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Lazy Lawn Web Content (Copywriting)


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Lazy Lawn Web Content (Copywriting)

  1. 1. HOMEPAGE When it comes to your lawn you want it lush and green but without the hassles of intensive maintenance in order to keep it that way. At Lazy Lawn we understand that time is money. The more time you have to spend on your lawn; the more money it’s costing you. What if there was a way to have the beautiful lawn you want with minimal upkeep? Now there is! At Lazy Lawn we are leading the way when it comes to synthetic grass. That’s because we have a solution for your lawn no matter how small or large the job is. We use only the highest quality synthetic lawn available. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we will ensure that you have the lawn you’ve always wanted. With Lazy Lawn you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood but without all the hassles of lawn care that your neighbors have to go through. You’ll save money, time and greatly reduce your water bill with our collection of synthetic lawn products. We take pride in being your lawn specialists. Natural Looking – Affordable – Low Maintenance With a vast array of turf choices to accommodate all your needs and budget, Lazy Lawn is the premier choice in this industry. No matter what your needs are we have a solution for you. Our team of lawn specialists will customize your solution no matter what our needs including: lawn to accommodate your children, you’re looking for a pet-friendly option; you need turf to accommodate sporting events, putting greens or even a pool area. At Lazy Lawn we give you not only a superior product but exceptional customer service and a team of lawn care specialists that are unsurpassed in this industry. While many people hear the word “synthetic” and automatically assume that that their lawn will look “fake”, at Lazy Lawn we give you a natural looking lawn without all the maintenance. Our synthetic turf options take out all the negatives of a beautiful lawn: weeding, moving, watering yet it is still environmentally safe and gives you an amazingly beautiful lawn for years. When it comes to trouble-free lawns there’s only one name you need to know; Lazy Lawn! Now have the yard you want without the worry of what your kids or pets may do to that lawn. Gone are the days of animal urine killing your grass, of worrying about how the heat will damage your grass and yes, gone are the days of investing in multiple products to keep your grass lush and green. Begin by calling Lazy Lawn and discussing your needs with one of our lawn care specialists. We have the solution you need at a cost that will fit your budget.
  2. 2. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES At Lazy Lawn we offer a wide variety of products to suit all your needs. Whether you’re looking for turf for your residence or business or whether you need it for sporting events, we have the solution for you. Our solutions are quality products at affordable prices. We use only the highest quality products so that you get a safe, realistic and durable turf solution. Lazy Lawn is known for superior products. Our turf products are safer, stronger yet unbelievably soft and realistic. With competitive prices and superior customer service we simply can’t be beat in this industry. We stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in the artificial grass industry. Our wide array of products will cover whatever need you may have. Our products offer superior drainage and are some of the most durable around. When it comes to Lazy Lawn products, you can truly see and feel the difference. Lawn & Landscaping Page Your lawn is important to you. How it looks represents you so it’s only natural that you want a lawn that will stand out. At Lazy Lawn our signature grass turf is made from soft polyethylene UV protected synthetic fiber. We bring you a lawn that can withstand the test of time. This translates to years of low maintenance combined with no worries because your lawn will look as good tomorrow as it does today. Our artificial grass gives you the look of a luxurious lawn that took a lot of money to keep green and thriving but only you will know the truth. That’s because Lazy Lawn’s artificial grass is some of the most realistic looking turf on the market. Putting Greens There’s nothing better than a game of golf. At Lazy Lawn we can accommodate large commercial golf courses or we can bring the putting green to your own backyard. For that backyard gold sensation, Lazy Lawn provides chipping and putting terrains that will let you practice your putt anytime you want. We can customize and install a backyard putting area designed specifically for your backyard. Bring your love of golf home with Lazy Lawn artificial turf. Pet Turf At Lazy Lawn we understand how much your pets mean you. However, we also understand that those lovable little darlings can also wreak havoc on your lawn. By the time your pet gets done certain parts of your lawn look like a well-worn out path or worse there is discoloration in areas
  3. 3. where there is pet urine buildup. That’s where Lazy Lawn certainly comes to the rescue. Our artificial turf is non-allergenic and safe for your pet. No matter what breed your dog or cat is, we have a solution for you. In addition for those with older pets, our installation techniques will give your best friend a soft and subtle surface on which to rest. Advantages of Using Lazy Lawn Pet Turf:  Long Lasting and Durable  Great Drainage and Easy to Clean With Water  Non-Absorbent  Non-Tonic Surface is Safe For Your Pets  Discolor and Stain Resistant  No Need to Worry About Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides Our turf is durable and made to withstand even the most challenging pets. So forget those dirty little paws and the damage they can do to your lawn. Our pet turf will save you thousands on lawn maintenance while providing a safe environment for your pet. With Lazy Lawn Pet Turf you can enjoy your amazing pet and still have a beautiful lawn. Services At Lazy Lawn we provide a variety of services to accommodate various markets including:  Residential  Commercial  Playgrounds  Golf and Sporting Events  Pets With over _____ years of experience, our artificial turf and lawn care specialists are here to provide an effective and affordable solution for you. No matter the location or need we are here for you. There’s no challenge we can’t tackle. Our service areas include: <insert service areas> Landscape Design– At Lazy Lawn we have a team of certified landscape design specialists. Their job is to take your vision and turn it into a reality. From your concept to our creation, you’ll get a well-designed and installed escape. We can incorporate numerous facets to make your dream come true. So whether you’re looking for an area for decoration only or a place where you can relax; our design specialists are here to assist you. Call us for a no obligation assessment of your current landscape and our team of designers will provide you with a custom design for your home. Have a concept but not sure where you want to go with it? Our design specialist can takes your notes and
  4. 4. their inspection of the area and create a dynamic layout to present to you. Your satisfaction with the end result is what we strive for. Installation – At Lazy Lawn we have a team of installers who have been in the business for years. All our installers are certified and fully trained to provide you with the very best looking lawn. They will work with not only your end result in mind but with the safety, quality and superior customer service that Lazy Lawn is known for. Photo gallery – Please find golf course pictures, and green looking synthetic lawns. About Us Lazy Lawn is a Toronto based artificial turf and synthetic landscape design company. We are the premier choice when it comes to the installation of synthetic lawns. We service residential home owners as well as commercial businesses in the GTA with affordable low cost solutions that will transform any area. Creating a beautiful landscaped lawn with Lazy Lawn will provide you and your family with more than just a beautiful lawn. Our premium synthetic grass will decrease your water consumption and enhance the look and value of our home. With Lazy Lawn you get all the beauty without the cost. Our affordable synthetic grass options are visually stunning. Spend more time doing the things you enjoy, while eradicating the hassles of seeding, watering, removing weeds and all the maintenance that comes with natural grass. With Lazy Lawn you’ll enjoy:  15-20 Year Life Expectancy  A Decrease In Your Water Bill  Fresh Cut Appearance All The Time  Efficient and Effective Drainage  No Need For Fertilizers and Insecticides  Pet Friendly  Decrease In Allergy Symptoms Why Lazy Lawn? Lazy Lawn has over _____ years of experience ready to go to work for you. With a team of top notch designers, installers and customer service representatives, we are the only name you need to know. Our products are extremely resilient in all climates, eye-catching and have been designed for residential, commercial and athletic uses. Our products are:  100% Lead Free  Mold and Mildew Free  Manufactured With UV Treatment  Designed & Manufactured To Look Like Real Grass
  5. 5.  Backed By a 5 Year Warranty Our turf solutions are perfect for any environment. So whether you’re looking for a play area for the children, a maintenance free lawn for your pets, or you’re looking to practice your putting, Lazy Lawn has an affordable option waiting for you. Lazy Lawn synthetic grass can be installed anywhere! Transform the look of your property while cutting down the coast and time of maintenance. It’s time for you to see the affordability of Lazy Lawn as well as the quality of our turf. You’ll never know it’s not real! Contact Us At lazy Lawn we are here to serve you. To set up an appointment or to get answers to all your artificial turf questions contact us at: <insert email, and phone number> We are here to serve you Monday through ___________ from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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