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Jemporium presnetation paula and alex


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Published in: Education
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Jemporium presnetation paula and alex

  1. 1. Pitch Presentation By Paula Perez and Alexander Purvis.
  2. 2. Meeting with the client. On the 26th we spoke to our client, Jenny who is the owner of Jemporium. We spoke to her about the background of her local business and she wanted from us for the advertising campaign. She wanted us to create flyers and poster for her business, to be spread locally (Cambridge) where students and sixth formers and university students would hang out (target audience) This would be in cafes, common rooms and around their colleges, sixth forms and universities. She wanted: 50-100 posters 500-1000 flyers.
  3. 3. Meeting with the client. Budget: During our meeting with jenny, she spoke to us about the budget. It was around £500 which will be used for the printing of the flyers and poster and labour costs. She also mentioned to use the same style as her Facebook page, as the design has already been created and needs to be recognised. The labour cost for this would be low as we would already have the design and the material for the Facebook page. So the layout of our designs for the poster and flyers would just be adjusting to the Facebook page.
  4. 4. Meeting with the client. Things to be included on the poster and the flyer. Jenny spoke to us about things that wanted to be included, these were:  The shop’s logo  Models (both genders)  Map  Description  Opening hours She also spoke about the colour scheme. She wanted to keep the same style of colours that her logo already had: Yellow, pink and turquoise She also wanted the poster to look modern. Similar to New Look, Topshop and H&M. She also didn’t wanted any dated text such as 70’s – 90’s bubble writing. She wanted social media to be included as she has a few social media accounts made for the shop such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  5. 5. Meeting with the client. We also spoke to our client about other media channels that could be used in the campaign. We spoke about a potential TV advert that would be broadcast in local TV (such as ITV and E4) And a potential advert that would be shown in Park and Ride on the TV screens on the bus. She likes this ideas and agreed that the media channels such as ITV and E4 are appropriate for her business as the target audience are likely to watch this channels.
  6. 6. Meeting with the client. Altogether, after this meeting we have a clear idea of what the client wants from us. So now we know what she wants form the poster, what she wants them and the flyers to include and where exactly she wants them to be distributed.
  7. 7. Initial Ideas. After our meeting with our client, we came up with 4 ideas for our poster design which will share the same design and style as the poster. On these we included the social media icons and spaces for photos of our models, the description of the shop, and the logo of their shop. Here are our ideas:
  8. 8. Meeting with the client feedback After showing the client the initial ideas, she gave us some useful feedback with the positives and negatives. We then asked our client to narrow down the four ideas to 3. she chose ideas 1,2 and 3 and decided she didn’t like idea 4 as much.
  9. 9. Developed ideas. After the meeting with our client, we went away and developed three posters into mock ups. This is the outcome of them:
  10. 10. Timescale For our advertising campaign, we agreed with our client that the launch date for our campaign will be the 18th of February. This will then be when all of our posters will be printed off and ready to be distributed. Schedule Week beginning 26th January.  This week we will make a plan for what we will be doing during the weeks ahead.  Have a meeting with Jenny about the campaign  Complete risk assessment Mood Board and other necessary paperwork.  Visit Jempourium Vintage to get an idea of what their style is like and what products that the sell.  Create example designs for the posters and flyers on paper  Find models to use in our photo shoot.  Find locations for our photo shoot either outside or indoors (Preferably photo studio)  Do audience research for shop and poster.
  11. 11. Schedule.  Week Beginning 2nd February -  This week we will arrange a date to pick up products from jempourium to use in photo shoot.  Do photo shoot and choose photos that we would like to use  Take any additional photos that we need for our posters  Narrow down on preferred poster and flyer designs and create mock ones on Photoshop for jenny to give feedback on.  Week Beginning 9th February -  Recreate poster with feedback and then get feedback from target audience and their opinion.  Adjust the poster if needed again and have a meeting with client to see if any more changes will be needed.  Adjusting poster and flyer with final tweaks and then send to client to use.
  12. 12. Budget. Photo studio hire/ hour = £30 We will be using the studio for 2 hours = £60 The minimum wage is £5.13 and as we will be working for our client for three weeks, in one week we have 7 lessons so that makes a total of 21 lessons in 3 weeks. 21x5.13 = £107.73 x 2 = £215.46 Print: 50 posters - £15 100 - £30 Flyers - £55 – 1000 So the total cost of the whole advertising campaign would add up to £360.46