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Parts of the guitar


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Slide presentation for young beginning guitar players identifying specific parts of the instrument.

Published in: Education
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Parts of the guitar

  1. 1. Question and Answer
  2. 2. Parts Of An Acoustic GuitarLet’s take a quiz to test your knowledge about the names ofthe parts on an acoustic guitar.Don’t “fret” and cry like a baby if you get the answer wrong,just remember it and chalk it up to learning!
  3. 3. • By knowing the names of the parts of the guitar, it is easier to identify where to place your fingers and how each part is used.• This helps to improve your playing and sets you on your way to becoming a rock star!
  4. 4. An acoustic guitar can have nylon or steelstrings.
  5. 5. What is the name of the things you twist totune a guitar?
  6. 6. How many strings does an acoustic guitartypically have? From thickest to thinest: Every Ant Does Good Before Eating
  7. 7. Name 3 parts of a guitar that areon a human body. Head, eyes and body Sound hole, waist and head Head, neck and waist Ear turners, bridge and frets All of the above
  8. 8. Match the device to what it measures: Fret Wires On the body, holding the strings Rest Position Hole in the body of the guitar Markers to help with finger Sound hole placement Head or Headstock Holding guitar without making sound Bridge Top of guitar which has tuning pegs
  9. 9. You now know the parts of the guitar!!