Advanced outreach for content marketing


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  • Sample Campaign – promote this.
  • This is how we create link building strategies.We start by:Identifying target segmentsFinding Link Opportunities in those target segmentsPlanning engagement and outreachRun the campaign – reach outMeasuring our impact and make changes for next time
  • Identifying target segments is about creating a top-level strategy to start finding outreach opportunities.If you’re building a new tool, you can start with something like, “I’ll reach out to SEOs,” or “I’ll reach out to Web Developers”.When you’re promoting content or resources, it will often appeal to multiple segments and have multiple opportunity types.Thinking outside the box here is really important. Try to think laterally – who would find this valuable? How can it be valuable?Photo is here -
  • We start with understanding why our asset is valuable, before we go into who.If I were doing this, I’d try to either use the tool myself, or if it wasn’t live yet, go through the spec and chat with whoever was managing it’s production. Of course it’s a sprinkler system designer, so it first and foremost helps you design your sprinkler system.It’s actually pretty cool – you map out your house and and then you can drag and drop a sprinkler system around. Then it gives you a list of products to buy, and a step by step guide to put it together.
  • So we ask ourselves, “Who would like this? Who would see this and be interested?”Well as I think about sprinklers, I think about:People that do landscapingContractorsPeople involved with gardeningTurf Management (the academic discipline concerned with stadiums, golf courses, and other lawns – yes, it’s a real thing) Then I think, so why would people install sprinklers? To water their plants, of course, but also to increase the value of their home.So I could look at home improvement and house flipping sites. I could also look at DIY sites, because this teaches you how to make it yourself.Finally, it is a web app – and there are lots of web app directories. If I need some more links in the distant future or just want to maintain some velocity, I can go hit up those. But those aren’t going to drive meaningful traffic, because, well, they just don’t. I actually want people USING my tool and telling their friends about it, in addition to linking to it.
  • What do they like, how do they talk, get in their headThink and talk like they do, use their language
  • You’ll want to put segment your opportunities by vertical (mommy blogger, green blogger, what have you), as well as by influence
  • Don’t be this person.Nothing is good about this email.They clearly didn’t look at my site, and are offering me something I don’t care about.
  • Don’t be this person.Nothing is good about this email.They clearly didn’t look at my site, and are offering me something I don’t care about.
  • So how can you create good outreach emails?Great ones have four elements:PersonalizedPositionedPersuasiveCall to Action (aka ‘Make the Ask’)If you can’t make it all of these things, you probably shouldn’t send the email.
  • Advanced outreach for content marketing

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    3. 3. Hi,Yoursite isSO cool.Please write about me andgive me a link so I can becool two.Sinceerly,Paul May
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