Intelligent System of Energy Management


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Intelligent System of Energy Management

  1. 1. Intelligent System of Energy Management Buffer Bateries Power A different way to understand electric power
  2. 2. ISEM The ISEM can manage various energy resources prioritizing the use of some over others and storaging energy in buffer batteries. The system provides the following advantages:- High renewable energy contribution for the consumption point (>60%)- Power increase in the consumption without rising contracted grid supply (powerx4)- Maximun power quality regardless of the grid conditions (<3% harmonic)
  3. 3. ISEM Domestic systems In domestic systems a photovoltaic system is combined with some buffer batteries and the ISEM.- With a contracted power of 2 kW,- 2 kWp PV system,- Buffer batteries with a capacity of 300 Ahat 48 V and- The ISEM of 6,8 or 11 kWWe can reduce power consumption by up to 70%, increasing power quality.Besides, the ISEM provides guaranteed supply against damage or savotage.Furthemore, the CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 70%.
  4. 4. ISEM Shoping malls In malls we can combine- Solar panels. Very often there arediaphanous surfaces on roofs wherethey can be installed- Wind turbines of 100 kW installed inthe parkings- Generator set- ISEM with a power output up to 800kW This conbination means energy saving, better efficiency of the transformer stations and considerable reductions of CO2.
  5. 5. ISEM QuarriesQuarries usually have significant wind resourcesbut a focused and high power consumption. TheISEM allows the use of 100 KW wind turbines toproduce energy, store it and provide up to 800kW for grinding, reducing the power required fromthe grid and reducing CO2 emissions in thisenvironmentally sensitive sector.
  6. 6. ISEM FarmsUsing the ISEM with wind andsolar energy and a smallgenerator set, energy supplycan be guaranteed in isolatedareas far from the grid.
  7. 7. ISEM Industrial installationsCombining the ISEM with generatorsets, wind turbines of 100 kW, PV powerestations and the grid, we achieve:- Huge energy savings- Efficiency improvements by schedulingenergy generation according toconsumption- Saving in the electric bill- Reduction of CO2 and other pollutants
  8. 8. ISEM- Energy management in the consumption- High renewable energy contribution- Power supply guarantee- Quality power- Increase of the available power in the consumption reducing grid supply- Pollutants decrease- Utilization of local and renewable resources- Less power in transformers substations
  9. 9. ISEM- Wide range of power, fromhousehold to industrial powers (from 6to 800 kW)- Any energy resource, PV, windpower, generator sets with the grid as aback up- Sheduled buffer batteries tolengthen their service life- Custom installations, schedulingproduction and managing storage- Scheduled maintenance systems ofdifferent elements by means of theISEM, which makes cheaper andrationalizes the performance of thecomplete system
  10. 10. Del Valle Aguayo S.A. c/ Ferdinand Zeppelin 9 st 01510 Parque Tecnológico de Álava Phone: 34-945-290045 / 34-945-297153 cier@delvalleaguayo.comPhotovoltaic energyWind millsISEMEnginering