Website design - how to renovate your site by choosing the best marketing colors


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Website design - how to renovate your site by choosing the best marketing colors

  1. 1. Website Design - How to Renovate Your Site by Choosing the Best Marketing ColorsDeveloping a website is a must for today’s online business. After all, what’s the purpose of beingonline if you’re not going to have an online presence? Having a website though is not as easy asjust picking a template, throwing in some content and a few pictures and saying “I’m here!”Granted you could do that but how successful do you really think it would be?The internet is a powerful tool but it differs from traditional brick and mortar businesses in thatyou are dealing face-to-face with someone. So your website speaks for you. It is your callingcard to the world.This is why the layout and design of your website needs to be the best it can be. As withanything, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. While good content and salescopy is needed, website owners tend to overlook one important aspect, the color scheme.Color has a huge psychological impact on people. Think about it. What’s your favorite color?Why is it your favorite color? It is because you feel good when you wear something in thatcolor? Does it make you look good? These are all questions that can relate back to your websiteas well.Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common colors used in websites and thepsychological effect they have on people:RED – when people see the color red they think of things like love and passion; excitement anddanger.BLUE – when people see blue they think of safety and security, professionalism and power.GREEN – most people associated green with money, wealth, nature and life.ORANGE – the color orange is associated with artsy and creative, fun and celebrations.PURPLE – this color is associated with royalty, luxury, dreams and fantasy.WHITE – this color is associates with cleanliness, purity and innocence.YELLOW – yellow is associated with amusement and playfulness. – this color s associated with softness and tenderness as well as sweet.BROWN – brown is associated with things like the earth, tribal and primitive.GREY – grey is seen as reserved and neutral.BLACK–is seen as dark and mysterious; very serious.
  2. 2. You can see that color can invoke so many feelings and responses in a person. So when youdesign your website, you want to think about your target audience as well as the message thatyou want to convey. Traditionally in business, blue and white backgrounds work best butdepending on your niche market you’ll want to adjust your colors. After all, you would reallywant to use a blue background if your site was in reference to golf.So not only do your words matter when it comes to your website but your color choices as well.Think long and hard about the design, style and color of your website so that you will havemaximum impact on your target audience.For More Information on Colors Refer To:Color Psychology and Marketing - Color Communicates Meaning -