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From Hot To Cold.


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college project.

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From Hot To Cold.

  1. 1. From Hot To Cold Written By Paula Perez
  2. 2. 1 INT. ELSENHAM. MY HOUSE. MORNING. My friend sets up the camera in front of my bed as I sit comfortably in bed getting ready to answer some questions. FRIEND Okay i think everything is set up, you've got the microphone? ME Yeah i do, should i start recording? FRIEND Whenever you're ready. I press record on the microphone and we start filming. FRIEND So, how long have you been living in england for? ME I'd say about 5 years, nearly 6. FRIEND Do you consider yourself english or spanish? ME Spanish. Definitely spanish. FRIEND Why's that? ME I guess because i was born there and my parents are both spanish. I don't think the country you live in has anything to do with who you are. FRIEND So if you were given the option to move back, would you do it? ME Hell no. Even though i constantly moan about the weather i wouldn't even consider moving back there. FRIEND So you'd stay here with the rain (MORE)
  3. 3. 2 FRIEND (CONT'D) and clouds instead of going to Spain with the heat and sun? Im gonna need a good explanation for that answer. (laughs) ME I think thats the only thing wrong with this country. The food its not too bad, and the education is definitely better and its really important, especially now. So i rather stay here and go back for holidays. Plus i've met a lot of great people over here. FRIEND Like me. So was it hard to move to another country when you were 12? ME Oh obviously (laughs) I actually don't remember much... But i know i hated how i couldn't socialise with people because i hardly knew any English. But i mean even the people are different, they're more closed about themselves which made it even harder. FRIEND So how long did it take you to learn the language completely? ME I'd say a few months, maybe 5 or so. FRIEND I think its time to go out and get some footage of your little village. ME We'll need about 10 minutes and we'll be done.(laugh) EXT. ELSENHAM. MORNING. Me and my friend head outside to see what elsenham is like and get some shots of the houses and shops, including the train station.
  4. 4. 3 FRIEND Okay well I'm guessing the design of the houses are obviously different. What about Elsenham overall? ME Well Elsenham is pretty small, i don't think we have such a small villages in spain. Not where I used to live anyway. INT. ELSENHAM. MY HOUSE. AFTERNOON. My friend and i go back to my house to interview my family members about the impact that had on their lives when they moved to England. We walk towards the living room where my mum is sat down watching tv and i sit next to her. He set up the camera and the tripod making sure the lighting is right. FRIEND Right okay, so tell me. If you could move back to spain, would you? MUM I definitely would, i hate it over here. The weather, the people, everything. FRIEND Hey, what's wrong with the people? MUM (laughs) They're just so horrible. Mainly women, they just look at you and judge you. FRIEND Also what about the food? Dont you eat earlier in spain? ME Well she still cooks spanish food so thats not much different. MUM Well over there we would all be sat at the table by 2pm then we would (MORE)
  5. 5. 4 MUM (CONT'D) be eating until 3pm but here its completely different. People either eat at 5pm or 8pm. FRIEND Do you know how to cook english meals? MUM Oh yeah, I make Sheppard's pies, roast dinners etc. FRIEND Oh nice, overall are you glad to move to england? ME I would say I am because schools are way better over here and we stayed I don't think Paula would have gotten very far with how she was doing over there whereas in here shes doing way better. And I have two other sons and another daughter who are younger so it benefits them too. EXT. ELSENHAM. MY HOUSE. NIGHT We go back upstairs to my room as we talk about all the footage we've got and to pack our suitcases. FRIEND Right i think my suitcase its done, are you done? Because we've 10 minutes until we have to leave your house. ME Yes, i need to find my shoes though and im all done. FRIEND Are you excited to go back? ME I am, i literally cannot wait. Cant wait to see my uncles as well. Haven't seen them since summer which wasn't that long ago but it feels like its been forever.
  6. 6. 5 INT. AIRPORT. NIGHT. We get the camera, batteries and chargers along with our suitcases. We drive to the airport and we get on the plane. FRIEND Here we come Spain! INT. PLANE. NIGHT. The plane finally lands after 2hours and a half of a flight and we meet my uncle at the airport. UNCLE Hey, how was the flight? FRIEND So long, and she slept for the whole flight so it was pretty boring. UNCLE (laughs) Right so how about we get home, get some sleep and tomorrow morning we set off and i can be your private taxi for the day? ME Yeah that sounds good. EXT. SPAIN. MORNING We wake up, have breakfast and we grab all we need to get ready for a whole day of filming. UNCLE What's the first stop then? FRIEND Im curious to see your old house to be honest... UNCLE Should we go there then? ME Yeah we could do. Yeah, do it. EXT. SPAIN. OLD HOUSE. MORNING. We get out of the car as we arrive to my old house to expect it and compare it to my new house in england. This will also
  7. 7. 6 have some good shots of the area where the house is. FRIEND Oh wow. Its got three floors? ME Yeah it was pretty big. My mum was working for the company who owned it so we didnt actually have to pay the whole price.