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Advance Forum Magento Extension


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FME has developed its new Magento extension that enables you to create an advance forum community on your website where users can posts questions/answers about available products. This Magento extension provides an easy layout to order products and store settings as well.

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Advance Forum Magento Extension

  1. 1. Magento Advance Forum Extension Advance Forum Magento Extension This Magento Extension adds a separate support section on your website that allows users to get instant results of their posted questions.
  2. 2. Let’s see some key features: 1. Configure Meta settings like title, URL etc. 2. Enables users to quote the posts and display signatures. 3. Enables Google Captcha to avoid spam. 4. Generate categories for different topics. 5. Easy to use, modify and configure. 6. 100% Open source and support all Magento versions. Product Snap Shots
  3. 3. Showcase your products to thousands of visitors by using Magento Forum Extension – Integrate Forum Community
  4. 4. Website: Mail Us: Social Contact: Facebook: Twitter: Google +: