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Creatives and fair use


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A presentation on the effect of understanding their fair use rights on the creative practices of several communities of practice, at the Library of COngress' Copyright Office, Feb 5, 2013

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Creatives and fair use

  1. 1. CREATIVES AND FAIR USE: From Fear to ActionPat AufderheideCenter for Social MediaAmerican University
  2. 2. AT RISKPopular Culture Politics History Music Performance Satire Parody
  3. 3. New WorkNo Crossover (Allan Iverson story)The Interrupters (violence in Chicago)Gun Fight (Barbara Kopple on guncontrol issues)
  4. 4. OTHER CREATIVES•Dance archivists•Communication scholars•Poets
  6. 6. PublisherShifts Policywith theCodeNewsweek coverExample, notcritiqueScholars educatepublisherCounsel agrees
  7. 7. POETS
  8. 8. CONTACT INFO Pat Aufderheide Peter Jaszi