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Our national anthem (song)

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Our national anthem (song)

  1. 1. Our NATIONAL ANTHEM (SONG) <ul><li>“THE STAR- SPANGLED BANNER” (F L A G) </li></ul>
  2. 2. The music for our National Anthem was a familiar song that everyone knew at that time. The title was ‘To Anacreon In Heaven.’ The composer was John Stafford Smith from England. JOHN STAFFORD SMITH
  3. 3. America had won it’s freedom from England in 1776 but the British from England were attacking us again and had burned our White House. Now they were attacking Fort McHenry.
  4. 4. Francis Scott Key was a lawyer that was asked to negotiate the return of one of our Americans that the British had taken hostage. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY
  5. 5. Francis Scott Key went on board the British ship. When he had finished the negotiations, he couldn’t leave the ship because the British had begun bombing Fort McHenry.
  6. 6. Throughout the day and night of Sept. 13, the British continued to attack. As Francis Scott Key watched from the protection of the ship, he caught glimpses of our flag.
  7. 7. Francis was thrilled that ‘our flag was still’ flying in the morning of Sept. 14. He wrote a poem that expressed his joy because he knew we had won the battle of Fort McHenry and could keep our freedom.
  8. 8. Francis Scott Key’s poem is sung to John Stafford Smith’s music and has been our National Anthem since 1931.
  9. 9. ‘Oh, say can you see…


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