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  1. 1. Wikipedia at schools The Catalan experience Joan R. Gomà / Pau Cabot
  2. 2. Previous experience: Marató Viquipèdia (Catalonia) - Collaboration with the Catalonia Education Department - Celebrating the Internet Day - Aim: Reaching 100k articles in the catalan Wikipedia
  3. 3. Background of the promoters. Teachers: - User:Barcelona - User:Antoni Salvà - User:Paucabot With the support of Amical Viquipèdia
  4. 4. Viquibalear: the project - Target: secondary school pupils from the Balearic Islands. - Agreement with Balearic Government, specifically  with the education department. - Viquibalear.CAT as a sandbox - Moodle course for teachers (and credits) - Contest for students
  5. 5. Viquibalear: In figures - 13 teachers from 12 high schools from all four islands - 160 pupils - 601 new articles - 472 reviewed articles moved to catalan wikipedia - 3 teachers during the Moodle course - 5 administrators on the sandbox web (the three teachers and two volunteers) - 30 ipods, 3 netbooks and 6 sets of books given as awards
  6. 6. Agreement with Balearic government - Agreement with the education department of the autonomous government of the Balearic Islands.   - Direct contact with the General Manager of educational innovation and teacher training.   - Problems with the lack of an organization. Amical Viquipèdia
  7. 7. Moodle course for teachers
  8. 8. a sandbox - Google Translate - Articles of any kind of theme - Same syntax as in Wikipedia: Mediawiki   Why a parallel wiki?  - Controlled environment, out of the Wikipedia wilderness. - Easier to evaluate pupils work.  - This sandbox serves as a filter to avoid more work to Wikipedia users.   - One article counts for the contest only if it has been reviewed and approved by one of the three teachers- wiki administrators.
  9. 9. Contest for students Award categories: Group awards: - Group with articles moved to Wikipedia. - Best article. - Best article improvement. Individual awards: - Best teacher. - Pupil with more articles moved to Wikipedia - Pupil with more Balearic- related articles moved to Wikipedia.
  10. 10. Results Winners Best article
  11. 11. Evaluation. Future improvements - Pedagogical aspects - Technical aspects     
  12. 12. Pedagogical aspects - Create chat sessions to help teachers and students  - Minor improvements in organization; timing, awards, number of participants ...
  13. 13. Technical aspects - Direct access to Commons multimedia files - Enable latex math formulas - Install cite extension - Create a tool to count articles and automatically generate the classification.
  14. 14. Awards ceremony and collateral benefits Media covering
  15. 15. Planned calendar: From Viquibalear to Viquiescoles  Course 2010-2011   Next years: Project in different countries and languages
  16. 16. Schools from more countries Balearic Islands +   + Catalonia + Andorra + Alghero + Valencian Country  
  17. 17. Articles in more languages - French - Italian - Occitan - Spanish
  18. 18. On the long term - Possible Comenius project   - Participation of schools not only from more countries but also with students without catalan as a common mother tongue.   - Sustainability of the system as Wikipedia grows.     
  19. 19. Possible Comenius project - Minimum 3 organizations from 3 eligible countries idealy more. - Wikimedia XX + 2 schools from each country. - Period 2 years 2012 and 2013 - Expected opening for the call: October 2010 - 2012: - Collect best practices (like Viquibalear)            - Create methodology            - Develop learning materials for teachers - 2013: - Test courses and methodology.            - Disseminate results - Budget : 360.000€ - UE expected financing : 270.000€
  20. 20. Students without catalan as a common language To be adressed at Comenius project. Possible solutions: - Use english as lingua franca. - Hold several subprojects and keep the coordination among them trough teachers.
  21. 21. Sustainability as wikipedia grows Less topics free to create new contents. Less opportunities to improve articles. - More emphasis in searching understanding and comenting information - More activities in the sandbox wiki - Wikibooks - Always will be opportunities to improve
  22. 22. Conclusions - Wikipedia is a phenomena that impacts at schools and has to be taken into account by professors. - Learning to use Wikipedia as readers in a pasive way is a must  for students. - Participating in building Wikipedia has huge advantages in active pedagogy. - The environtment and methodology are important to suceed in proffiting from those advantages. - We expect that multilingualism will be a plus to the whole process. - Solutions to be explored in order to keep this advantages as Wikipedia grows. and open discussion...