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British RO Investments Srl is a Business Consultancy, specialising in assisting Foreign and Romanian companies and individuals, address the complex but profitable Romanian market.

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Presentation British Ro Investments

  1. 1. BRITISH RO INVESTMENTS SRL Presentation Prepared by: Paul Brazier
  2. 2. Brief presentation • British RO Investments has been involved in project management and business services since 2000. • The company has conducted projects spanning a diversely rich bouquet of industries like Channel Distribution, Real Estate, Banking, Bio-fuel, Beauty Products etc. Based on this experience we identified key successful across these business categories that allows us to advise our customers even better. • British RO Investments enhances its overall local advantage to its clients through the benefit of shared global experience with its cooperating foreign partners.
  3. 3. Our Mission • British RO Investments aims to become the Consultancy Company of choice in Romania for the SMEs in the fields of most Business Services, Distribution Strategies Financial Sourcing, Marketing, Business Plans, Marketing and Research. Our Vision • British RO Investments company's vision is that every dream becomes reality and reality is transformed into success and profitability through quick access to information and effective networking. Our Values • British RO Investments company’s values result from faith and trust in people and from their power to excel. Therefore, the transparency represents the basis for the seamless and excellent relations with our clients, colleagues and business partners . This trust and transparency allow us to effectively understand the real need, gauge the real market/ success potential and enact the most effective strategies to reach success.
  4. 4. Our team We consider human resource fundamental and highly valuable in the consulting business. Therefore, we like to use the best of all sides to analyse and provide total solutions. British RO Investments team boasts of internationally experienced Marketing and Business Consultants , Economists, Sociologists, Financiers and Engineers. Common among all our team is the enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit that we share with our clients.
  5. 5. Services • Management Consulting - Market Research - Business Plans - Feasibility Studies - Marketing / Distribution Strategies • Financing - Solutions to raise funds for investment projects - Credit brokerage - Networking • Business Development - Project Management - Special Events – trade fairs/ networking meetings - Customized marketing research service - Liaison with local authorities and professionals - Trade lead generation/ identification
  6. 6. Detailed List of Services • Comprehensive consultancy services for both Romanian and Foreign Investors • Businesses Development & Distribution Strategies • Market investigations and reporting • Business Plans • Feasibility Studies • Competitive intelligence • Strategic Advisory Services • Agent / Distributor sourcing • Identifying Contacts & Business Partners • Finance Sourcing • Official Translation Service • Project Management • Local market implementation • Organizing site visits and local contact meetings • Arranging company start-up for foreign investors • Residential & Commercial Real Estate • Assistance with site selection, land purchase and re-zoning of land • Property Development • Recruitment / Resourcing
  7. 7. Management Consulting • We consider market research and benchmarking crucial for any business in order to continually create added value on the market and increase profit; • The business plan and the feasibility studies we elaborate are focused on maximizing your investment based on cost effective resources, flows, processes and activities; • Marketing strategies combine the process of distribution with price and promotion providing you the optimum tool for speeding up sales; • All the documents we set up as part of the management consulting services are based on your project value, the company’s target and market demand, so that management consulting services go beyond theory
  8. 8. Financing • Selecting the most suitable financing source is a delicate process as it needs to take into consideration many factors: project value, the nature of the capital involved (investment/ working capital) the stage of the company, history, forecasts. • We mainly collaborate with banks located in Romania but we are currently looking for alternative sources like private equity, venture capital, mergers & acquisition; • Our team can assist you throughout the whole process of getting financing by identifying the right financing source, centralize the credit file and represent your project in front of the financial institutions.
  9. 9. Business Development Project Management Team Management Risk Management Project closure Project Management and Control Project planning Project definition Subcontractors Management Quality management
  10. 10. Business Development The business development services are knitted closely with our management consulting services. Given our vast industry analysis experience, we provide you high quality implementation services with ‘practical’ oriented business plans and feasibility studies. As part of the business development process we identify and connect the producers with suppliers, distributors, agents, points of sales
  11. 11. Benefits of Collaborating with British RO Investments • Substantially increase your efficiency • Better focus • Better understanding of your business, market context, resources, target • Create added value to your business • Speed up the route to market process • A valuable experienced building your success • Save money
  12. 12. Contact Information Address : Tache Ionescu nr. 25 Pitesti 110143 Arges Romania Email: Phone: +40.348 430418 Mobile: +40 7437 53669