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  • No one will do it for you Are you a member of the National Postdoc Assoc? Have you utilized OITE? Are you on the Fellow L listserve?
  • SM is an integral part of job search now
  • Use proactively to gather info or try to be found by people
  • Nih april.12.2013

    1. 1. Paula Brand, MS, CPRW, GCDF, JCTCBrand Career
    2. 2. Creating context:Career management & job search todayWhy is social media critical in job search?Utilizing the power of LinkedIn:Using LinkedIn to enhance your job searchIncreasing your chances of being foundBefore & after exampleQ & A
    3. 3. • “Because every job is temporary”(• Average job lasts 4.1 yrs (• You MUST take charge of your owncareer• Create your own opportunities bybeing proactive and helpful to othersOpportunity dances with thosealready on the dance floor
    4. 4. Social media can help you take control of yourcareer and create opportunitiesRecruiters and Hiring Professionals are using socialmedia to seek out, screen, recruit and hirecandidates on a daily basis!Though there are many social media sites…LinkedIn is a must fora professional presence
    5. 5. Do you or your company use (or planto use) social networks/social mediato support your recruitment efforts?Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey results 2012
    6. 6. Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey results 2012
    7. 7. Twitter 15%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey results 2012
    8. 8.  #1 Search for Jobs #2 Follow & research target Companies Share knowledge, articles & information Showcase your projects & research (add projectsand publications section) Position yourself as a expert Make connections: track down current colleagues,former supervisors and seek out leaders in yourfield
    9. 9. Medimmune
    10. 10.  Get yourself a “vanity URL” Complete ALL sections of your profile(picture (9x), past experience (7x),education, skills and summary) Use keywords in Headline, Summary andSkills & Experience sections Join and interact within Groups (jobs maybe posted in Groups)
    11. 11. Changed to a vanity to my blog post to see how to get a vanity URL
    12. 12. My Groups
    13. 13. We learned1) How to look for job paid postings2) How to research companies (information aboutthe employer & past and current employeesWe saw1) A sample profile with key sections2) How to look up group information
    14. 14.  Personalize your invitations! Apps don’t allowpersonalization Make at least 50 connections Manipulate security settings to control privacy andnumber of e-mails you receive Make sure your presence shows you in a positive light Type content in Word and then cut & paste Don’t share information that is too personal orcontroversial