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  1. 1. Devin Patterson
  2. 2. Professional Resume The first link between you and the potential employer Focuses the interviewers attention on your  Strongest points  Gives you full credit for all your achievements  Present a positive picture of your best quality
  3. 3. Two Basics types of Resumes Functional Resume Chronological Resume
  4. 4. Functional Resume Is a selective and only highlights those skills pertinent to your job objectives. Definition.
  5. 5. Chronological Resume Used to combine all your experience and employment history.  Simply written in order by date starting with the most recent position and working backwards.
  6. 6. Functional and ChronologicalSimilarities Both offer the same info, name address, phone number, carrer objective, professional profile, educational info, description of experience etc…
  7. 7. Differences Difference is only how information is presented.
  8. 8. ResumesKnowledge of resume Knowledge of writing a resume Knowlede of the purpose of a resume Has used a resume 10% 40% 30% 20%