A Brief History Of The Darkness


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A speculation on who might be the "big bad" of series 4 of Doctor Who. With images and script excerpts from the series so far showing references to "The Darkness" and tied into the Eurovision Trailer from May 24th.
RTD (creator of NuWho) told us this year wouldn't have a specific series 4 story arc, but that he had been seeding an idea throughout the four series to date which would tie up with the finale. I think the references to "darkness" in the new trailer are pointing us to "The Darkness" as our biggest enemy!
Enjoy, and I'd love to hear what you think!

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  • Yes, I know about those, but I am always a bit nervous about applying canon to the spin-offs - after all, the story Jack told The Doctor in The Sound of Drums about working for Torchwood was not quite the same one we saw in Fragments . . .

    I have since found another reference - and this one is a biggie - this time in the animated adventure The Infinite Quest, which I assume is canon -

    THE DOCTOR: Well, let’s just say there are things out there in space, Martha, things that pre-date our reality. Relics from the Dark Times.

    MARTHA: Oh, a fairy tale.

    THE DOCTOR: Oh, far, far more than that. There was a time when the universe was so much smaller than it is now. A darker, older time of chaos.

    Creatures like the Racnoss, the Nesteens and the Great Vampires rampaged through the Void.
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A Brief History Of The Darkness

  1. 1. A Brief History of The Darkness Gleaned from the transcripts of NuWho . . .
  2. 2. SNEED Stories going back generations. Echoes in the dark. Queer songs in the air and this feeling like a... shadow. Passing over your soul. Mind you, truth be told, it's been good for business. Just what people expect from a gloomy old trade like mine.
  3. 3. GWYNETH All those people rushing about. Half naked, for shame. And the noise... and the metal boxes racing past... and the birds in the sky... they're metal as well. Metal birds with people in them. People flying. And you - you've flown so far, further than anyone! The things you've seen... the darkness... the big bad wolf--
  4. 4. MICKEY All the secret information known to mankind. See, they've known about aliens for years, they just kept us in the dark.  DOCTOR Mickey, you were born in the dark.   (I suppose this one was a joke really)
  5. 5. Dalek: I can feel so many ideas. So much darkness... Rose... give me orders! Order me to die.   
  6. 6. CONTROLLER They've been hiding. My masters, hiding in the dark space, watching and shaping the Earth... so, so, so many years... they've always been there. Guiding humanity, hundreds and hundred of years--
  7. 7. EMPEROR DALEK We waited here in the dark space, damaged but rebuilding. Centuries passed, and we quietly infiltrated the systems of Earth. Harvesting the waste of humanity. The prisoners, the refugees, the dispossessed - they all came to us. The bodies were filtered, pulped, sifted. 
  8. 8. "We are the Sycorax. We astride the darkness." 
  9. 9. DOCTOR Grown by cats... kept in the dark, fed by tubes... but completely, completely alive! 
  10. 10. TOBY It's buried beneath us. In the darkness, waiting. 
  11. 11. TOBY He is the heart that beats in the darkness, he is the blood that will never cease. And now he will rise.
  12. 12. THE VOICE OF THE BEAST This is the Darkness. This is my domain. You little things that live in the light... clinging to your feeble Suns... ... which die in the... ZACH That's not the Ood. Something's talking through them. THE VOICE OF THE BEAST Only the Darkness remains. 
  13. 13. THE DOCTOR If you want voices in the dark, then listen to mine; that thing is playing on very basic fears. Darkness - childhood nightmares, all that stuff.
  14. 14. TOBY I am the sin and the fear and the darkness--
  15. 15.   ELTON (V/O) All those years ago . . . ?  THE DOCTOR There was a shadow in your house.   
  16. 16. Just, a short pause in the History, to note the following: <ul><li>THE DOCTOR (V/O) A living shadow in the darkness. An elemental shade had escaped from the Howling Halls.  THE DOCTOR I stopped it, but... I wasn't in time to save her. (He looks Elton in the eyes) I'm sorry.  </li></ul><ul><li>This is the reason The Doctor gives to Elton to explain his mother’s death. </li></ul><ul><li>A living shadow, eh? Watch for those, this week! </li></ul>
  17. 17. THE DOCTOR The space between dimensions. There's all sorts of realities around us, different dimensions - billions of parallel universes all stacked up against each other. The Void is the space in-between. Containing absolutely nothing. Imagine that - nothing. No light, no dark, no up, no down. No life. No time. Without end. My people called it the Void, the Eternals call it the Howling. But some people call it Hell.
  18. 18. THE DOCTOR Somehow you've been dosed with Huon energy. And that's a problem because Huon energy hasn't existed since The Dark Times.
  19. 19. THE DOCTOR That's it, the last of your kind. (to Donna) The Racnoss come from The Dark Times, billions of years ago, billions. They were carnivores, omnivores, they devoured whole planets.
  20. 20. FLORENCE You're quite the funny man. And yet, I think, laughing on purpose at the darkness. I think it's time you found some peace. Steady him!
  21. 21. DOCTOR The naming won’t work on me.  LILITH But your heart grows cold.  The north wind blows and carries down the distant…Rose.  DOCTOR (stands) Oh, big mistake ‘cos that name keeps me fighting!  The Carrionites vanished!  Where did you go?  LILITH The Eternals found the right word to banish us into deep darkness. 
  22. 22. LILITH The deep darkness!  They are consumed!  Ahhh! 
  23. 23. Abide with me, fast falls the eventide The darkness deepens, lord, with me abide . . .
  24. 24. DALEK This day is ending.  Humankind is weak.  You shelter from the dark.  And yet, you have built all this.
  25. 25. THE DOCTOR Time was, four Daleks could have conquered the world but instead you’re skulking away, hidden in the dark, experimenting. All of which results in you.
  26. 26. DOCTOR: Your own leader. The only creature who might have led you out of the darkness and you destroyed him.
  27. 27. VOICES The darkness is coming...keep me away from the false and empty man...the last of the Time Lords, the last of a wise and ancient race...
  28. 28. MARTHA And sometimes he says these strange things, like people and places you've never heard of, yeah? But it's deeper than that. Sometimes when you look in his eyes you know - you just know that there's something else in there. Something hidden. Right behind the eyes, something hidden away. In the dark.
  29. 29. YANA: The call came from across the stars over and over again. Come to Utopia. Originated from that point. THE DOCTOR: Where is that? YANA: Oh, it’s far beyond the Condensate Wilderness. Out towards the wildlands and the dark matter reefs. Calling us in. The last of the humans. Scattered across the night.
  30. 30. TOCLAFANE: We have to escape.  Because it’s coming, sir.  The darkness, the never-ending darkness.  The terrible, terrible cold.  We have to run and run and run!
  31. 31. MASTER: You should have seen it, Doctor.  Furnaces, burning.  The last of humanity screaming at the dark.
  32. 32. SPHERE: There was no solution, no diamonds.  Just the dark and the cold.
  33. 33. THE DOCTOR But the wind is felt most keenly in the dark. LUCIUS Ah. But what is the dark, other than an omen of the sun?
  34. 34. THE DOCTOR: If you allow it, it can lift you out of these dark tunnels and into the bright, bright sunlight! No more fighting. No more killing. 
  35. 35. <ul><li>Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. </li></ul>
  36. 37. <ul><li>But they’re wrong. </li></ul><ul><li>‘ Cause it’s not irrational. </li></ul>
  37. 38. THE DOCTOR: Not everyone comes back out of the dark . . .
  38. 39. ROSE It’s coming, Donna, it’s coming from across the stars and nuffing can stop it - DONNA What is?
  39. 40. The Darkness