6 rosa goes to the city 1


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6 rosa goes to the city 1

  1. 1. In the middle of a big city, there was a smallzoo, and inside lived a baby elephant.
  2. 2. Her name was Rosa.
  3. 3. The zookeeper loved little Rosa very muchand cared for her in every possible way.
  4. 4. Many visitors came to see Rosa and watchedin fascination as she ate a dozen bananas inone go.
  5. 5. Rosa was well looked after, but she missedthe company of other elephants.
  6. 6. One day, after feeding Rosa, the keeperforgot to lock the door of her cage.
  7. 7. Soon she was out of the zoo! First, she cameacross an ice cream vendor standing by theroadside.
  8. 8. He saw Rosa and ran away.
  9. 9. The curious little elephant stuck her trunkinto the icebox.