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Patricia Reiter Portfolio

  1. 1. Patricia A. Reiter Organizational Design ASU Foundation Challenges Campaign Design for Enterprise SkySong Innovation Center . MBA AIA BFA Entrepreneur Architect Artist Strategic Leader Multi-dimensional Critical maker Implementer Problem solver Critical thinker
  2. 2. Patricia A. Reiter Relevant Projects/Experience • Depth and breadth of business expertise • Frames ideas to attract resources from donors, investors and clients Comprehensive strategic plan AND implementation Leadership Team Qualifications Marketing/Communication strategy and branding Board, Donor or Client Relations Optimize resources through technology Realignment of Operations Leadership team and valued collaborator
  3. 3. Patricia A. Reiter Who is Patricia Reiter? Mission driven Committed to social impact through business methods Multi-dimensional Speaks philanthropy, marketing, finance, operations, social entrepreneurship, as well as industrial design, architecture and fine arts Analytical Believes in the power of numbers and real data Perceptive Wealth of experience managing mission-critical relationships Prejudiced for action Strategy is easy, implementation is hard. Custom fit Geared for engagement as employee or consultant and able to travel broadly
  4. 4. Patricia A. Reiter How to raise a billion dollars Organizational Design ASU Foundation/Chief of Staff/ Strategy Team/Board Liaison
  5. 5. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Design Brief Transform the fundraising and entrepreneurial arm of the second largest public university to: 1. Fully communicate the vision of the New American University (Excellence – Access – Impact) 2. Raise $1.3 Billion in 7 years 3. Link ASU and the community
  6. 6. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Set the Direction Working directly with the ASUF leadership team, the board and university leadership, we developed an inspiring direction beyond the traditional goals of fundraising. The following slides were taken from various presentations I gave to groups to cascade that message to all stakeholders.
  7. 7. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Mobilize leadership Within two years: New President/CEO New CFO 3 New Vice Presidents 19 out of 45 board members were new Set in motion a plan to grow from 120-200 employees focusing on recruiting front-line fundraisers
  8. 8. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Articulate an investor-centric model How do you build credibility within the institution? In a complex organization with dispersed decision making, the rights and wishes of the donor were often getting lost. We began to change behavior by changing the language (investor vs donor) and using this paradigm in our training and presentations. This eventually re-oriented the activities of many of the stakeholders, reduced turf battles and increased service outcomes both internally and directly with constituent base.
  9. 9. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Focus on top-line growth What will drive results? Analysis of peer performance, giving history and constituent capacity drove focus on high net- worth individuals. All front-line fundraisers could map their activities directly to this strategy
  10. 10. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Collect, analyze and organize data What is the money for? I was responsible for collecting information from 23 deans, multiple research institutes, 4 cross disciplinary special initiatives and sort them into 4 themes, 5 investment vehicles and reporting back out to all the stakeholders.
  11. 11. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Simplify the message How does it all fit together? This diagram reflected the relationship between the themes and the specific investment areas within the university. Each item on the far right lead to another set of diagrams with even more detail.
  12. 12. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Engage stakeholders in the ambition How do we create a brand to drive support for ASU? Our board had several top- notch corporate brand experts, we hired Bruce Mau design and we worked with the creative assets within the university in the business school, the design school and the university communications team. Our inclusive efforts were rewarded by broad adoption of the design standards and messages.
  13. 13. How to raise Patricia A. Reiter a billion dollars Organizational Design Roll out the Brand • how do we educate in a rapidly changing world? • how do we focus information and technology to produce meaningful change? • how do we build strong, vibrant communities? • how do we create a sustainable way of life? • how do we promote economic opportunity and security? • how do we lead healthier, more fulfilling lives? • how do we defend and extend human rights? • how do we understand the past and present for the sake of the future?
  14. 14. Patricia A. Reiter Accelerating innovation Design for Enterprise ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center
  15. 15. Accelerating Patricia A. Reiter innovation Design for Enterprise Design Brief I was responsible for ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center ensuring the design for the entrepreneurial spaces 1.Create a true mixed use community combining occupied by ASU set the technology, research, education, art, and civic life. standard for the rest of the 43 acre development. 2.Integrate entrepreneurial assets of the university, new business, and community interests in a collaborative To communicate our aspirations, I developed a environment. series of design precepts to guide our decision making 3.Expressive design which denotes innovation, vitality, and and set expectations for the functional responsiveness. user groups. “Like nothing else on campus” --ASU President Michael Crow
  16. 16. Accelerating Patricia A. Reiter innovation Design for Enterprise Design is an extended negotiation with stakeholders who have varied interests. The programming process for this project involved regular meetings with: Local politicians, zoning and permitting authorities, bankers, developers, brokers, architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers as well as the client group, ASU innovation enterprises, faculty, researchers and administrators.
  17. 17. Accelerating Patricia A. Reiter innovation Design for Enterprise Alternative work and meeting space centered around an internal café which encourages spontaneous meetings and conversations.
  18. 18. Accelerating Patricia A. Reiter innovation Design for Enterprise Limited resources were leveraged by creating a few key focal points, integrating design work of ASU students and selective use of color.
  19. 19. Accelerating Patricia A. Reiter innovation Design for Enterprise To equalize access to sunlight and views, there are no exterior offices. Private offices are located on a center spine allowing daylight to penetrate to the center of the floor and encourages people to get up from their desk and circulate. Open workspaces are designed to be attractive, semi-private, comfortable and personalized.
  20. 20. Accelerating Patricia A. Reiter innovation Design for Enterprise The ASU Innovation Center is now occupied by a wide array of young global companies and venture capitalists as well as the entrepreneurial assets of the university. It is often the starting point for tours highlighting innovation and technology in the region and is widely used as a community resource to convene business meetings, training and social events.
  21. 21. Patricia A. Reiter Current Focus I am currently exploring the following issues: Social Enterprise Can a hybrid model of doing good while doing well accelerate social impact? Scale How can non-profits, NGO’s etc reach the scale needed to address society’s most significant problems in poverty, health, sustainability and education? Philanthropic Marketplace How can the best ideas attract the majority of resources and overcome the bias against overhead required for growth?
  22. 22. Patricia A. Reiter Current Focus I am actively engaged in research and networking in this emerging sector of the economy and intend to apply that knowledge to advance educational, cultural and sustainable causes through consulting and writing. Attendance & involvement:
  23. 23. Patricia A. Reiter MBA, AIA, BFA 602 402 0857 References and complete portfolio available upon request