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Patton Boggs partners Read McCaffrey and Aubrey Rothrock in Washington, and Carolyn McIntoshin Denver, will lead the Firm ...
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United Brownsville Engages Patton Boggs to Establish Bi-National Economic Development Zone Between the U.S. and Mexico


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United Brownsville Engages Patton Boggs to Establish Bi-National Economic Development Zone Between the U.S. and Mexico

  1. 1. 2550 M Street NW Washington, DC 20037 (202) 457-6000 ___________ Fax (202) 457-6315FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTApril 7, 2011 Edward J. Newberry (202) 457-5285UNITED BROWNSVILLE ENGAGES PATTON BOGGS TO ESTABLISHBI-NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE BETWEEN THE U.S. AND MEXICO Washington, DC, April 7, 2011—Patton Boggs LLP has been retained by UnitedBrownsville, with support from the City of Brownsville, Texas, the Brownsville Public UtilitiesBoard and the Brownsville Economic Development Corporation/Greater Brownsville IncentivesCorporation, to assist in its efforts to establish a bi-national border economic zone as part of itsBorder Security and Economic Development initiative. This effort is designed to stress the criticalimportance of including economic development along with traditional security control measures toeffectively address security and immigration issues along the United States-Mexico border.The nearly 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border generates $300 billion annually in trade. However, risinglevels of violence and insecurity, artificial border restrictions on commerce and resources, highhealth disparity levels, employment stagnation and international political conflict threaten theborderland’s economic potential. In recent weeks, community leaders from Brownsville andMatamoros, Tamaulipas (Mexico), under the leadership of United Brownsville and Imagina(Imagine) Matamoros, came together and initiated a plan to establish a Zone for Bi-NationalEconomic Development (BINED) to create prosperity and security through economicdevelopment. BINED is a sustainable border community development effort that will address theoverlapping concerns of the countries’ businesses and citizenry as a single, bi-national urban zone.The Zone will serve as a bi-national producer and consumer; a true community, as opposed toserving solely as a point of distribution and exportation. It will include the emergence of not onlysecure and efficient trade corridors, but also secure border economic development centers to allowcapital improvements, education workforce training and economic development initiatives to spanthe border. BINED will transform the current factor-driven, low-wage border economy to a moreintegrated, investment-driven one fueled by industrial clusters in manufacturing, logistics and othercompetitive industries.BINED will create financial and legal incentives to attract investment and development, stimulatingborder employment and enabling increased security and cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico.The initiative’s success could lead to expansion beyond Brownsville and Matamoros and replicationalong the entire border, promoting security, regional wellness, economic development and progressin immigration policy.
  2. 2. Patton Boggs partners Read McCaffrey and Aubrey Rothrock in Washington, and Carolyn McIntoshin Denver, will lead the Firm in representing the interests of United Brownsville in this endeavor,contributing to the Firm’s well-established local government practice and rounding out its extensivemunicipality representation capabilities. Patton Boggs currently represents more than 50 cities,counties, transportation and water authorities and coalitions. Robin McCaffrey and Carissa Cox ofMESA Design Associates, a leading international design and planning firm, helped launch theproject, and former U.S.–Mexico Partnership for Prosperity project coordinator, Dr. JuanHernández (under Presidents Vicente Fox and George W. Bush), will be part of the effort.BINED’s advocates include bi-national leaders such as Fred Rusteberg, Rolando Gonzalez Barronand Dr. Carlos Marin of United Brownsville, as well as City of Matamoros Mayor Alfonso Sanchez,Architect Roberto Máttus and Sergio Arguelles from Imagina Matamoros.Patton Boggs LLPBased in Washington DC, Patton Boggs is a national leader in public policy, litigation and businesslaw, and is well known for its deep bipartisan roots in the national political arena. The Firm’s corepractice areas are Public Policy and Regulatory, Litigation, Business and Intellectual Property. Withoffices in Northern Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Dallas, Denver, Anchorage, and internationallyin Doha, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, UAE, our more than 600 lawyers and professionals providecomprehensive, practical and cost-effective legal counsel to clients around the globe. For moreinformation, visit us at United BrownsvilleBased in Brownsville, Texas, United Brownsville is an inter-institutional entity comprised of publicand private organizations working in cooperation and collaboration to leverage the resources of theBrownsville Borderplex toward a common vision. Member institutions include the City ofBrownsville, Brownsville Public Utilities Board, Port of Brownsville, Brownsville EconomicDevelopment Corporation, Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation/Brownsville EconomicDevelopment Corporation, University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College and theBrownsville Independent School District. United Brownsville’s mission is to implement and trackthe Imagine Brownsville Comprehensive Plan’s strategic initiatives consistent with the vision of thecommunity. Winner of the American Planning Association’s 2009 Comprehensive Planning Award,the Imagine Brownsville Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Brownsville City Commission onJuly 21, 2009. For more information, visit ###