical support. Quickly design one page or complete micro-sites utilizing your organization’s online library of templates, images, and other marketing materials. Developers establish a site’s look-and-feel with content presentation templates. Building site navigation is intuitive, with the Ektron Workarea providing a Windows Explorer-like interface. Adding new pages to a site is as simple as opening the desired folder and clicking the “Add Content” button. Ektron Smart Form templates simplify web page creation by separating content creation from its ultimate presentation. As well as making web page creation simple and easy even for the technically unsophisticated, Smart Forms help site managers maintain consistency and branding across every page. Once a Smart Form is established, content providers simply enter in their text, imagery and any other material. “Widgets,” mini-applications such as calculators, calendars, search fields, social software, RSS feeds, video displays, clocks and more can be applied to a Web page by technical and non-technical resources alike through a simple drag-and drop. Ektron maintains an active freeware widget and code community at the Ektron Exchange (http://dev.ektron.com/exchange/) .NET developers familiar with ASP.NET user controls can easily build, customize and deliver their own widgets using Microsoft Visual Studio.8 9 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  5. 5. Manage Any File Through Ektron Manage Any File Through Ektron Document Management as Simple as Content Management Create information and publish to your intranet or public website from a single unified system. Managing documents is as simple as managing web pages with Ektron. Any type of file that can be placed on the Web – MS Office files, JPEG or other graphic files, WinZip archives, video, MP3 sound files – can be managed through the Ektron platform. Import files directly into the Ektron content management system. Open and edit MS Office documents from within the Ektron platform. Store, track and manage files using the Ektron Workarea Windows Explorer-like folder interface. Categorize content and create a taxonomy that makes it a simple task for anyone to locate needed files. Apply workflow and review cycles to documents and assure they’ve gone through the proper approval process before publication.10 11 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  6. 6. Website Search Made Simple Website Search Made Simple Deliver Content Effectively through Categorization and Search Whether for web content, Microsoft documents, images or multimedia, Ektron’s SiteSearch feature can scale to find millions of items and beyond. The key to producing relevant search results is in the ability to categorize site content. Through Ektron, a content creator can easily categorize any piece of content – a taxonomy that auto-generates site navigation. With Ektron taxonomy easily tag any content with information that supports all the approaches to finding that content. Ektron’s URL Aliasing automatically generates descriptive, human-understandable and search engine- friendly page addresses using words and phrases that actually define the page – ektron.com/bloghub, for example, rather than ektron.com/content.aspx?id=3310. Faceted Search allows visitors to visually explore information: filtering results by category, content attributes, metadata values, XML structure, and custom-defined properties. With Federated Search visitors can search multiple repositories with a single click and view the results in a single list. Searchers can expand their social network through People Search. Search Analytics Reports help marketing teams measure and ensure the success of their web search strategy.12 13 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  7. 7. Where is It? When is It? Help Visitors Find Events Provide multiple views of calendar information. Bring up additional Blend multiple calendars together to create one comprehensive calendar of events. For with Calendars information simply by moving the cursor example, a community calendar can display Help Visitors Find Locations With the Ektron platform’s geomapping feature any content can be tagged with longitude and over an event. all local events of various organizations and Add a powerful marketing, scheduling and with GeoMapping latitude coordinates and displayed using a event tool to your website with Ektron’s Categorize calendar content to provide businesses in one interactive calendar. mapping application such as Google Maps Enterprise Calendar. visitors fast and easy access to event Visitors can move directly from calendar Bring dynamic mapping to your website. Show or Microsoft Virtual Earth. You supply the information through search. information to event registration with one office locations, provide directions, display Inform visitors about activities such as messaging, Google or Microsoft provide the click. local attractions, deliver hotel, airport and taxi seminars, training, meetings and social map. With the map display on your site, visitors information. activities. Present both single and multiple14 never have to leave your site for directions. events across days, weeks and months. Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  8. 8. Gain Understanding of Your Audience Gain Understanding of Your Audience Measure your Success with Open Analytics provider allows customers to use their existing analytics investments, including – and then optimize your site specific to their actions. Combined with the Ektron Marketing Ektron In-Context Analytics the three most widely deployed, proven and Optimization Suite, your site traffic analytics trusted analytics packages – Google Analytics, become more relevant. Make a change to A core component of the web content Omniture SiteCatalyst and WebTrends – content and instantly see how that change management platform, Ektron in-context customized reporting integrated into the Ektron affected traffic to those areas of your site. analytics tools provide valuable information Workarea. about how visitors are using your site and what content is most important to your audience. Gain a complete understanding of your Measure how content is being used. Track visitors – their demographics, attitude and activity, trends and popular areas. The Ektron behavior, the paths and actions they are taking16 17 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  9. 9. Are You In Sync? Are You In Sync? Development Live Site Keep Production, Staging and Live Sites in Synch with eSync Key to effective website content management is the ability to easily update exactly the content you want updated, when you want it updated – from development to production to “live.” Ektron’s eSync technology helps administrators keep websites up-to-date efficiently, providing a level of control that makes it simple to move a single piece of content or an entire site. Whether single sites, global multi-sites or server farms, eSync provides scalable synchronization capabilities that allow administrators to easily update content efficiently with minimal downtime. eSync bi-directional synchronization ensures that any external modifications to the live site – a new member adding profile information, for example – will be reflected back to the development environment. Site administrators can schedule synchronization to take place at strategic times to take advantage of low traffic periods.18 19 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  10. 10. Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Charged with raising market one of the new site’s major features is a “Quick determine what does, and what doesn’t, Freestyle Interactive are looking ahead to their Overview awareness of the bank’s asset- Quote” calculator using a sliding bar to calculate work. plans for 2010 and the new site. “Lloyds is a based lending products, driving the size of loan dollars available to the business, global brand with the ambition and resources to Charged with raising market awareness of “Our new site takes usability and conversion to the bank’s asset-based lending products, driving new business leads through based on turnover and size of invoices, do great work,” says Andy Wood of Freestyle. another level,” says Keith Bennett. “For example, new business leads through Lloyds TSB Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance’s providing users an instant loan value. Other new “We’re now in the process of putting together the new quote calculator is a crucial tool Commercial Finance’s online presence and online presence and capturing features include: a comprehensive content and editorial plan for designed to get to the heart of the customers capturing customer data, Ektron Elite Partner, customer data, Ektron Elite Partner, 2010 that will put the Lloyds TSB Commercial A “Get in Touch” button integrated with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.” Freestyle Interactive undertook a comprehensive Freestyle Interactive undertook a Finance brand right at the heart of their online Ltsbcf call centre for instant call back to redesign of http://www.ltsbcf.co.uk. comprehensive redesign of http:// “As well as managing the performance of the communities.” interested customers. www.ltsbcf.co.uk. The work site itself, we’re also managing the performance Challenges “We’re looking forward to building on the began with extensive qualitative A “Get an Instant Quote” (RFQ) allows of all Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance online success of our new site as we develop a social Raise market awareness of the bank’s and quantitative focus group and businesses to submit a full quote marketing activity,” says Freestyle Interactive media and online marketing program with asset-based lending products usability research carried out during application which is forwarded to the Ltsbcf Director Andy Wood. “This includes bringing Freestyle,” adds Keith Bennett of Lloyds TSB much of 2009 as part of the scope business development team through the together a complex set of performance metrics Drive new business leads Commercial Finance. and definition phase. Salesforce CRM system. used to optimize marketing activity and drive Produce measurable results segmentation, targeting and channel planning For additional information on the Lloyds TSB “As our main way of recruiting new The multivariate testing feature of the Results activity. Launched in December 2009, the new Commercial Finance deployment by Ektron Elite customers, the website is critical Ektron content management system is Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance site has already Partner, Freestyle Interactive, please see http:// Visitor numbers increased by 90 percent to the success of the Commercial being utilized by the Ltsbcf marketing recorded exceptional metrics.” www.freestyleinteractive.co.uk/Lloyds-TSB- Finance business,” notes Keith teams to manage campaign content and Lead numbers increased by 150 percent Commercial-Finance/ Bennett, Lloyds TSB Commercial to run multivariate tests on page content, From December 2009 to March 2010: Conversion rate (visitor to registered lead) Finance Ecommerce and Online particularly focused on use of the online Visitor numbers increased 90 percent increased 30 percent Channel Manager. quote calculator. Multivariate testing is the process of experimenting with different Lead numbers increased 150 percent Built on the innovative Ektron web combinations of factors on a web page to Conversion rate (visitor to registered lead) content management platform, drive a user to take action. Multivariate increased 30 percent testing allows marketers to test ideas “ We’re now in the process of with real site visitors, letting their actions Both Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance and pu ing together a comprehensive “ content and editorial plan for 2010 “ that will put the Lloyds TSB Commercial We’re looking forward to building on the success The new Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance site has ” of our new site as we develop a social media and online ” Finance brand right at the heart of their ” already recorded exceptional metrics online communities marketing program20 21 Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  11. 11. Ryerson School of Journalism Ryerson School of Journalism each, as well as needing to support Ryerson School of Journalism selected the a sudden they’ve created this really beautiful Overview other sites, the School decided to Ektron platform. The School initially installed functioning web page.” implement a content management v7.6 of the Ektron solution in late 2009, and Faced with the challenge of maintaining Ektron Smart Forms simplify page creation an online presence for multiple sites, system that would simplify the later upgraded to v8.0 of the platform. The by separating content creation from its Ryerson School of Journalism decided process of authoring, editing, and deployment was done by the in-house staff. ultimate presentation on the Web. After a site to implement the Ektron content managing web content for students, “From my perspective, file management has administrator has set up a Smart Form template faculty and technical staff. management system to simplify the become incredibly easy now thanks to the it can be used by content authors for entering process of authoring, editing, and “Prior to our implementing the Ektron system,” says Lindsay Smith. “Prior their material. As well as making web page managing web content for students, Ektron content management system, to implementing Ektron our files were housed creation simple and easy even for the technically faculty and technical staff all student produced websites on a number of different servers, creating a unsophisticated, Smart Forms help site were using various open-source file management nightmare for us. Files were managers maintain consistency and branding. applications and with content being buried deep within multiple folders and often Challenges “The Ektron content management system has produced through Dreamweaver,” could not be located at all. Ektron’s content Improve and simplify the technical allowed the School to be free from dealing says Lesley Salvadori, technical management system has centralized the file process with third-party services such as YouTube and coordinator at Ryerson School of management process, housing everything on With more than four hundred users accessing commercial web hosts,” concludes Lesley Showcase student newspaper, online Journalism. “Students needed to have a single server which is easily managed by a the system, Ryerson School of Journalism Salvadori. “All student projects are maintained magazine and broadcast productions at least an intermediate knowledge of single administrator, saving time and the need needed a solution that would interact with the on our in-house server. The time needed HTML to use the sites and instructors for additional technical support and making the Allow students to update content without University’s preexisting Active Directory system. to troubleshoot problems has significantly and technical staff were expected archival process simple and straightforward.” knowledge of HTML Any solution had to be easily customizable by decreased. Students now focus more on to troubleshoot and support both the developer and compliant with web standards “Managing student user accounts has become producing content rather than troubleshooting the platforms and users. In many Results including XML and .NET. much easier,” web designer/programmer Chris technical aspects of Web development.” cases the technical staff was also Kim adds. “We don’t have to teach the students File management simplified responsible for the file transfer – After research by Lindsay Smith, the School’s HTML, allowing them to focus more on the “ ” FTP’ing – of student content as well CMS administrator, on various content From my perspective, file management has become Content now on a single server and journalism rather than the technical aspects of incredibly easy now thanks to the as supporting the file management management systems, with a focus on a managed by one administrator getting their content on the Web. Ektron Smart Ektron system. for each of these websites. Different CMS that could house several different URLs Forms have really helped with that. The students Easier student account management instructors were responsible for and would allow content authors to easily only have to complete certain fields and all of “ courses and their associated websites incorporate still images, audio and video, Ektron’s content management system has centralized Students can focus on their work rather than The Ryerson School of Journalism academic the file management process, housing everything on a single each semester, which meant there “ the technical aspects of putting their work “ We have newspapers, magazines, online projects and server which is easily managed by a single administrator, program includes four media areas: print, was little continuity in terms of file archiving and Students now focus on producing content rather than ” saving time and the need for additional technical support and ” broadcasts we wanted online so the public could have access online ” troubleshooting technical aspects of web development. magazine, broadcast and online. Faced with the management.” making the archival process simple and straightforward.22 23 and see what students were working on. challenge of maintaining an online presence for Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  12. 12. University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina designers and the technical advanced features that we couldn’t get with our “ From a content provider perspective, the usability Overview team where all sides feel of the Ektron platform has dramatically improved their previous content management system, such as comfortable with each other. experience. We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the the drop-down menus we wanted.” UHS wanted content management site design, the site organization, and how user-friendly it is. capabilities that their old system couldn’t ” That’s the challenge We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response. “From a content provider perspective, the provide. UHS chose Ektron and its Elite University Health Systems usability of the Ektron platform has dramatically Partner, The C2 Group, because of the of Eastern Carolina (www. improved their experience,” Vicars adds. “The technical and design expertise the two uhseast.com) presented to a rigorous planning and architecture phase, the Ektron system is much easier to use. We’ve companies brought to the table. vendors when it committed and design expertise the two companies brought main UHS East site was launched in late May heard nothing but rave reviews about the site to re-engineering its web design, the site organization, and how user- Challenges to the table, but also because they felt secure 2009. Three weeks later the East Carolina Heart strategy in late 2008. A that the Ektron platform would meet their needs. Institute site (www.eastcarolinaheartinstitute. friendly it is. We’ve had an overwhelmingly Improve operational efficiency regional health system According to Andy Anderson, a key factor in that com) went live, followed by the ViQuest Centers positive response. serving over 1.3 million Provide enhanced content management decision was the advanced content management (www.viquestwellness.com) site. With the launch “We had a very finite amount of time to do this people in 29 counties in capabilities capabilities the Ektron platform offered. of the UHS intranet in August, UHS concluded its project – to implement and deploy all the sites – eastern North Carolina, Ektron’s multi-site support and synchronization deployments, successfully launching five sites Results it was one of the biggest undertakings I’ve taken University Health Systems technology, eSync, allows hospitals such as UHS over a three-month cycle. on in my career. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Five sites launched over a three-month (UHS) is made up of to create individual multiple-site environments “Execution of our brand is very important,” how it’s gone. We’re coming up with new things cycle eight hospitals, physician managed through one centralized administrative says Vicars. “We have a web policy in place that to do and that’s what I’m really excited about, practices, home health, interface. Multiple-site environments managed states anything hosted on the public-facing site the flexibility we now have thanks to Ektron.” hospice, wellness centers through one centralized administrative and other health care “Some of the services that Ektron’s Professional has to reviewed and approved by Marketing. We interface services. Services Group could supply also helped have the Ektron Workflow set up and we’ve had us make the decision,” adds Vicars. “Ektron certain style sheets created to ensure consistent A smooth migration from old to new sites Charged with oversight, really helped us with solidifying the technical headings, bullets and so on. We defined a overseen by the Ektron team You want a site that you can feel confident will information architecture and specification and The C2 Group with the complete Style Guide up front and that Style Advanced content management features be able to grow to meet future needs and help acting as the lead on executing web strategy information architecture and design for the site. Guide and the Workflow is what controls the you increase operational efficiency. Even though was Kellie Vicars, communications supervisor at It was a good partnership fit. But we always kept consistency of the external sites.” your “website” is actually a complex, multi-site UHS. Working with Vicars was Andy Anderson, in mind that our end goal was to have a product configuration embracing five external sites plus And how are UHS personnel and customers UHS administrator of IT operations information that we could build upon internally. That was an intranet, you want the migration from old reacting to its redesigned Ektron site? services. really the driving factor for us.” to new to be accomplished quickly, preferably within just a few months. And you want an active UHS chose Ektron and its Elite Partner, The C2 “People like the layout, the site design created Planned as a phased rollout, work began in working partnership among yourself, the web Group, not only because the health system felt by The C2 Group, and the general ease-of-use,”24 25 earnest on the UHS sites in January 2009. After comfortable with the combination of technical says Anderson. “And we especially like the Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS
  13. 13. County of Santa Barbara County of Santa Barbara “ carried out through 23 earlier site, County of Santa Barbara was looking It was the right solution for our site relaunch. As well communicating with the public.” Challenges departments and several for a platform that could be implemented easily as giving our departments ownership of their Web content, Ektron has helped us meet the public’s need for up-to-date “Altogether, we’re extremely pleased with the Provide a content management platform Special Districts and and learned quickly by new staff members as ” information during emergency situations. Ektron solution in answering our needs. It was where authorized personnel can update Commissions. they were hired. the right solution for our site relaunch, as well as the site anytime, anywhere in a consistent “One of our goals for After several devastating fires struck the county, based on metadata. giving our departments ownership of their Web manner. our new website was Santa Barbara also understood the importance content,” concludes Jennifer Slayman. “Perhaps to present a single face Customized Search with Guided Results: more importantly, Ektron has helped us meet the Implement immediate functionality, of their website for communicating emergency of county government Leads visitors to the most appropriate public’s need for up-to-date information during but have a solution flexible enough for information to the public. “At various times, our to the public,” notes information based on search terms. emergency situations. We can keep providing customization to meet specific needs. web operations have moved from our day-to-day Jennifer Slayman, IT offices to our Emergency Operations Center and “We think of Ektron as something of a best that information from any location, 24x7.” Results project manager at even to the UC Santa Barbara campus,” Slayman of both worlds’ hybrid solution,” remarks Smart Form templates ensure that County of Santa Barbara. continues. “We wanted a content management Ismael Amin, system analyst at County of information is delivered in a consistent “The previous County of platform where authorized personnel could Santa Barbara. “We were able to implement fashion. Santa Barbara website update the County site anytime, from anywhere functionality immediately, but the software also was launched in 2001 – even from their homes when needed.” allows for customization to meet our specific County Departments have ownership of with many departments needs.” their content without concerns about look- County of Santa Barbara implemented Ektron’s maintaining their own sub- and-feel. solution for their new site, incorporating such The various County of Santa Barbara site and content. Within a Up-to-date emergency information can be key features as: departments are still responsible for their own few years many of those delivered from any location, 24x7. content – for example, press releases – but the sub-sites had evolved Multi-site Deployment: Multiple sites with use of Smart Form templates helps to ensure a look-and-feel and consistent content and a branded look-and- that information is delivered in a consistent messaging which wasn’t feel were created through one installation. fashion. “We have over 100 people trained on necessarily consistent with A “Library” provides a shared area where the Ektron WCM solution,” adds Slayman. “All Nestled between Los Angeles and San Francisco the overall County of Santa common images, links and other useful of them are able to post to our website without and often referred to as the American Riviera , ® Barbara site. While the new site would still keep items can be stored, helping to reinforce a needing technical training. Essentially, we’ve Santa Barbara is considered one of the most all those departments under the County of Santa consistent look-and-feel. taken the content updating process out of the beautiful counties in California. The County of Barbara ‘umbrella,’ we wanted every area to offer Shared Content: Site administrators can hands of our technical people, who are freed Santa Barbara is governed by a five-member a consistent visitor experience.” push a single instance of information up to focus on their primary jobs. Now, subject Board of Supervisors elected by the public. to multiple locations without version or Efficiency was also a key need. Rather matter experts can post their own content. The Under the leadership of the county administrator, content discrepancies. Press releases than the multiple solutions, software and Ektron solution has been very successful and the County’s operations and programs are26 27 implementations that had characterized the are automatically posted in multiple areas efficient, giving us an improved process in Copyright © 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS