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Tenkara Press Release

  1. 1. Contact: 5758 Geary Blvd. #226 San Francisco, CA, 94121 Daniel Galhardo 888.i.Tenkara [888.483.6527] Tenkara USA info@Tenkarausa.comPress Release Tenkara USA offers fly fisherman a unique way to enhance their fishing experience. San Francisco, CA, April 20, 2009: If you love fly fishing then you know the tranquility that comes with this form of fishing. Viewers see you walking down the river casting your line like a work of art. It’s not you against nature but you being one with nature. Known by fisherman around the world for its grace, fly fishing has grown through out the years. Now there’s something to add to your love of fly fishing, Tenkara. What is it? Well, Tenkara is a traditional Japanese method of fly fishing. It uses the fundamentals of fly fishing but uses only a rod, line and fly. Since reels aren’t used, this brings you a simpler form of fly fishing that you are sure to love. Tenkara USA is the only company in the western hemisphere dedicated exclusively to Tenkara fishing. Tenkara is simple and easy to do. It removes the more complex elements of fly fishing and gives you a unique casting technique that will allow you time to focus on the true experience of fly fishing. Tenkara USA offers you the opportunity to experience fly fishing the way it was meant to be by:  Rods are ultra-portable and light weight. All pieces including tip fit inside the main part of the rod providing you with superior protection. The 12 foot rods telescope down to a mere 20 inches and weigh around 3 ounces. So if you’re an avid fly fisherman and backpacker, the portability is something you’ll love. For Release 9 a.m. PST, April 20, 2009 more
  2. 2. Page 2  The Tenkara setup is a must any fly fisherman wanting to catch his own meal or for someone who doesn’t want to be weighed down by several levels of gear.  It’s a USA made product. The Tenkara lines are made by expert furled line makers who mastered the technique for making the tapered Tenkara lines. So you know the quality is there.  Plus, there are few elements to worry about. So Tenkara fishing is less expensive than regular fly-fishing. Starting at $129.95 for a Tenkara rod and $19.95 for the line, the full Tenkara setup is several times less expensive than a full western fly-fishing setup. At Tenkara USA, all rods are 100% guaranteed for life, giving you the added peace of mind of knowing you’re getting a quality product from a trusted company. So should you have any problems with your rod, your rod break for any reason, or be defective upon receipt, then simply send it back for a repair or replacement. It’s just that simple. Visit Tenkara USA today at http://www.Tenkarausa.com to learn more about this unique experience and how you can begin your adventure today. ###