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Why Startups Need Storytelling and Inbound Marketing, and #WTF is Growth Hacking


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Why Storytelling and Inbound Marketing are crucial for startups, specifically regarding fundraising, recruiting and building company culture, and why culture and recruiting play a central role in growth hacking. Keynote at StartSmart! Marketing & Metrics day, in Tallinn March 2013
Startup Camp Berlin March 2014

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Why Startups Need Storytelling and Inbound Marketing, and #WTF is Growth Hacking

  1. 1. Storytelling, Inbound Marketing & #WTF is Growth Hacking @paulamarttila
  2. 2. Me, a Thought Leader? …but I just wanna push code @paulamarttila
  3. 3. MARKETING LANDSCAPE It’s a neon jungle out there STORYTELLING Why it’s important for startups, Storytelling ABC INBOUND MARKETING Startup’s best friend #WTF IS GROWTH HACKING And what’s that got to do with marketing? Agenda @paulamarttila
  5. 5. Copyright: @gapingvoid @paulamarttila
  6. 6. Startups’ biggest hurdle is to overcome @paulamarttila indifference
  7. 7. 0,5% @paulamarttila
  8. 8. = Fans in Facebook talking about brands @paulamarttila
  9. 9. @paulamarttila
  10. 10. 0,000 001 @paulamarttila
  11. 11. = Chance a viewer sees your content on YouTube @paulamarttila
  12. 12. 3 000 000+ @paulamarttila
  13. 13. = Apps in App Store & Google Play @paulamarttila (July -15)
  14. 14. 0.001 Of Apps Have > 50K Users @paulamarttila “10 Million is the new 1 Million”
  15. 15. STORYTELLING @paulamarttila
  16. 16. "You gotta start with the customer experience and work backwards to technology.” - @paulamarttila Steve Jobs
  17. 17. Startup Storytelling ABC+D @paulamarttila A: Vision and Mission. Your product needs to stand for something that people can emotionally connect with, in order to make them want to join your journey as team members, investors, and customers. Show your passion and values. Remember, basic human needs and behaviours are universal. B: Find The Aha Factor, i.e. the sweet spot in your product, that makes people go: “Ah, I have that problem, too. I need that! Can I have it NOW?” C: Tell Your Own Story. A company is often created out of personal pain, so give it a human voice, too. If you don’t have a story of your own, let your customers tell theirs! They have the most wonderful stories. D: You guessed it: Don’t fake it. People won’t join you if they don’t believe you, and if they can’t believe you, they won’t trust you. You will learn, trust is everything,
  18. 18. Storytelling Is Not Only For: Eyeballs Media Relations Product Launches @paulamarttila But Most Importantly…
  19. 19. #1 HIRING & CULTURE @paulamarttila
  20. 20. #2 FUNDRAISING @paulamarttila
  21. 21. “I usually know within 3 min if I want to fund you, within 10 min if I want to fund your business.”- @paulamarttila Fred Destin, Accel Partners
  22. 22. You’re being tracked: Stick to your story and metrics! @paulamarttila “Our CRM allows us to instantly see the number of employees, social traction, and progress in multiple distribution channels before speaking to a company, allowing us to be much more proactive in our approach.” James Wise, Balderton Capital
  23. 23. #3 CUSTOMER ACQUISITION & FANS* @paulamarttila *Your first PR, Marketing, Customer Service & Sales Team
  24. 24. Inbound Marketing i.e. How Do People Find You? @paulamarttila
  25. 25. “80% of success is showing up” - Woody Allen @paulamarttila
  26. 26. Keep showing up! @paulamarttila “After 10X on The Tonight Show people start to recognize you as someone who might have been on TV, but they have no idea who the hell you are.”- Steve Martin
  27. 27. Be Helpful Have Consistent Story Add Value @paulamarttila Inbound Marketing Essentials
  28. 28. @paulamarttila by mBaaS Kinvey
  29. 29. “How to make Android App” @paulamarttila Free Kinvey eBook
  30. 30. “5 Content Marketing Truths” (for App Developers) @paulamarttila Kinvey Blog
  31. 31. GROWTH HACKING Topic du jour! Huh? @paulamarttila
  32. 32. @paulamarttila
  33. 33. @paulamarttila Andrew Chen "If your product isn’t retaining users, it won’t help much to pour water into a leaky bucket”-
  34. 34. When an investor suggests ways to become more viral, I’m like... @paulamarttila
  35. 35. @paulamarttila
  36. 36. “How we put Facebook on path to 1B users” @paulamarttila Chamath Palihapitiya, Social Capital
  37. 37. 1. Elegant understanding of CORE PRODUCT VALUE. Don’t spam & trick, it alienates users in the long term. 2. ELIMINATE EGO CULTURE. HIRE A-people. Don’t believe the hype. Test, Measure, Try again. 3. USE SIMPLE FRAMEWORK: Acquisition, Activation, Engagement, Virality = •Get customer to front door •Deliver Aha moment •Deliver core product value as often as possible. •Turn on viral coefficients by @chamath @paulamarttila
  38. 38. @paulamarttila First then You’re ready to grow…
  39. 39. Copyright: @gapingvoid @paulamarttila
  40. 40. RECAP Not Only For: Eyeballs, Media Relations, Product Launches #1 Hiring & Culture #2 Fundraising #3 Customer Acquisition Most Importantly: Be authentic! STORYTELLING @paulamarttila
  41. 41. Keep showing up! Be helpful, Add value Don’t talk about yourself Build Trust => Become Thought Leader => More Customers You guessed it, Be authentic! INBOUND MARKETING RECAP @paulamarttila
  42. 42. Don't believe the hype Create core product value Don't fall for vanity metrics Have courage not to optimize for short term Don’t spam & trick For crying out loud, Be authentic! GROWTH HACKING RECAP @paulamarttila
  43. 43. Recommended ReadingChamath Palihapitiya, How we put Facebook on path to 1B users:! What is Growth Hacking, Josh Elman, Greylock Partners: The Mobile Growth Stack Revised, Andy Carvell Quora, Facebook Growth: team-at-Facebook-that-helped-Facebook-reach-500-million-users Quora, Conversion optimization: Kissmetrics, Growth hacking examples: Startup Metrics by 500 startups, Dave McClure: Hacker news for Marketers: Kinvey, Mobile marketing: migration-toward-the-middle E-commerce conversion optimization: Hubspot, Inbound marketing Andrew Chen, Growth Hacking Andrew Chen, AirBnB Growth Hacking Truecaller: @paulamarttila
  44. 44. R E M E M B E R , S TA RT U P S A R E H A R D
  45. 45. @paulamarttila Thank You
  46. 46. I M A G E C R E D I T S @paulamarttila (Nobody cares) (Good-bye Eyeball) (World's biggest hockey stick) (Pouring water) (Business plan) (Friends) (You're Awesome) (Coffee break, ducks) (My problem) (slides: Shibuya neon lights, Hamilton Fans, Kinvey in Berlin)