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Access: unlocking our content, Flickr Commons + beyond

Presentation for the GLAM-WIKI 09 conference

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Access: unlocking our content, Flickr Commons + beyond

  1. 1. access: unlocking our content GLAM-WIKI 2009 paula bray manager, visual & digitisation services [email_address] www.powerhousemus access:unlocking our content access: unlocking our content access: unlocking our content Flickr Commons + beyond
  2. 2. Powerhouse Museum photography audio visual photo library image resource centre rights & permissions
  3. 3. Digital, Social & Emerging Technologies web, learning technologies, library, visual & digitisation services
  4. 4. pic of photo library produce a lot of stuff Flickr screen grab
  5. 5. some goes in the gallery photography by Marinco Kojdanovski photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone
  6. 6. most goes online
  7. 7. some goes to other sites
  8. 8. two accounts Flickr screen grab
  9. 9. The Learning Federation The Learning Federation screen grab
  10. 10. we make our content available
  11. 15. Flickr screen grab
  12. 16. aim: to make our content available for free for EDUCATIONAL purposes photography by Marinco Kojdanovski
  13. 17. on april 8th 2008 we took a *risk* because we wanted our content to be AVAILABLE Photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone
  14. 18. released images under no known copyright restrictions Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  15. 19. Flickr screen grab
  16. 20. ....make these collections even richer. to Flickr screen grab
  17. 21. & get to know our community....
  18. 22. Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  19. 23. We had not done an OPEN ACCESS project before this some thought it risky and we would lose CONTROL photography by Perpetual Sunset
  20. 24. high value, sydney centric, sold copies, rarely exhibited, no major publication, not known for photographic content no measures Flickr screen grab
  21. 25. big ? how will this affect sales
  22. 26. we did expect visitation to be high lots of tagging comments
  23. 27. in the first four weeks 40,000 views 230 contacts 2500 + tags
  24. 28. now over one million views on 1200 images Flickr screen grab
  25. 29. pull tags back to our website
  26. 30. what happened in Flickr to change policy about better access for the EDUCATION sector ?
  27. 31. we saw innovation Paul Hagon
  28. 32. we saw location identification ? Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  29. 33. Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab Domain screen grab
  30. 34. we made CONNECTIONS with this contact
  31. 35. numerous accounts of citizen research Image courtesy Randwick City Library Services Photography by Sutto Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  32. 36. Mala Gabrielle Sutto shared stories on Photo of the Day
  33. 37. our content was re-used & shared with us photo by shealo
  34. 38. we developed partnerships ABC screen grab
  35. 39. all this happened on a very small % of our content
  36. 40. what could happened if we released lots of content FREELY for non-commercial applications?
  37. 41. now back to sales
  38. 42. does increased visitation PROMOTE sales? and what VALUE do we place on promotion &
  39. 43. second a guess income from reproduction rights is low compared to other income streams across other areas of organisation
  40. 44. there is never profit.......
  41. 45. traditional image licensing models based on print publication Photography by Paula Bray not sufficient are they going to see us into the future?
  42. 46. photography by Lastaii we are not as fast as Flickr
  43. 47. 1 click 2 click Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  44. 48. so why do OPEN ACCESS? enable rich research encourage innovation photography by mag3737
  45. 49. Australian schools: payed $50,000,000 in 2006 part VB statutory licensing jumped $10,000,000 from 2005 photography by DennisSylvesterHurd reduce copying fees for education
  46. 50. there are complications photography by pfffpustekuchen no fair use fair dealing = limited S200AB new provision?
  47. 51. this is not new AMICO screen grab ARTSTOR screen grab Victoria & Albert Museum screen grab
  48. 52. Creative Commons screen grab
  49. 53. investigate the new provisions in the copyright act review acquisition license agreements options for copyright holders Due to the Commons on Flickr
  50. 54. currently working on a NEW model...
  51. 55. we realise there needs to be income other options photography by 1 Adam
  52. 56. to benefit the EDUCATION sector pic of thinkspace photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone
  53. 57. this initiative has made us rethink access initiated by George Oates 2008 Flickr screen grab
  54. 58. thank you paula bray manager, visual & digitisation services [email_address] www.powerhousemus s Powerhouse Museum photographers all Flickr members using Creative Commons licenses