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Sophie riordan


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Sophie riordan

  1. 1. Sophie Riordan
  2. 2. Date: 24/4/12 Name: Sophie Year level: Grade 1 RiordanAreas of Learning This is where I am This is what I am How you can help at Date I achieved and what I can do. learning to do next - home. my goal. my goal.Numeracy I can add by counting Use fact families to Mathletics at home on. work out addition for 20 minutes a problems. week.Writing I can use letters and Read and write more Practise reading and some words to write high frequency writing the list of brief texts. words correctly. words in her homework book.Reading I know all my sounds Improve reading Reading with Sophie and some high strategies - sounding 4 nights a week at frequency words. out unknown words . home Reading Eggs at home for 20 minutes a week.
  3. 3. Inquiry Unit – Ceres Community Olivia and I made a police station. For theCeres Community. We need a police station sothat all the people can feel safe. I liked working with Olivia