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Remote Controller - Method

  1. 1. Introduction to Method<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. WELCOME<br />The Remote Controller®<br />Meetup Group for QuickBooks® Consultants<br />Presented by Peter Audenas, President Remote Controller®<br />© 2010 Remote Controller. All rights reserved.<br />
  4. 4. Our Mission<br />To make all participants more successful Intuit® Product Consultants and Solution Providers, to small- and medium-sized businesses<br />
  5. 5. Overview of Today’s Topics<br /><ul><li>Introduction
  6. 6. Presenter
  7. 7. Participant Profile
  8. 8. Group Meeting Protocol
  9. 9. High Level Overview of Method
  10. 10. Method and Cloud Computing
  11. 11. Method Features and Functionality
  12. 12. Why Choose Method
  13. 13. Pricing Handout Summary
  14. 14. Software Demonstration
  15. 15. Conclusion
  16. 16. Benefits to Meeting Participants
  17. 17. Remote Controller® Service Offerings
  18. 18. Contact Information</li></li></ul><li>Presenter – Peter Audenas<br />30 Years Working with Small Closely Held Businesses:<br />9 Years - Public Accounting – small, medium and Big 6<br />9 Years - Corporate Accounting as Controller and CFO<br />12 Years - founder and owner of Remote Controller®<br />Areas of experience– <br />
  19. 19. Presenter – Peter Audenas<br />10+ years working with QuickBooks®<br />Certified QuickBooks®ProAdvisor<br />Intuit® Solution Provider<br />Certifications – <br />Enterprise<br />Retail Solutions<br />Field Service Management ES<br />QuickBase<br />
  20. 20. Participant Profile<br />Intuit® Solution Providers (ISP)<br />QuickBooks®ProAdvisors<br />ISP and/or ProAdvisor “Wannabes”<br />Invited Guests, Partners, Vendors<br />Consultants that work with QuickBooks® and related solutions<br />Consultants looking for new solutions to offer their clients and prospects<br />CPA firms looking for new sources of revenue<br />
  21. 21. Group Meeting Protocol<br />Currently, group meetings are Free-of-Charge!<br />Meals are included at these meetings<br />We will begin meetings 10 minutes after the stated start time and end 10 minutes early to allow to ensure timeliness and encourage networking<br />Other networking within the group is done via LinkedIn<br />Every meeting will have a specific agenda and course outline<br />
  22. 22. Today’s Topic: What is Method?<br />A QuickBooks®-integrated, web-based platform with industry-specific apps<br />Start with a web-based version of your QB data, complete with a Customer Center, Vendor Center and Employee Center<br />Changes made in either QuickBooks® or Method are synchronized in real time<br />Fully Customizable – create your own screens, tables, fields, actions and customer portals, using a simple drag-and-drop interface – No coding needed!<br />
  23. 23. Method – Cloud Computing<br />Method Apps<br />Developer Apps<br />Base Method Apps<br />Method Field Svcs<br />Method Ware-house<br />QXpress Online<br />Full Blown<br />Starter<br />CRM<br />XORA<br />Pendulum<br />SQL Enterprise Database<br />Method Graphical User Interface (GUI)<br />
  24. 24. Method – Cloud Computing Expanded<br />Office A<br />Office B<br />Office C<br />Method Integration Engine<br />Method Integration Engine<br />Method Integration Engine<br />QB Application<br />QB Application<br />QB Application<br />QB Data File<br />User 1<br />User 2<br />User 3<br />User 4<br />User 5<br />User 6<br />User 7<br />User 8<br />User 9<br />
  25. 25. Method – Features and Functionality<br />Industry Specific<br />Customizable<br />Accounting Integration<br />Web-based<br />
  26. 26. Method Feature: Industry-Specific<br />Method provides an Application Library containing industry-specific apps to use as your starting point<br />Each application is just as powerful as your off-the-shelf “boxed” solution<br />What makes Method unique is its ability to be customized<br />
  27. 27. Method Feature: Customizable<br />Each industry-specific Method app is built by Method Consultants using the same customization tools available to you<br />Don’t like a feature? Change it<br />Don’t need a feature? Remove it<br />Need a new feature? Build it<br />
  28. 28. Method Feature: Accounting Integration<br />Method seamlessly integrates with your entire QuickBooks® database<br />Changes made in QuickBooks® are updated in real-time to Method<br />Changes made in Method are updated in real-time to QuickBooks®<br />
  29. 29. Method Feature: Web-Based<br />There’s no denying it: the world is changing and so is the way we do business<br />Customers and vendors interact by email and through each others’ websites<br />Employees work remotely outside the office<br />Business decision makers want real-time access to data anytime, anywhere<br />Method, being web-based, gives you all these capabilities and more<br />
  30. 30. Why Method is Superior to Custom Development<br />Hiring a programmer to build a custom program can eventually solve 100% of your needs, but be prepared for a long, expensive, bumpy ride<br />With Method, your project time and cost is a fraction of that with a custom developer, yet you end up with a better net result<br />
  31. 31. Why Method is Superior to Its Competitors<br />Web-based, do-it-yourself and CRM apps are popular: they allow customization but not QuickBooks® integration<br />Method built in QuickBooks® integration from the ground floor, enabling you to build business apps that just aren’t possible on the other platforms<br />Traditional industry-specific solutions are structured for your industry as a whole, but do not embrace the points of difference that make your company unique<br />With Method, you can run your own system your way!<br />
  32. 32. Editions & Apps<br />The challenges you face are different from someone else's, so we created three base editions: Method Starter Edition, Method CRM Edition and Method Full Blown Edition. <br />Specialized, industry-specific, apps will continue to be added by our team and by 3rd Party Developers until there is an app that meets the fundamental needs of nearly every major market segment. Scheduled for release in 2009 are: Method Agriculture, Method Automotive, Method Construction, Method Education, Method Healthcare, Method Non-Profit, Method Professional Services, Method Property Management, Method Real Estate, Method Retail, Method Software Business and Method Studios.<br />
  33. 33. (contd.)<br />Method Starter Edition<br />Sep-04-2008 by Method Integration<br />Type: Remote Access<br />Method Starter Edition gives you remote access to your desktop QuickBooks data, with customizable QuickBooks-style screens for viewing, adding and editing lists and transactions.<br />Monthly subscription: $25 first user, $15 per additional user <br />Method CRM Edition<br />Sep-02-2008 by Method Integration<br />Type: CRM<br />Method CRM Edition for QuickBooks contains all the features of Method Starter Edition, plus Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities for tracking marketing campaigns, sales opportunities and customer service cases.<br />Monthly subscription: $45 first user, $20 per additional user<br />Method Full BlownEdition<br />Sep-03-2008 by Method Integration<br />Type: CRM<br />Method Full Blown Edition for QuickBooks contains all the features of Method CRM Edition, plus industry-specific capabilities. Download screens and apps from the Method Application Library, design and share screens with other users, and create your own databasetables.<br />Monthly subscription: $65 first user, $30 per additional user<br />
  34. 34. (contd.)<br />Xora Connector<br />Nov-22-2008 by Method Integration<br />Type: Field Services<br />The Xora Connector is a bridge that connects QuickBooks with Xora - an application that allows field service staff to collect start and stop times, as well as GPS locations, on a mobile phone. With this Xora Connector bridge, job times entered into Xora are posted to QuickBooks for payroll and/or billable time.<br />Monthly subscription: $20 first user, $3 per additional user*<br />*NOTE: Pricing is per Method user, not per Xora user. One Method user can download from unlimited Xora user accounts<br />QXpress Online<br />Jan-05-2009 by Alocet Incorporated<br />Type: Field Services<br />QXpress Online is a web based version of the field-service industry leading desktop product QXpress Scheduling Software. It gives users of QuickBooks the ability to schedule one time or recurring services, print work orders and route lists, enter job cost information, and turn completed work orders into QuickBooks invoices.<br />Monthly subscription: $68 first user, $33 per additional user<br />Method Field Services<br />Mar-02-2009by Method Integration<br />Type: Field Services<br />Method Field Services gives QuickBooks users in the Field Services Industry the ability to schedule one time or recurring services, print work orders and route lists, enter job cost information, and turn completed work orders into QuickBooks invoices.<br />Monthly subscription: $65 first user, $30 per additional user <br />
  35. 35. (contd.)<br />Method Warehouse<br />May-14-2009 by Method Integration<br />Type: Manufacturing & Wholesale<br />Method Warehouse provides QuickBooks users with advanced, yet simple inventory control, perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers, or anyone who manages multiple inventory locations or requires bin tracking. Even a Method MRP Calculator is included for companies that manufacture goods.<br />Monthly subscription: $65 first user, $30 per additional user <br />Pendulum<br />Jun-28-2009 by Creative Financial Software<br />Type: Professional Services<br />With Pendulum Time Tracker, the time tracking software by Creative Financial Software, data needs to be entered just once by your employees. There is no need to retype it into QuickBooks. Easily and accurately track time for invoicing, payroll processing and reporting.<br />Monthly subscription: $15 first user, $10 per additional user*<br />*NOTE: special pricing applies:1 user $15.00; 2-5 users $25; 6-10 users $50; 11-20 users $75; 21-50 users $100; 51-100 users $150; 101-200 users $200; 200+ users $1.00 per user <br />Have an idea for an app that you don't see listed? Want to improve an existing Method App to be more specific to an industry segment? You don't have to be a programmer - you can drag and drop your way to creating and selling your own Method app.<br />
  36. 36. Handouts Pricing Summary<br />Base Method versions <br />Starter - $25 first /$15 add’l per month<br />CRM - $45/$20 <br />Full Blown - $65/$30<br />Method Apps<br />Field Services - $65/$30<br />Warehouse - $65/$30<br />Developer Apps<br />Xora Connector - $20/$3<br />Qxpress Online - $68/$33<br />Pendulum - $15/10<br />
  37. 37. Benefits to Meeting Participants<br />Opportunities: to increase revenue by working with larger, more complex client engagements; not limited solely to Intuit® products<br />Education: providing awareness of solutions currently available to small- and medium-sized businesses<br />Training: provide basic and intermediate training on Intuit® and related products<br />Pre-Sales Support: let us help you identify the opportunity <br />Ongoing Support: let us help you identify ongoing opportunities to provide continued value to your clients <br />
  38. 38. Remote Controller® Service Offerings<br />Marketing: plan to create meeting groups throughout the country and a national network of experts through social networking, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter<br />Sales: provide direct on-site or over-the-phone sales support; let us help you expand on the solutions you offer to your clients<br />Business Development: research new technologies, trends, and software and develop methods to create sales based on these<br />Project Management: create a work plan and stick to it to ensure “customer delight” <br />Account Management: receive discounts for placing your orders through us<br />
  39. 39. Remote Controller® Service Offerings (cont’d)<br />Recruitment- looking for the “best of the best” in:<br /><ul><li>Finance
  40. 40. Administration
  41. 41. Marketing
  42. 42. Sales
  43. 43. Business Development
  44. 44. Project Management
  45. 45. Business Management
  46. 46. Recruiting
  47. 47. Specific Products
  48. 48. Specific Industries
  49. 49. Technology
  50. 50. Back Office Systems
  51. 51. Accounting
  52. 52. Bookkeeping
  53. 53. Tax </li></li></ul><li>Partnering with Remote Controller®<br />Please contact me, Peter Audenas<br />peter@rcontroller.comor 630-631-6153 <br />To discuss opportunities or spread the word to others that may be interested in attending our meetings<br />
  54. 54. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING!!!SEE YOU NEXT MONTH at<br />The Remote Controller®<br />Meetup Group for QuickBooks® Consultants<br />Presented by Peter Audenas, President Remote Controller®<br />