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  1. 1. Building Content and Community: Digital Publishing Services at the University of Kansas Brian Rosenblum & Scott Hanrath University of Kansas Information Services PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2009 Vancouver, Canada July 10, 2009
  2. 2. University of Kansas Digital Publishing Services
  3. 3. Building our Program: First Steps Survey Publishing Activity on Campus Explore how we can support scholarly publishing Evaluate Software Platforms Identify Campus Partners
  4. 4. Some Journals at KU
  5. 5. New Roles for Libraries Providing stewardship over locally produced scholarship and ensuring that it is accessible to an external, worldwide audience Working directly with faculty and research units before and during the creation and pre-publication stage of research.
  6. 6. Digital Publishing Services provides support to the KU community for the design, management and distribution of online publications, including journals, conference proceedings, monographs, and other scholarly content. We help scholars explore new and emerging publishing models in our changing scholarly communication environment, and help monitor and address campus concerns and questions about electronic publishing. These services are intended to enable online publishing for campus publications, and help make their content available in a manner that promotes increased visibility and access, and ensures long- term stewardship of the materials.
  7. 7. Software Platforms • Journals@KU (OJS) • • KU ScholarWorks (D-Space) • • eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) Supports indexing, querying, display of XML documents (TEI and EAD) 
  8. 8. KU ScholarWorks
  9. 9. JOURNALS AND MONOGRAPHS SERIAL PUBLICATIONS  Biographical Dictionary of Kansas Artists  American Studies*  Cartobibliography of  Biodiversity Informatics* Maps in 18th Century  Center for East Asian British and American Studies Publication Series Geographical Works  Journal of Dramatic Theory  Greetings from the and Criticism* Teklimakan: A Handbook  Kansas Working Papers in of Modern Uyghur Linguistics  Pontificalia: A Repertory  Latin American Theatre of Latin Manuscript Review* Pontificals and  Slovene Linguistic Studies Benedictionals  Social Thought and  Niccolò Perotti's Research Rudimenta Grammatices  KU Paleontological  Jesuatti Book of Contributions *=OJS journal Remedies
  10. 10. Some statistics Title # of Articles Downloads (June 2009) American Studies 1111 14,546 Latin American Theater 1614 45,454 Review Biodiversity Informatics 22 982 Journal of Dramatic 612 8321 Theory and Criticism Biographical Dictionary of (monograph in 11,190 (Since Kansas Artists KU ScholarWorks) Aug 2006)
  11. 11. Education, Outreach, Advocacy Advise faculty in their roles as editors, instructors and authors Shape campus discussions of NIH and other funding agency policies Maintain scholarly communication website Organize workshops on copyright issues and digital scholarship Advocate through university governance and administrative channels ** KU Open Access Policy ** (June 2009)
  12. 12. Technical Implementation Platforms Red Hat Linux Virtual (OJS, XTF) and physical (DSpace) servers Staffing Roles distributed across organizational and departmental boundaries
  13. 13. OJS at KU Ideally: OJS is out-of-the box In practice: some modifications required Site Journals But: new releases make OJS increasingly configurable Upgrades via vendor tags in our CVS repository
  14. 14. Importing Process  Most of our journals have significant archives of back issues  Import in chunks via web interface (2-4 years worth or < 100 articles at a time)  Small tools  XSL to select chunks for master XML and add location of files  XSL “diagnostics”  Clean up scripts to clear uploads dir  Wanted: a way to package up and move an entire journal from one OJS instance to another
  15. 15. Some next steps… Establishing workflows and policies, organizational funding to sustain program Improve OJS training Editorial advisory board meeting Host an “editors’ forum” in September Expand website with more resources on publishing issues Seek to participate in info literacy and educational opportunities on campus.
  16. 16. KU Scholar Services
  17. 17. Thank you! Questions? Brian Rosenblum Digital Initiatives Librarian Scott Hanrath Senior Programmer, Technical Lead