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The power of the tongue slideshare


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Entrepreneur of Faith Conference Topic - The Power of The Tongue: Using Public Speaking to Make an Impact

Published in: Spiritual
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The power of the tongue slideshare

  1. 1. The Power Of The Tongue Making an Impact Through Public Speaking Paula L. McDade | CEO/Founder Aim For Success
  2. 2. To share how to become more powerful, relevant, and effective Kingdom witnesses for success inbusiness and life using the platform of public speaking.
  3. 3. • Enhance your presentation• Create a level of connection w/audience• Establish the know-like-trust factor• Build your credibility and brand
  4. 4. 1 Peter 2:9-10 | The MessageBut you are the ones chosen by God, chosenfor the high calling of priestly work, chosento be a holy people, God’s instruments to dohis work and speak out for him, to tell othersof the night-and-day difference he made foryou—from nothing to something, fromrejected to accepted.
  5. 5. The Message vs. Messenger The Messenger The Message• You • Your Faith• Your Skills • His Power• Talents/Gifts • His Supernatural Ability• Outer Appearance • The Heart• Credentials • His Calling
  6. 6. ~ Fun Facts ~• The average adult attention span - between five and seven minutes.• The average presenter speaks - 120 to 200 words per minute• The average listener comprehends between 600 and 800 words per minute.
  7. 7. In The Beginning… Capture your audience’s attention and run with it! You must have an attention grabber. Use different types of openings such as: current events, humorous stories, pictorial, quote, etc.
  8. 8. Fact Tell…Stories Sell!What are you selling?
  9. 9. Capture by Telling Your Story…Focus on these three areas:• Who were you then?• Who are you now?• How did you get there?
  10. 10. 1. Who were you then?• Background• Feelings, thoughts, images…• Right Brain/Left Brain• Focus on specific timeframe
  11. 11. 2. Who are you now?• What accomplishments?• Awards, degrees, accolades• Your expertise• Projects
  12. 12. 3. How did you get here?• Challenges/Obstacles• Spiritual growth• Lessons learned• Important transition
  13. 13. Resources:National Speakers AssociationOklahoma Chapterwww.nsaoklahoma.orgwww.nsaspeaker.orgToastmasters Internationalwww.toastmasters.orgBook: “Inspire Any Audience” by Tony JearyMy website:
  14. 14. Make It Personal…1 Peter 2:9-10 | The MessageBut I am the one chosen by God, chosen forthe high calling of priestly work, chosen to bea holy people, God’s instrument to do hiswork and speak out for him, to tell others ofthe night-and-day difference he made for me— from nothing to something, from rejectedto accepted.