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Induction bapp 28.1. 14


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Induction bapp 28.1. 14

  1. 1. BA Honours Professional Practice (Arts) Middlesex University Induction 28 January 2014 Adesola Akinleye, Alan Durrant, Paula Nottingham
  2. 2. Agenda 10am - 11 11 - 12 12 - 1pm 1 - 2pm 2 – 3:00 Welcome and Introduction to Middlesex University Introduction to the 1st Module and RoL Writing Lunch Admissions and Student Cards Library Visit: Digital Literacy (in the Library) Plenary End of Session
  3. 3. We have a home campus but this is self managed learning so a lot happens at a distance. Everyone will have an academic adviser to help. A liberal estimate of the time it will take during the 12 week study periods is approximately 6 hours per week (or more). Schedule this into your own diary as study time so that the work can fit around your other jobs. We work with social media, digital media and paper copies. Deadlines for drafts and final work are important.
  4. 4. Some administrative points for BAPP (Arts) 1. Keep in contact and update your programme leader and advisers with your correct contact details. 2. Avni Shah is now a Media and Performing Arts administrator on 0208 411 4129. 3. Students cards should be processed for this module so that you will have them when you need them. 4. Our student representative for BAPP (Arts) is Lizzy Rowden. Please work with her and other peers to help us improve the programme. 1. BAPP (Arts) feedback forms are at the end of the Modules you take. The form will most likely be on Survey Monkey. We value feedback and have used your feedback in our planning of the new curriculum for BAPP (Arts).
  5. 5. Assessment is clearly outlined in the Programme Handbook & Module Handbooks. Assessment this term is due to be submitted 13th May 2013. Our assessment is linked to university guidelines: .uk/aboutus/Strateg y/regulations/grade criteriaguide.aspx
  6. 6. The Readers are there to support your learning and to challenge you. They are not there as just ‘content’ to learn… but are there to get you thinking about your professional practice. This is a Level 6 Honours level programme so the expectations are that your work will be of high standard and your learning will be selfmanaged. Dedicated support is available from your adviser, the BAPP (Arts) team, and the university staff.
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