2013 social media marketing tips for the introvert


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2013 social media marketing tips for the introvert

  1. 1. prost rat egies.com http://prostrategies.com/wordpress/2013-social-media-marketing-tips-for-the-introvert/Courage Coach for The ReluctantMarketer 2013 Social MediaMarketing Tips for the IntrovertIf youre a natural introvert, theres no reason at all to stayaway from social media. Were notnecessarily shy, we just often needto wade into something with theword social. But dont let the wordsocial throw you off. Social mediasites offer an introvert-friendlyplatform for introverts to be socialon their own terms. You get tointeract with others, but keepcontrol at the same time. Manyintroverts find they get in touchwith their extrovert side online. Iveeven been accused of being anextrovert! Imagine that.As we go into a New Year, consider what social media marketing tips forthe introvert will help you the most.Dont Be a HermitIf youre using social media for your marketing, consistency is important.But if youre a true introvert, its easy to forget that theres a whole worldof people out there to meet. All marketers need to schedule regular socialmedia time and this is especially important for introverts. You can in toyour social media accounts at least twice a day to see whats going on andinteract with your friends and followers. Or you can use social meetingdashboards to give you easier control all in one glance. I like Hootsuitebut there are others.
  2. 2. Personal vs. ProfessionalFor introverts who are uncomfortable with sharing a great deal publicly,it helps to keep personal and professional life separated. I think this issomething why some accuse me of being an extrovert, but Im just notshy! I have learned that separating business and personal is actually agood idea for all marketers. Only reveal to your fans what you want themto know or whats relevant to your marketing (for example, yourexperience in your niche, etc.). This fits right into us being not so allrevealing. While it helps to show a little bit of your personal side in orderto connect with others online, you can decide to keep it to a minimum.How personal you need to get will also depend on the nature of yourmarket and niche.Ease into ItIf the idea of interacting with people online is frightening to you, dip yourtoes in first rather than diving in head first. Like all uncomfortable tasks,it takes practice to get good at socializing online. The key is, you can getgood at it. Practice commenting, asking questions, engaging inconversation, and so on. Set a goal for yourself to do X number ofinteractions each day. The more you socialize online on a regularschedule, the easier it will get.Dont Force ItTheres no reason to pretend youre an extrovert. And really why wouldyou? Youll connect much better to your audience by being yourself. Someintroverts feel pressured to be more extroverted online because thatshow everyone else appears, but its easier to build connections whenyoure being real. So be the authentic you.Find Your PeopleJoin groups that youre interested in and that are relevant to your niche.When you do this, youll find that there are others online with similarinterests and youll make connections with them. One new place toconsider is Google +, their Communities.This makes it much easier torelate to your audience. Youll also build important business relationshipsin a relaxed and casual way.Find the Best Fit
  3. 3. Some things just dont feel right. There may be a social network that justdoesnt fit with your introverted nature. For some people, Twitter, whichis all about real-time updates, can push you too far out of your comfortzone. Again, if you find a dashboard to manage queuing of posts, you canbetter manage the direct conversations. But if you dont like Twitter, skipit and use a different site. If you are online for business, one must be onsite is LinkedIn. Its also a quieter atmosphere for us introverts. Whileeveryone needs to push beyond their comfort zone to grow, it doesn’tmean you need to tackle all the boundaries of that zone at once!Be Interested and Interesting Will FollowInteractions on social media often dont feel real. Even though youreinteracting with people, the face-to-face element isnt there. Some peoplesay that introverts can be easily "come out of their shell" to connect withsocial media friends and followers outside of the social media site. Onceyouve taken part in the small talk necessities online, you will find it easierto meet with some people in person or even talk to them on chat orSkype. Then, when you “see” them online, you’ll find it easier to engage inconversation. Its actually got some positives for those of us who like tobuild close relationships.If youre still wary of getting involved in social media, heres a goodconfidence-booster. Whatever youre doing on the site, make sure thatyoure adding value. We like taking conversations deep or broad, its in ournature. If you dont feel that youre adding enough value, find a way togive more. Comment on a blogpost if your new online connection is ablogger. Offer to make an introduction for them with someone they wantto meet. Get creative. Be overly generous and youll find it easy to makefriends and gain followers.What is already or could be working for you? Whatsuggestions would you add?