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Sample Blog Posts

  1. 1. Enhancing Your Brand ImageAs a business your reputation and image is a vital part of your business. How current andpotential customers view your business is important. So ask yourself “what is my brand sayingabout my business?” By analyzing the answer to that question you will get a more vivid imageof your how the public may view your business.So how do you enhance your businesses reputation and thus your brand image? There are severalways this can be done: Develop a Clear Message – What is the message your brand is sending out? Is it talkingabout quality, service, innovation, price or something else? If your brand message is notclear then it’s not clear to your target audience. Your message should be clear in thatthere is no doubt what the main point is you’re trying to get across. Don’t try to cramthree or four different directions into your brand’s message. Focus on the one main pointyou want your audience to know.Look at the image for Diet Pepsi below:What does this image say about this brand? It should be relatively clear. Pepsi is statingthat their Diet Pepsi taste great even though it is diet product. Why? Because too oftenpeople associate “diet” drinks as lacking flavor. Pepsi wants the public to know that theirDiet Pepsi tastes so good that they will love every sip. This is a classic example of afocused and very clear brand message.
  2. 2.  Make Sure Your Message is Consistent – It’s not good enough to just develop a clearmessage; you need to be consistent in delivering that message. Burger King prides itselfon delivering their meals “your way”. Their message states “have it your way”. Theyhave been so consistent in delivering this message along with their brand image that aperson can’t help but connect Burger King with the phrase. By being consistent in theirmessage delivery and pairing that with their brand image, they have engrained that intothe minds of the consumer. This approach is an important step when it comes toenhancing your brand. How compelling is your brands message?Knowing what to say as well as how to say it is an important part of enhancing yourbrand image. How compelling is your message? Is it compelling enough to get theconsumer to take action? The ultimate goal of any brands message is to get the consumerto react and do something. It could be to get them to buy a product or it could be to getthem to donate some money. Whatever that message is it needs to compel your targetaudience to do something.The City of Tulsa, OK Animal Welfare Association uses this photo in their campaigns:Their goal is to get people to protect animals from cruelty and to make a difference in thelife of an animal. This message is very compelling. It pulls on their target audiences heartstrings and gets them to react whether it’s donating money to the cause or adopting ananimal from the local shelter. So is your message compelling enough to get your targetaudience to react? If it isn’t then it’s time to revise that brand image and message andmake it more compelling.These are a few simple yet effective ways that a business can enhance their brand. What yourbrand says about you can make or break your company. So make sure your brand is sayingexactly what you want it to say.
  3. 3. Writing Blogs that People Want to ReadIn today’s business world, blogs have become an important platform. Why? Blogs are animportant medium for businesses to really connect with their customers as well as provide themwith valuable and useful information. A blog is considered an important extension to a businesswebsite.For many business owners a blog is often something they fear because the misconception is thatyou need a journalism degree to write well. This is false. While you don’t need a degree, you doneed the ability to write well and convey a message. A blog is not meant to be difficult. Businessblogs should contain business related information in a way that the audience can easilyunderstand. When you begin to provide details that readers find interesting, they will keepcoming back for more to see what you’ve written about next.In order to develop blog posts that will keep readers coming back for more consider these things: Plan What to Say – For some it’s easy to sit back and just jot down their thoughts andturn it into a blog post. However, the most effective people take time to plan their posts.A blog is a part of any marketing campaign. So just like a marketing plan you want toplan out your blog posts. Is there a specific topic that you want to cover? Will you createone blog post on that topic or a series of blog posts? How often will these posts bedistributed? These are questions that need to be thought about and planned for ahead oftime. When you walk into a business meeting you don’t often make a rash decision rightaway so why would you do that when it comes to your blog posts? Plan How to Say It – How are you going to convey your message in your blog? Do youwant to highlight the main points in bullets? Will you combine the information with aphoto or even a video? How you relay your message is important. You need to make sure
  4. 4. that what you’re saying flows well. This will make it easier to read and thus easier tounderstand. Make Sure the Length is Just Right – It’s easy to have a concept in your head andwhen you go to put it down on paper it turns into a novel. While your readers areinterested in what you have to say, like you, they are busy. So they don’t always havetime to read a post that is lengthy. An average post ranges from 400 to 500 words. Whenplanning your posts if you find that your topic is a 2500 word post then consider breakingit down into 500 word chunks and making it a blog series. Now your one post has turnedinto a 5 post series that you can spread out over the course of a month or more. Be Consistent – Once you’ve planned what to say and have written your posts be sure tobe consistent in delivering them. Set up a schedule of posts so that your readers knowwhen to expect new content. This will keep your readers coming back for more when itcomes to your blog.Blogs are an important part of any online business today. If utilized in the right way they canturn into a valuable marketing tool for your business. Take these tips into consideration andyou’ll be well on your way to a blog that will pull readers in and keep them coming back formore.
  5. 5. Writing a Blog Post to Achieve High RankingsHaving a blog is an important extension of any business. If that blog is not utilized in the rightway then it’s a waste of time and money. While information is meant to entice your readers, it’salso meant as a tool to enhance exposure within the search engines.While a blog is great for your existing customers, it’s also a powerful marketing tool forpotential customers as well. However if your targeted audience can’t find your blog then whatgood is it to you? The key is to write blog posts that rank well within the search engines. So howis this done? Take these simple yet effective tips into consideration: Topics Need to Be Keyword Focused – We all know that developing competitivekeywords is important when it comes to search engines. Many business owners think thatthis is something that is simply done when it comes to your website but it’s more thanthat. Your blog posts are an extension of your web presence. Each blog post means a newpage on the web which means it needs to be optimized with targeted keywords so that itcan be found in the virtual abyss called the Word Wide Web. If your topics are notkeyword focused then they disappear amongst the millions of other blogs that yourcompetition is putting out there. So your blog posts disappear and basically turn into awaste of your time. If your readers can’t find your information then what is the point? Tie Your Keyword into Your Title – Keywords are important so be sure to tie them intoyour title. Most inexperienced business bloggers create titles that are simplistic and veryvague. Search engines love titles so be sure your titles contain the keywords you wantyour audience and the search engines to find it under. Use Keywords from the Beginning and Often – Your blog content should start off withyour keyword(s). This means your first sentence or two should contain your keyword(s).Then sprinkle that keyword throughout your content while ensuring your keyworddensity. The key is to use these keywords enough that you are enhancing your SEO while
  6. 6. not overdoing it. So finding the right balance is important. Overusing keywords can domore harm than good. Use Pictures – Pictures are not only a great visual aid but they can also assist in gettinghigher rankings within the search engines. When you use photos utilize your keywordswithin the caption as well as behind the scenes in the properties of the photos. Break Down Content – Break down your content using subheadings. Search engineslike targeted headings. Plus it helps break up the content into manageable chunks thatyour readers will appreciate.Your blog posts can enhance your web exposure if you utilize them in the right way. So you’llnot only be providing information that your customers and potential customers will want to readbut you’re making it easier to find that content on the Internet. Remember these tips and you’llsoon be moving your way up the search engine ladder.