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A look at cabling trends and products for data centres and IT LAN infrastructure.

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  • This is why we have developed STARLIGHT >>>> Based on the MTP ….. Array connector sometimes known as the Rapid Fibre Deployment ( RFD) product ….. USED in Data Centres and high volume fibre networks ………Market for Data centres is exploding……….Demand for preterm fibre solutions set to rise quickly ………Traditional “Opal” solution too slow……….MPO technology developed over 20 years ago for NTT ………..MTP technology developed by US manufacturers ………MTP is an advanced version of MPO………MPO and MTP currently dominate the US market ……..The ‘Array’ connector will be used in the developing 40Gb and 100Gb standards
  • The MPO connector family is defined by two different standards. Internationally the MPO is defined by IEC-61754-7. In the USA, the MPO is defined by TIA-604-5 (also called FOCIS 5). The MTP multi-fiber connector is US manufactured (we are not mentioning the US Conec name) a trademarked name for a version of the MPO connector. The MTP connector is fully compliant with both FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7; therefore it is an MPO connector. While there are many MPO connectors on the market (Furukawa, Sumitomo, Fujikura), the MTP parts are distinctly different. The MTP connector is a high performance MPO!
  • MTP can be your solution to save space, time, and energy. All it takes is one port!
  • Standard ….. Cassette (x 4 per 1U panel) and Cable Store available as: LC Duplex (ports) std 12 (24), 48 (96) …… per cassette 6 (12), 12 (24) therefore 48 port duplex max …….. Cable store 12 (24), 48 (96) SC Duplex (ports) std 24 (48) ……….. Per Cassette 3 (6) , 6 (12) ……… cable store 24 (48)
  • ISO 9001 quality regime Connectix controls quality right from the start + A unique 100% testing programme Only Inferometer measuring equipment in the UK for MTP 12 months developing / training and equipping £100k investment in new facility in Braintree Third part testing and accreditation and certificates of conformity round off the programme
  • ISO 9001 quality regime Connectix controls quality right from the start + A unique 100% testing programme Only Inferometer measuring equipment in the UK for MTP 12 months developing / training and equipping £100k investment in new facility in Braintree Third part testing and accreditation and certificates of conformity round off the programme
  • ..
  • A reduced cable diameter means; less cable tray, less air flow obstruction, easier cabinet entry and less and easier fire-stopping
  • Preterminated cabling solutions Copper and fibre cabling can be connectorised off-site, leading to; Reduced time on site, up to 75% less Increased Quality and Consistency Reduced onsite supervision levels required due to simplicity of the installation. Reducing skill shortfall risk to virtually zero, as there is potentially little need for sub-contract labour. Virtually zero on-site fault correction rate. Skilled workforce operating in conditions conducive to total quality manufacturing. Repeatable, high quality terminations with a consistent performance across all ports. Not all installers accept it because it shifts value to the manufacturer Much more time must be spent in accurate surveying of the cable routes Not all cabling copes well with the preterminated bundling process Cable must be 100% tested in the factory and usually sample tested after installation Systems manufactured by both original cabling manufacturers, other third parties and installers
  • Vocalink – Harrogate, Pudsey (DIS) Provident Financial – Bradford, Derby and Wakefield using Intex IFL Manchester Forstaedernes Bank - Intex
  • CCS Presentation Company Intro, DC Cabling & Racks, Future Trends

    1. 1. Presentation;Connectix Cabling Systems Introduction,Data Centre cabling and racks overview6th November 2012Paul Mathews FInstSMM, CCNA, MIEEEChannel Manager
    2. 2. Today’s Sessions;Part 1 – Introduction to Connectix (Company Profile)Part 2 – Production Portfolio and SolutionsPart 3 – Future Innovations / Standards Developments
    3. 3. Part 1; Introduction to Connectix (Company Profile)
    4. 4. Company OverviewUK manufacturer of cabling solutions for LANs, WANs,SANs and Data CentresFormed in 1993Global Partners in Europe, Africa, Middle East,and Asia-PacificFirst UK based cabling manufacturer tobecome endorser for the EU Code of Conducton Data CentresFirst UK based manufacturer to achieve 3rdParty compliance for Cat 6a 10GbE system3 worldwide product patents
    5. 5. Company Structure & Portfolio…• UK based Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) manufacturing HQ – Manufacturing and logistics hub (£2m stock holding) – Bespoke production and R&D labs – Technical Consultants, Commercial Sales & Marketing Personnel – Cable testing, ISO 9001 QA System, Port Testing Hardware – Training facilities – Suffolk metal fabricating facility, offices in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dublin• Connectix Cabling Systems (CCS) portfolio includes; – CCS Net 10G, Net 6 and Net 5e (Cat 6a, Cat 6 and Cat 5e) copper twisted pair systems – CCS Optical Fibre solutions for OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS1, OS2 backbone systems – CCS Express pre-terminated copper and optical fibre systems – CCS Starlight MTP system for data centres and high speed LANs – CCS IT and Data Centre Communication Racks
    6. 6. Connectix HQ• Head office in England; manufacturing, stock, logistics, R&D, production, sales and marketing, testing facilities
    7. 7. Data Centre Track Record• HeaNet provides cutting edge Internet Services to Educational and Research Institutions & Organisations throughout Ireland – Connectix supplied over 4000 x CCS Connectix Express Category 6 UTP points• CoreIX – Connectix MTP Optical Fibre Backbone and Cat 6 UTP copper cabling links• Telehouse Europe and TATA Communications both partner with Connectix for ongoing supply of Data Centre specification racks and patching frames• ControlCircle – Connectix manufactures custom-specification data centre environment racks for use in various data centres including Global Switch London and Amsterdam
    8. 8. Part 3; Connectix Cabling SystemsNet 10G Cat 6A Copper Cabling System Connectix RacksExpress Pre-Terminated Cabling System CCS Starlight MTP
    9. 9. CCS Net 10G Cat 6A Cable• 550 MHz transmission• Manufactured in the EU• 8.0mm outer diameter (Vs 9.0mm UTP competitors)• 23 AWG• Compliant with EIA/TIA 568B, ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 611156-5 2nd ed, EN 50173-1, EN 50288-10• IEC Fire Rated• Third party laboratory tested – DELTA verified for Channel Compliance• CCS 25 Year Warranty• Improved bend radius (Vs UTP competitors)
    10. 10. CCS Net 10G Cat 7 Cable• 900 MHz transmission• Manufactured in the EU• 7.55mm outer diameter (there are no UTP Cat 7 cables)• 23 AWG• Compliant with EIA/TIA 568B, ISO/IEC 11801,• EC 611156-5 2nd ed, EN 50173-1, EN 50288-10• IEC Fire Rated• CCS 25 Year Warranty• Future proofed for ROI (or so they say)
    11. 11. CCS Net 10G Keystones• Conforms to EIA/TIA 568-B2.10 Category 6A• Supports IEEE802.3an 10 Gigabit Ethernet• Third party laboratory tested – ETL verified for Component Compliance• CCS 25 Year Warranty• Shielded for excellent transmission performance (AXTalk, interferences)
    12. 12. CCS Net 10G Keystone Panels• Unloaded for keystone connectivity• 1u 24 Port – supplied with rear cable management panel• 1u 48 Port – high density• CCS 25 Year Warranty• Earthing point for equipment (Shielded for excellent transmission performance (AXTalk, interferences)• Angled version for improved looming and cable management
    13. 13. CCS Net 10 RJ45 Patch Cords• Double shield – SFTP (Shielded for excellent transmission performance (AXTalk, interferences)• Superior twist rate for optimum bandwidth• Individually tested to 10GBaseT standards and EIA/TIA-568-B2-10• CCS 25 Year Warranty• Third party certified as part of channel link compliance
    14. 14. CCS Cat 6A Projects
    15. 15. CCS Cat 6A Projects
    16. 16. CCS Cat 6A Projects
    17. 17. Connectix Racks;Cabinet and enclosure solutions for IT,Server and Data Centre Environments
    18. 18. Connectix Cabinets
    19. 19. DC Server Racks• Data Centre Environments• 42U, 45U, 47U, 49U, 54U• Min 800mm depth, also 900, 1000, 1100, 1200mm• Full height profiles, U height IDs• Reinforced 77% mesh doors front and rear• Fully lockable side doors• Cable entry points in the base• 10 Way 80 AMP earthing bar• Conforms to IEC 297-2, DIN 41494-7, DIN 41491-1, BS 5850/3192
    20. 20. DC Server Racks• Customise your internal rack anatomy• Improve your airflow• Improve your security• Improve your cable accessibility and installation management• Improve your aesthetics• Reduce your costs of installation• Design product solutions around your workspaces
    21. 21. DC Collocation Cabinets• Data Centre Environments• Example shown is a 48U 800W x 1000D with a 4U cable distribution point secured for client purposes only• Each partition shelf takes 1U of space and blocks access to above and below as well as mounting the door (4U,10U or 20U)• The remaining 43U space can be either be utilised as a full rack or split into 1/4s (10U) or 1/2s (20U).• Cable is deployed overhead via cable troughs and then along a cable trough which is mounting via a cradle above each cabinet
    22. 22. DC Advanced Cable Management Patching Frames• Data Centre Environments• Modular cable management solution for interconnect and cross-connect applications• Can be single or double sided• ‘Finger’ cable support arms at every U height• ‘Mushroom’ ring management bars for vertical management
    23. 23. Pre-terminated cablingsolutions
    24. 24. Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions• Reduced time on site, up to 75% less• Increased quality and consistency• Reduced onsite supervision levels required due to simplicity of installation• Reducing skill shortfall to virtually zero, as there is potentially little need for sub-contract labour• Virtually zero on-site fault correction rate• Skilled workforce operating in conditions conduce to total quality manufacturing• Repeatable, high quality terminations with a consistent performance across all ports• Greener cabling solutions – EU Code of Conduct recommendation (less waste, recyclable cable drums, measurable carbon footprint)
    25. 25. Copper Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsSlimline jack used inpreconnectoried looms. E.g.Connectix Express
    26. 26. Copper Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsConnectix Express;UK manufactured for optimisedquality, tested and 25 yearwarranty
    27. 27. Copper Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions• Net 10G, Net 6, Net 5e (Cat 6A 10-Gig, Cat 6, Cat 5e)• PVC or LSZH• 4, 6, 8, 12 way looms• Onsite measuring service, consultancy and specification for major projects• Tape, braided sleeve, heat shrink or copex encapsulations, flexible conduit• Unshielded keystone jacks in black or white• Third party verification for hardware compliance
    28. 28. Optical Fibre Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions• No termination – Fibre cut to length and wound onto a drum – Factory terminated and tested – Ends protected with a pulling boot.• Advantages – Zero fibre termination investment – Zero termination time on site – Single-mode and Multimode – Low loss solution• Disadvantages – Careful measuring – Pulling boot bulky (MTP Intex exception) – Unable to re-terminate (without tools)
    29. 29. Optical Fibre Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsConnectix OPAL™ (Optical Pre-Assembled Link)• Internal / External applications, LSZH cables – tight buffered or CST loose tube for armoured• 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 core variants• ST, SC, LC, FC MMF and SMF and APC singlemode versionsTypical installation time for a 20 metre assembly installed into a data centre withracks and tray work in position. 48 port LC connectors in each panel using 48 coremulti mode 50/125 cable (OM3);• Glue and Polish 48 core cable into LC panels 4 hours 26 mins• Fusion Splice 48 core cable into LC panel 2 hours 41 mins• Opal 2 x 24 core cable into LC panel 1 hour 24 min• CCS Starlight® MTP ® 13 minutes
    30. 30. CCS Starlight® MTP®40 GbE and 100 GbE Optical Ready Fibre System
    31. 31. Starlight MTP (Multifibre Termination push-on)What is MTP connectivity?• A high-density, space saving optical fibre connection – maximising space within racks, providing high bandwidth links and reducing the cost (time) for installation• Major market segments; – Pre terminated Optical Fibre – Storage Area Networks (SANs) – ultra high speed bandwidth and low latency links within Data Centres or LANs – Supports large file transfers in digital infrastructures (such as HD CCTV)• CCS Starlight MTP pre-terminated optical fibre; – can be installed by installers and technicians and IT Managers – saves money, improved competitiveness – better performance (quality factory terminations/QA) – available as an INTEX (internal/external) system
    32. 32. The RFD MarketRapid Fibre Deployment (RFD);• Designed for high volume fibre networks• Traditional fibre solutions too slow• MPO technology developed over 20 years ago• MTP technology developed in the US• MTP is an advanced version of MPO• MPO and MTP currently dominate the US market• The ‘Array’ connector will be used in the developing 40Gb and 100Gb standards
    33. 33. Specify MTP over MPO• MTP Starlight has a superior transmission performance than MPO: – Bandwidth capabilities that support up to 10Gbit/sec for existing applications – Future applications of 40Gbit/sec and 100Gbit/sec• The MTP connector is fully compliant with both TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7• The MTP connector is a high performance MPO• Colour coding by fibre type• Removable housing for gender change and rework• Metal pin-clamp to prevent pin transfer• Recessed pin clamp to prevent spring-ribbon contact• Oval spring for more ribbon clearance• Increased ferrule float for improved mechanical performance (US patent # 6085003)• Elliptical guide pin tip for improved durability via less guide-hole wear (US patent pending)
    34. 34. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions Starlight Cable Size 16% 5%Fibre Optic 24 core x 10 (120 x 10Gb Links) Starlight 12 core x 20 (120 x 10Gb Links)Category 6A x 30 42% (30 x 10Gb Links)Category 6 x 60 (60 x 1Gb Links) 53%
    35. 35. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsCat 6 cablescompared toopticalcables
    36. 36. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions Starlight Patch Panels• Starlight Panels come in three types, all 19” rack mounted 1U. – Modular Cassette – Standard – XS Cable Management• UK manufactured at Connectix – MTP coupler – MTP to SC/LC fan out assembly inside the cassette or sealed panel – SC or LC couplers in the front• Multimode OM3 or Single Mode OS1• 24, 48 or 96 port options all in 1U (44mm)• Specials can be designed• Flexible labeling system using Traffolyte
    37. 37. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsStandard Modular Cassette XS Cable Store
    38. 38. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsStandardsApplications and Associated Standards• Parallel optical interconnect between PC cards and patch panels• Miniature interconnection for O/E modules• Optical switch interframe connections• Meets IEC Standard 1754-7• Meets TIA/EIA 604-5 Type MPO• Meets ANSI HIPPI 6400 standard• Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Compliant• InfiniBand Compliant• 10 GFC Fibre Channel Compliant
    39. 39. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsQuality & Support• Working within an ISO 9001 quality regime outstanding Connectix controls quality right from the start quality and performance…• 100% testing programme• Connectix provided rapid response technical support, site audits and surveys• Technical and project management training is provided directly by Connectix• Onsite support through Connectix Technical Consultants with strategic partners/installers
    40. 40. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions Intex Capability• Starlight Intex MTP Solution for indoor/outdoor optical fibre backbone links• CCS Breakout MTP Assemblies for high density, scalable and modular requirements within optical fibre server patches• 30mm diameter / 110 Newtons maximum pulling strength – suitable for pulling through cluttered data centre pathways or in a LAN/campus environment• UK Manufactured with exceptional quality performance (Inferometer tested), 25 Year System Warranty
    41. 41. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsCCS Starlight Benefits All the benefits of traditional fibre, plus:• Time expected to be 15% of typical glue and polish, and half the time of traditional Opal installations• MTP high density connectors ranging from 12 to 72 cores• Fibre cores managed identically in every panel• Secure tamper-proof panels• Four types of cable: single mode (blue), OM3 (aqua), 50/125 OM2 and 62.5/125 OM1 (grey)• 3mm diameter cable, a third of standard multi-core fibre optic, with decreased bend radius & reduced cable memory• Cable length flexibility with the cable store option• Improving power and cooling efficiencies
    42. 42. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsSummary• Known technology that incorporates the new MTP (Enhanced version of MPO) – Connectix Ltd a European approved termination and test facility• Minimising Health and Safety risks – Less people on site – No ovens or chemicals on site, no sharps• Increasing site productivity for other trades• Reduced skilled labour on site• No expensive termination kit• Ensuring price and completion of project are on schedule• Reduced packing on site• Higher density of fibre ports and cable• Improved fibre management and labelling
    43. 43. Starlight MTP Pre-Terminated Cabling SolutionsConnectix Starlight MTP Clients• Vocalink• Provident Financial (Bradford, Derby and Wakefield collocation sites• Forstaedernes Bank (Denmark)• University of Derby• University of Birmingham
    44. 44. Part 4; Connectix Approved Installer Program / 25 Year Warranty
    45. 45. Standards Compliance• Connectix Cabling Systems (Net 10G, Net 6 and Net 5e) all exceed the current …exceeds all requirements from ISO 11801, TIA/EIA and EN 50173 international Standards and• We supply screened and unscreened third party products across the range certificated...• Connectix can prove all claims on system performance by our third party DELTA/ETL verification certificates• Reinforced by a unique in-house testing regime
    46. 46. 25 Year Warranty• Connectix 25 Year System Warranty• Guarantees performance to EIA/TIA standards for the life of the system• Exclusive to Connectix Approved Installers• Covers Cable, Patch Panels and Outlets• Connectix Approved Installers (AI) document and supply a site plan detailing the installation and a full set of test results• Tester standards are – CCS Cat 5E System TIA/EIA-568-B Category 5E Permanent Link TIA/EIA-568-B2 Level IIE Tester – CCS Cat 6 System TIA/EIA-468-B.2 Category 6 Permanent Link TIA/EIA-568-B-2-1 Level III Tester – CCS Cat 6A System TIA/EIA-568-B-2-10 Category 6A Permanent Link Level III Tester
    47. 47. Installer Criteria• Successful completion of Connectix Training Courses (copper and optical fibre installation)• Training Certificate for engineers attending other recognised manufacture• Company Approved Certificate from other recognised manufacture• Warranty documentation completed by trained engineers• Approval status is for 2 years• Attends commercial or technical training with Connectix within 2 years
    48. 48. Warranty Conditions• End user certificate• Connectix guarantees product and system performance for 25 years
    49. 49. Part 5; Market Trends and Future Innovation
    50. 50. Structured Cabling Standards ISO/IEC 11801 Information Technology – Generic cabling for customer premises ANSI EIA/TIA 568-B / EN50173 568-C Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard Information technology. Generic cabling systems. General requirements and office areas
    51. 51. Standards bodies IEEE (LAN/WAN): The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IETF (TCP/IP): The Internet Engineering Task Force ITU (TCP/IP): The International Telecommunication Union ISO: The International Organisation for Standardisation ANSI: The American National Standards Institute TIA/EIA: The Telecommunications Industry Association / The Electronics Industry Alliance
    52. 52. What’s new? 40 and 100 Gigabit EthernetThe IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group (HSSG) suggested that networks 2 new rates wereneeded for Ethernet; 40 gigabit per second and 100 gigabit per second.Physical layer cabling solutions and 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet application families;The IEEE HSSG recommends that 40 GbE is utilised for server and computing applications and100 GbE supports network aggregation applications.40 Gigabit Ethernet;at least 1m backplane 40GBASE-KR4at least 7m on copper cable 40GBASE-CR4at least 100m over OM3 multimode fibre (MMF) 40GBASE-SR4at least 150m over OM4 multimode fibre (MMF) 40GBASE-SR4at least 10km over OS1/OS2 singlemode fibre (SMF) 40GBASE-LR4100 Gigabit Ethernet;at least 7m on copper cableat least 100m over OM3 multimode fibre (MMF) 100GBASE-CR10at least 100m over OM3 multimode fibre (MMF) 100GBASE-SR10at least 150m over OM4 multimode fibre (MMF) 100GBASE-SR10at least 10km over OS1/OS2 singlemode fibre (SMF) 100GBASE-LR4at least 40km over OS1/OS2 singlemode fibre (SMF) 100GBASE-ER4
    53. 53. What’s new? OM3 or OM4• OM4 ratified August 5th 2009 by EIA/TIA as 492AAAD grade MMF• Bandwidth value of 4700 MHz/km (850nm High Performance Effective Modal Bandwidth)• OM4 supports 550m links for 40GbE and 100GbE transmission (OM3 up to 300m)• 70% of backbone links are less than or equal to 100m, therefore even at 40GbE and 100GbE – OM3 remains a future-proof solution• Optical Fibre links up to 600m deploy fibre/cable/connectors and transceivers upto 10x less than Singlemode, therefore multimode systems remain competitive• OM4 will support Fibre Channel; 400m at 4Gbp/s, 200m at 8 Gbp/s and 130m at 16 Gbp/s
    54. 54. What’s new? Energy Efficient Ethernet• IEEE 802.3az• Saving power on switch to desktop links when status is idle• Status moved to low-power mode• Researched from ‘Small IT networks’ – SME (small, medium enterprise) LANs• Small IT represents 97 TWh/year (3% national electricity)• Small companies can deploy GREENER IT networking
    55. 55. What’s new? Category 7/7A Copper• Draft standards• Non-RJ45 connector (due to AX-Talk and splitting pairs)• Cost Vs Fibre• Cost of copper power transmissions at this rate Vs optical fibre transceivers (energy savings)• Active Equipment OEM choice of interface ????• 10 GbE, 40 GbE, 100 GbE – 400 GbE ??• Terabit Ethernet
    56. 56. Thanks for your time.Any further questions?Paul Mathews MInstSMM, CCNA, MIEEEChannel Manager