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Keynote The Digital Challenge Nordiska Museet April 2011

Photography collections in the digital environment: what role should photography play in the saturated, digital world of images. How do we share stories, start conversations and provide new opportunities for museums to engage audiences using photography collections online, with mobile technologies and in our galleries.

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Keynote The Digital Challenge Nordiska Museet April 2011

  1. The digital challenge Photography collections in the digital environment Powerhouse Museum Paula Bray Manager, Visual & Digitisation servicesby krazydad / jbum Twitter @paulabray
  2. over 500,000 objects
  3. 22,000 in central Sydney4 million people in greater Sydney
  4. by Australian War Memorial
  5. Visual & Digitisation teams
  6. Digital, social & emerging technologies
  7. Flickr screen grab
  8. photography is changing what we do
  9. need to be relevant continue to engage new audiencesMuseums are experiencing change in the fast pace of changing technologies
  10. but how is the content relevant?vast amounts of content out there how do we reward our audiences
  11. How doesphotographyposition itself in thischangingenvironment ofsaturated digitalimages?
  12. why do photography collections matter?
  13. by Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane from this to this
  14. how do we share stories?by New York Public Library
  15. start conversationsby Library of Congress
  16. get social
  17. use mobile technologies
  18. social media
  19. photography collections areperfect for all these platforms
  20. by National Library NZ on The Commons
  21. reby National Media Museum
  22. by Library of Congress
  23. by National Library NZ on The Commons
  24. by George Eastman House
  25. by Library of Congress
  26. Traditionally Museum’s haven’t put their collections onlineby EssG
  27. onlineto be relevant
  28. Really significant initiative for photography collections
  29. 1. To increase access to publicly-held photography collections & 2. To provide a way for the generalpublic to contribute information and knowledge.(Then watch what happens when they do!)
  30. 47institutions
  31. Text332 discussions in Flickr Commons)
  32. 60 replies
  33. 28 replies
  34. 78 replies
  35. level of discussion between members
  36. participation is keyby moirabot
  37. access to photography collections
  38. audiences not seen this material beforeby arobynejay
  39. innovation tagging comments citizen curators location ‘then and now’identification remix
  40. The people depicted are Lucy Sawtell (nee Frost) (b1878) wife of Henry Charles Sawtell, Edna (b 1901), Ella (seated) (b 1902), Ina (b 1904) and George (b 1905) standing beside chimney near house.
  41. our audience wants to engage with us and with our content
  42. digitise for your audience
  43. Your audience appreciates itby Auntie P
  44. generated lots of discussions
  45. and some ‘noise’
  46. one glass plate negative = many stories experiment
  47. print-on-demandby Leo Reynolds
  48. x ©easy with collections that are out of copyright
  49. or released using a Creative Commons license
  50. share remixhuge development for sharing photography reuse
  51. flexible licensing tool multiple licenses across various platformsby colemama
  52. xby robonline
  53. 5 available findable it is where I am and where I look online/web onsite/galleries and meaningful I can understand it offsite/communityusable/shareable I can pass it on and share responsive to my interests, moods, location by Seb Chan fresh+new(er)
  54. geo-location
  55. examples or reuse‘then and now’ photography
  56. by Sarah Rhodes
  57. by ScottSchrantz
  58. by Scotticus_ CC BY-NC 2.0
  59. AR mobiletechnology
  60. we know our audience wants to participate
  61. shared his story
  62. taught us a lot
  63. we then share on Photo of the Day
  64. audience wants to know youand the ‘behind the scenes’ process
  65. extend to the gallery experience
  66. mobile is changing in-gallery experiences
  67. Gizmodo screenshot
  68. QR codes
  69. what is the right platform? how will it work for myphotography collection?
  70. in-gallery photography policiesby Leo Reynolds
  71. we welcomeby Leo Reynolds
  72. started blogging Benini archiveBruno Benini
  73. Bruno Benini inviting our audience to participate
  74. digital impacting exhibition development
  75. not to be traditional photography exhibitionby mediafury
  76. Yiping Lim no more talking heads
  77. integrated with all content
  78. we experimented with digital
  79. central pods
  80. the darkroom experience
  81. series of projections
  82. causing audience to touch
  83. needed toextend the experience beyond the gallery back to the web
  84. thank you Nordiska Museet Powerhouse Museum photographers all Flickr members using Creative Commons licensespaula braymanager, visual & digitisation