5 annoying online_social_networking_actions_you_need_to_stop


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5 annoying online_social_networking_actions_you_need_to_stop

  1. 1. pro st rat e gie s.co m http://pro strategies.co m/wo rdpress/5-anno ying-o nline-so cial-netwo rking-actio ns-yo u-need-to -sto p/Courage Coach for The Reluctant Marketer 5Annoying Online Social Networking Actions YouNeed to StopGoing into 2013 gives hope, a sense of renewal and hopef ully, improvedetiquette on social networking websites. Without some people making some changes,were likely to hear complaints of the same old annoyances all year long. Ill be wavingmy f lag as I lead the parade to minimize those 5 annoying online social networkingactions you need to stop.Would you put on your best f ace?Have you ever noticed how some people have thesame image f ollow them f rom blog to blog when theypost a comment? Its easy to do.The website I use is gravatar https://en.gravatar.com/. When you register here, and upload your photo,rather than have that avatar that looks like an outerspace creature, people can see the real you. Gothere now and set yours up if you havent.How about showing you are interested in me and not just increasing yourconnections number?LinkedIn by f ar, in my estimation, is the most business networking oriented socialnetworking location. But more and more people who invite me to connect just use thestandard def ault which shows nothing of why you want to connect, or that you evenpaid attention to anything in my prof ile. Come on over to see if you want to connectwith me: www.linkedin.com/in/patriciaweber/It takes just about a minute to scan someones prof ile, f ind something that connectsthe two of you and voila, you have a personalized instead of an impersonal invitationto connect.
  2. 2. Can you please let me control the video?Ok, this is going to show Im lagging behind withvideo. But I am more ready f or it in 2013. What Idespise about some of the video replays is you makeme start all over again if I cant watch and listen inone sitting.This is so darn annoying. It makes me f eel like youwant to control me. Would you please at LEAST put apause and play button on the video recording?What happened to good manners?I dont reciprocate every f ollow on Twitter. Horrors! Heres why because Ive donesome testing throughout the year. When you f ollow me I might reply to you with aTweet similar to, "A pleasure to connect with you here. How can I help you?" In 98%of the replies, I never hear back f rom the f ollower. Then within a week of my reply,assuming because I didnt f ollow them back, they unf ollow me.Talk about being rude. Quit it. Its dif f icult enough f or an introvert to engage andyoure making it less attractive.Do you subscribe to quality over quantity?Social networking websites seem to come onlinedaily. If you are going to join the "next best thing,"and you invite others, dont expect all toautomatically join.Personally, the newest of "anything" f ascinates me.But it can me too much of a good thing. It mightserve some to be a joiner of everything, but f or meit gives me less time to be a valuable contributor ofsomething.Usually, if I hear about or get an invitation to a new networking website, I head over toit just to reserve my pref erred prof ile name, without a commitment to show up. I wantto make the most of where my being present seems to be helping others and me.If you found yourself falling victim to some of these social networkingactions, what will you do differently now?
  3. 3. If there have been others who have put you in the midst of otherannoying online social networking actions, what would you tell them tostop?