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A mobile solution for wound managment


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+WoundDesk is a mobile solution for Healthcare Providers involved in wound care. It help to assesse and document chronic wound in 5 minutes. +WoundDesk improves wound care management and patients' health outcomes thanks to early detection of wound healing impairment.

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A mobile solution for wound managment

  1. 1. Mobile Enhanced Wound Management Improve assessment and documentation to get more time for your patients. +WoundDesk takes care of the rest. +WoundDesk
  2. 2. Healthcare organizations around the world are challenged by pressures to reduce costs, improve coordination and out- comes, provide more with less and be more patient centric. Wound management is time and cost in- tensive and a critical issue for every healthcare institution. The wound healing process has an impact on patient outcomes and quality of life. The number of chronic wounds is ex- pected to rise with ageing population.
  3. 3. The current challenge is to maintain a good quality of care, despite limited human resources. +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 3 2/3 of community nursing time is spent on wounds By 2020 wound-care costs are expected to increase by 30% Avoidable pressure ulcers have a major negative impact on patient function & quality of life Wound care represents 2-4% of healthcare expenditure 1/5 of inpatients have a pres- sure ulcer, 50-80% of which are hospital acquired 2 Mio. patients in Europe and 6 Mio. in US suffer from chronic wounds
  4. 4. The +WoundDesk Platform +WoundDesk is a complete mobile solution for professional wound management, which saves time, reduces errors and improves wound healing. Health professionals are overflowed with red tape, which reduces the time spent with patients. They are looking for tools that enable them reduce the time spent on administrative tasks so they can focus more on patient care. The +WoundDesk platform, that includes a mobile app, shareable wound reports, an open health API, a web-based administration and health analytics, supports providers throughout the whole wound management process to improve the process and quality of wound management. +WoundDesk is designed by doctors for healthcare professionals. Register for free at +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 4
  5. 5. +WoundDesk for Care Providers A better wound assessment and documentation as well as the fast and effective access to wound care guidelines fa- cilitate wound care visits and let care givers focus on pa- tient. +WoundDesk is a decision-support system for a better management of chronic wounds! +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 5 Care providers save 20% in their daily assessment time. 20%
  6. 6. +WoundDesk for Doctors A wound report easy-to understand and clearly presented offers physician and wound experts an opportunity to simply review wound visits; no more loss of time to consult unreadable or complicated documents. +WoundDesk is a secured collaborative tool for a better communication between all involved care providers! +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 6 Doctors spend 30% less time to consult medical information and wound reports. 30%
  7. 7. +WoundDesk for Decision-Makers The automated analysis of anonymized wound treatment data using +WoundDesk Analytics is a solution for evidence-based wound management, based on local and recent data. +WoundDesk offers new opportunities for resource management and benchmarking! +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 7 40% Administrators spend 40% less time for collaboration, data exchange and synchronization of health records.
  8. 8. +WoundDesk’s Value for Patients The integrated and efficient wound care management ena- bles a more effective analysis of the patients' outcome and helps detect complications at early stage. Greater efficiency and increased collaboration = better wound care outcomes. +WoundDesk reduces the number of days patient spent in hospital! +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 8
  9. 9. +WD Mobile App Mobile enhanced wound management for care providers. The mobile App +WoundDesk is intuitive and thanks to the ease-to-use it can simply become part of your daily routine. To improve monitoring of wound healing, you can use +WoundDesk for every wound consultations, assess and document in few clicks. Main Features: • Quick and easy documentation • Patient wound assessment • Semi-automated, non contact and sterile wound measurement • Long-term monitoring of wound healing • Decision support system with alerts and notifications • Guidelines that can be adapted to your needs • Wound treatment recommendations • Collaborate with external care providers • Secure data exchange with colleagues The mobile app +WoundDesk is intuitive, easy-to-use and can easily become part of your daily routine. Download free app at +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 9
  10. 10. The 5-Minute* Wound Documentation How does the care provider use +WoundDesk? +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 10 1 2 3 4 5 * The same process without +WoundDesk takes 15 Minutes Preparation Review patient medical history, medication and allergies and consult the last wound report made by +WoundDesk. Wound Measurement Place the reference marker in the image field for app calibration, delimite the edge with the measurement tool, the application will automatically measure the wound surface area. Wound Assessment Easy wound description and assessment using 12 important criteria like edge, necrotic tissue, exudate, granulation, epithelialization and edema. Results The assessment criteria are used to calculate the severity score. The graphic shows the evolution of the score and the surface area to help the early detection of wound healing impair- ment. Treatment Document the treatment provided and send the +Wound Report to other car provider for feedback or specialist review.
  11. 11. +WD Administration Whether you want to check patients wound records, review visits, change change treatments plans or arrange consul- tations, +WoundDesk has made it easy for you to manage all your patients in a simple to use online administration. Optimized for viewing on your PC or tablet, +WD Administration is your fully secure web interface. Each new wound assessment on the mobile app is automatically synced to the administration for review at your convenience. Sign in at +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 1 1
  12. 12. +WD Wound Report After a wound consultation, the collected data are ready for you to share as a wound report and discuss with a special- ist or with other involved providers. The +WD Wound Report contains essential patient information such as recent wound assessment, including severity score, visualization of the wound progress, wound photo, current medications, allergies, plan of care and the most recent medical and wound history. The Human-centered design of the +WD Wound Report makes it easier for care providers to understand and review the wound consultation in a glance. The printable PDF can be imported in existing EMR Systems. Download sample at +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 12
  13. 13. +WD Health Analytics Gain a new level of insight with real-time health analytics and population-based reporting that will enable your insti- tution to be more competitive. Now more than ever, healthcare organizations need the ability to make better-informed decisions that will drive improved clinical care and operational efficiency. Now, executives and managers can make more informed decisions that improve cost savings and wound care outcomes. Analytics data that was previously infeasible, is now within reach. +WD Health Analytics is currently in development. +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 1 3
  14. 14. High Level Privacy & Security Your data security is our number one priority. We do our best to keep +WoundDesk save and secure. Privacy of patient data is crucial. All your data transfers with us have the highest level of SSL/TLS bank-level encryption against malicious parties. Once the data arrives on our side it is stored on secure servers, hosted in Switzerland, that use modern techniques to remove bottlenecks and points of failure. Access to your +WoundDesk account is secure, as well on the web, as on your phone, to avoid patient data from falling into the wrong hands. That is why we don’t store any critical patient data on the mobile device. Any other app data is saved in an encrypted and private local storage. In case of loss the application auto-logout after an inactivity time out and maximum possible safety is guaranteed, as cached usage data will be erased after any kind of logout, so no data is left on the device itself. Additionally remote account disabling enables you at any time to lock the access to +WoundDesk on a mobile device if it is lost or stolen. +WoundDesk — Mobile Enhanced Wound Management 1 4 128 bit SSL
  15. 15. Is the +WoundDesk System Right for You? If you are confronted to chronic wound, if you would like to improve assessment and documentation, if you support a multidisci- plinary approach or if you want to reduce the time on administrative tasks and spend more time for your patients than +WoundDesk is right to you. It is easy to sign up, to use and incorpo- rated into your daily care routine. Try it for free Sign Up
  16. 16. SEND TO A FRIEND Clinical Validation The +WoundDesk App realizes a semi-automated wound surface area meas- urement. The reliability and accuracy of the +WoundDesk measurement tool has been evaluated in a clinical trial in collaboration with the Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva, Switzerland. The very good results show the potential of mobile technology to support decision-making in Health. Download clinical study About digitalMedLab digitalMedLab – the company behind +WoundDesk – is a startup, founded 2012 by a medical doctor and a mobile developer. We are based near Zürich, Switzerland and benefit from the dynamic eco-system of Technopark- Winterthur. We are specialized in mobile technology for professional health care. As healthcare provider are under pressure, digitalMedLab build mobile solutions to reduce time, costs and errors. Check our company website for more insight into what we do, our forthcom- ing services, and opportunities to participate, at: Contact us We love meeting new people, and hearing about possible ideas, questions and feedback. Dr. med. Patricia Sigam, Co-Founder & CEO, 0041 52 212 8787 Want to share this document? Just click the button below: +WoundDesk is made by digitalMedLab © 2012-2015 digitalMedLab GmbH. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without prior permission in writing from the publishers.