Patricia weber, the decision to_publish_a_book_when_a_publisher_finds_a_writer


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A continuing series of how a blogger is found by a publisher and then goes into contract to write a book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Essential Skills for Everyday Business Situations.

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Patricia weber, the decision to_publish_a_book_when_a_publisher_finds_a_writer

  1. 1. pat ricia-we be m m/ho w-a-publisher-finds-writer/ The decision to publish a book: when a publisher finds a writer Pat ricia Weber It is encouraging f or me to continue to be ahead with my delivery of chapters and book images f or the publisher. Thank you all f ollowing this adventure f or the continued questions about the publishing process. One question I am of ten asked is, “Why didn’t you self -publish?” Being a personal answer this is likely to be dif f erent than every author. In 1998 I self -published my f irst book Sales Skills f or an Unf air Advantage: 104 Sales Tips f or People in a Hurry. This was bef ore technology was into on demand printing and there were minimum orders to give the publisher. There were a handf ul of National Speakers Association speakers, including me, intrigued by a publisher’s way of packing a book in a pocket-sized f ormat. The idea of The Short Attention Span Library books was to give the most vital inf ormation in a small amount of space. There were book signings set up and either books to sell to books to give away f or marketing in public speaking engagements. It served its intended purpose f or many years. It secured me speaking and training gigs and there was always a gif t or two f or super workshop participants. Then when my curiosity started about online inf ormation products, I started with eBooks, moved them to Kindle, and am delighted that I did. Do you see the array of books in the f ooter below? These are my books either on Kindle or available in PDF f ormat. It was time to step up my personal game. If someone is knocking then open the door. I listened to the proposal, including more, and the collaboration sounded mutually benef icial. Now I am working to write f or a scheduled release of February 2014.
  2. 2. Another question asked is, “Can a publisher f ind you even though you have not written a book bef ore?” If my situation can be an example then answer is yes. When I asked the publisher how they f ound me, there was no mention of either my self -published book f rom years ago or any of my f ive Kindle books as a reason. The commissioning editor’s answer was is two parts; the f irst one is my interpretation of events that lead them on the search. The publisher launches out in a new direction with a new division. This tells me that when a publisher is ready to expand or go in new directions, they are talent scouting. Looking f or authors. It is a matter of timing f or the potential author. What he specif ically clarif ied f or me was, “… I f ound your website via a Google search f or experts on coaching introverts; of those I f ound your advice looked the most practical and well written.” In other words, there was a match f or their needs in what he could discern f rom my writing, f or him to move into a conversation with me to see if there was interest in their proposed title. Are you given a topic? The invitation email I received talked about the business book publisher’s pref erence f or “practical and f ocused books.” It sounded eerily like me! Af ter a f urther description, I saw they requested a specif ic topic. One I f elt qualif ied do write about this skill but not necessarily to stay motivated with it f or 180 pages in length. That’s when I used the Internet to poll my tribe to see if my instincts were correct. They were. If you are interested in f ollowing this publishing journey, here’s what’s up next Friday: How many pages will your book be? Are you locked into this publisher now? Are there guidelines? Have you either self-published or worked with a publisher? How is your experience similar or different?
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