Holiday Confession. . . Photo Card Redo


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I love receiving my annual stash of photo cards from family and friends from near and far. I have come up with an easy way to showcase those beautiful loved ones and enjoy throughout the season.

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Holiday Confession. . . Photo Card Redo

  1. 1. My Holiday Confession Holiday Photo Cards Redo
  2. 2. My Holiday Confession • I have a confession to make. Friends and family…I have been cutting up your holiday photo cards for years. • Don’t get me wrong, I love getting cards from near and far showing me how much the family has grown or trips you have taken but they used to end up in a pile. • I have created something over the past few seasons which I think, although I’m taking a scissor to your work, actually gives your hard work and time the respect it deserves.
  3. 3. Holiday Photo Card Collage You will need: -Your holiday photo cards -Piece of foam board (I used 11” x 14”) -Fabric scrap – enough to wrap around board -Scissors, glue, quilters t pins or straight pins
  4. 4. Supplies
  5. 5. Supplies • Your Holiday Photo Cards
  6. 6. How to do: Step 1 • Cut out your fabric and wrap your piece of foam board. Similar to wrapping a gift – which this time of year you have become a pro at. • Keep fabric tight across front. Glue into place on back.
  7. 7. Photo Card Cut Up • As your mail carrier delivers your daily supply of cards, cut each one out, obviously keeping your loved ones visible. • Just by gluing each of them together, one next to each other you begin to develop a freeform collage. And we always have those friends that send last minute. No problem, just keep adding onto. You don’t need any special backing, by creating a collage the photos become their own surface.
  8. 8. • Once you have compiled all your photos, place on top of your fabric covered foam board and pin the top corners to hold.
  10. 10. • Even though I have cut up your cards, I keep this display out to show to others that come to visit during the holidays and show them how beautiful all these cards truly are. • With the array of home photo editing services, cards are just getting more beautiful year after year and they deserve a honored place in my home. • When the season is over, this collage gets packed away and I get to enjoy them next year while waiting for my new supply!
  11. 11. With just a couple simple supplies, you can create one-of-a-kind cards and gifts for your friends and family. The only limit is your imagination! For more ideas and hints on bringing creativity into your daily life visit my blog, “The Everyday Muse” @ FOLLOW ME! WWW.PINTEREST.COM/PHSTUDIO WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PATTISTUDIO WWW.TWITTER.COM/PATTISTUDIO