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  1. 1. An Alternative Approach:The project aims to evaluate an honest and frank approach to enterprise education based on real-istic and varied career paths in the creative industries. Workshops will enable students to exploretheir personal values and the challenges of developing a creative practice through the presentationof alternative role models. They will develop the ability to remain resilient and forward thinking.
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  3. 3. 1. Please leave your age, sex, university, course name and year of study (e.g 3rd year)2. Why did you choose to go to university, has it met your expectations?3. Do you take part in any extra curriculum activities?4. Have you ever undertaken any cross disciplinary work, how did it work?e.g work with students from other disciplines, professionals, public etc5. What practical skills do you have? and are there any you would like to learn before you finish your course?6. Do you feel what you do has or could have a positive impact on society? why?7. How do you engage and make yourself known to the industry you aspire to work in?e.g twitter, email, visits, Facebook8. How confident are you to networklack confidencequite confidentconfidentvery confident9. Do you have a clear direction for your future? companies or jobs you aspire to work for10. In what form do you want the snook school presented in?one day activity online module2/3 day workshop online tutoriallecture series othershort module
  4. 4. Frances (49) Sheila (36) ..... ... ..... ... ... . ...Ross (21) ... Caitlin (19) ............. ............. .... ...... .. Sonia (24) Shiona (20)
  5. 5. 22 male dundee town and regional planning 4th year 21, Male, Robert Gordon University, 4th year. 20, female, University of Aberdeen, LLB Law, 3rd year 23, female, university of dundee, ied, 4th year 20, Female University of Strathclyde Speech & Language Pathology, 2nd Year 19, female, university of dundee, town planning, 2nd year 24, female, masters of design 36, female, architecture student Why did you choose to go to university, has it met your expectations? I found a subject that I was passionate about and wanted to learn more. I felt universitys structure and time scale was the best way to do it. I realised very quickly that the more I put in the more I get out. University has met my expectations but I have had to work very hard to get there. It is what you make it (to an extent) I wanted to study further into something I enjoy, to learn more skills, become more qualified and to meet new people! Just to further my learning and create oppurtunities for my future. Do something challenging and do something that I will be proud of when im older. Yes it has met my expectations and exceeded them in ways. focus on a specific field of interest in the hope of gaining employment within this subject on graduating I want to gain a degree so that I can hopefully make a career for myself in the art industry! I am excited to start and hoping that I will learn a wide range of skills in the Famous art school. It was always my next step after school. I feel like i maybe wasnt prepared enough but in the most part it has. I wanted a career in design and wanted to learn as much as possible to be successful. to become a jewellery designer because it was my next step after school, but i chose interior design because i wanted to get a job that i enjoy and do a job that i wanted to do as i previously studied accounts and hated it. To get a degree and carry on my favourite area of study. Yes next step after school, i chose my course because i wanted to be a designer To get a degree, To practice design and computing, It has exceeded my expectations To gain.experience and learn a new subject. yes it has For better job prospects and possible progression within my chosen profession. University has met all my expectations, as what you put in is proportional to what you get out. I enjoyed my experience of education at school and wanted to continue this in a more demanding environment. It has met my expectation. I have enjoyed studying at University so far and plan of doing postgraduate study. mainly as it was what you do after school. i started off doing architecture and then changed to ied. if i had more experience in the design field i would have went straight to ied/a design course rather than doing architecture but my school didnt have a lot of knowledge when it came to design based courses. Because I wanted to be a Speech and Language Therapist and this requires a degree in this area I choose to go to unversity because it was a natural lead from school and i enjoyed geography at school, better than i thought it would be. I wanted to have a skilled job with expert knowledge, in order to get this I knew I had to go to university to find people who could help me. I also knew I had to go to university as I knew the type of jobs I wanted to apply for would ask for special qualifications when i first went to university straight from school it was expected because i was clever and my father never had the chance to go so he push for all of his children to go - i wasnt really given much choice, but this time round because i had been out of work for so long i felt i had to get a qualification that was recent to help me get a that companies didnt think shes a middle age lady who hasnt worked for years and has forgotten everything that she knew. No i dont think that the course has met my expectations, i thought we would get taught much more technical stuff, on construction, regulations, services and more proper training on the computer programmes. i was hoping i would learn more technical skills to help bring my knowledge up to date, we have achieved a bit this year but not as much as i had hoped. in comparison to architecture its much different and its interesting, a different ways of looking at things. - have a concept before you design. although i would rather do research all along the project rather than just at the begining Do you take part in any extra curriculum activities? I teach and compete for the university sailing club.Responses collated... As part of uni no, I frequent the gym though if that counts? Yes, train from 7 - 14 times a week for kayaking and sometimes social basketball with mates for a bit of fun. no No no Due to ill health my studies were a priority during my first couple of years at uni. Once I got into third year my spare time was limited due to the amount of course work. No, not with the university if you include going to events theatre held outwith university for examples the pecha kucha night and if i could i would like to do some of the courses at the DCA. but the timing isnt good because its when im on holiday or when im am at university or working at the weekends,hopefully something i can get around to. but there is always an excuse to put it off. Yes, dance yes, many different things as i know its going to be difficult to get a job once i graduate, so i am trying to get myself known as much as possible as i believe it will help. Freelance design, User center Yea. student president I took part in school exhibition meetings, helping with decision on final year exhibitions of work. Charity work, primarily fundraising. rowing, running. Not this year but I intend to do a sport next year no
  6. 6. 12 5 5 11 5 5one day activitiy online module + lectures series 2/3 day work- short module online tutorial one day activity shop
  7. 7. “Yes I would pay and if it was something I was wanting to learn or beneficial to learn, but I would be wantingvalue for money but would depending on how much?”. £ “Yes, £10 at the most, for a day”. “Possibly if I had more information and if I had a clearer idea about what I was wanting to do when I finish university”.