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digitalMedLab - 2015, a year in review


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The first 10 month of a mobile health startup.

Published in: Healthcare
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digitalMedLab - 2015, a year in review

  1. 1. 2015Year in Review
  2. 2. digitalMedLab has come a long way since it was founded 2012. After 3 years we have evolved massively, but our mission has not. We‘re still trying to create value for the patient by connecting health, design and technology. We thing 2015 was an important year and has brought our users, and us as a team, one step closer to that goal. Dr. Patricia Sigam & Andreas Lorenz (Founders digitalMedLab)
  3. 3. Get Credibility Our Goals 2015 Become mHealth Expert Create Brand Awareness
  4. 4. Feb +WD Website LAUNCH
  5. 5. March +WD Mobile App LAUNCH
  6. 6. March Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain SPEAK
  7. 7. March Hacking Health Strasbourg, France SPEAK Winner in the category „Overall Healthcare System“ with the project „PalmV-DM“ for the International Red Cross
  8. 8. April eDiary Mobile App Novartis Pharma LAUNCH
  9. 9. April Connecting Health IT Fair Berlin, Germany DACH FINALIST & PITCH @ APPCIRCUS
  10. 10. April Med-e-Tel Conference Luxembourg SPEAK
  11. 11. April Accuracy of Wound Measurement using Mobile Technology PUBLICATION ISSN 1998-5509, Vol. 8, Basel/Switzerland
  12. 12. April Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur, Switzerland LECTURE „DIGITALMEDLAB - LESSON LEARNED“
  13. 13. April Medical Alert Watch for Elderly Care PROTOTYPE
  14. 14. Mai Health 2.0 Europe Barcelona, Spain SPEAK/DEMO
  15. 15. Mai Mai Health 2.0 Europe Barcelona, Spain BOOTH
  16. 16. June Health Arkathon Sion, Switzerland HACKATHON
  17. 17. June NHS - Healthcare Innovations London, UK SPEAK/BOOTH „With +WoundDesk, digitalMedLab offer a very clever solution to a problem that costs NHS billions of pounds every year.“ — Roy Lilley, former chairman of the NHS Trust, Chertsey Surrey, UK“
  18. 18. Startup Health New York, USA INCUBATOR We have successfully finished the 3th of 4 rounds, but they want to wait until we get our first customers... June
  19. 19. June Blueprint Health New York, USA INCUBATOR We failed again at the last step...
  21. 21. June University Basel Basel, Switzerland SPEAK/WORKSHOP Measurements in Health & Sport
  22. 22. June Nominated as one of the „15 most interesting Tech-Ventures out of Europe, Israel and Maghreb“ Munich, Germany DIGITAL HEALTH INNOVATION AWARD 2015
  23. 23. Aug Noser Health Winterthur, Switzerland PARTNERSHIP
  24. 24. Sept Health 2.015 Zurich, Switzerland SPEAK „TAGES ANZEIGER FORUM“
  25. 25. Sept Digitale Gesundheit Zurich, Switzerland SPEAK
  26. 26. Sept Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur, Switzerland LECTURE „CTI Entrepreneurship“
  27. 27. Sept Pflegezentrum Zurich Zurich, Switzerland +WD TESTING
  28. 28. Oct eDiary Mobile App Novartis Pharma UPDATE 1.1
  29. 29. Oct Health - Digital Transformation Hotel Park Hyatt, Zurich, Switzerland WORKSHOP „39. SGO Herbsttagung“
  30. 30. Medtech & Pharma Platform Zurich, Switzerland SPEAK Oct
  31. 31. Oct Canon Zurich, Switzerland WORKSHOP
  32. 32. Oct Lift 2015 Conference Basel, Switzerland SPEAK
  33. 33. Nov Ascom Myco Switzerland +WOUNDDESK INTEGRATION
  34. 34. Nov Congreso de Telesalud y Telemedicina Lima, Peru SPEAK
  35. 35. Nov Medica Fair Düsseldorf, Germany ASCOM BOOTH
  36. 36. 2015Year in Numbers
  37. 37. Zurich Lima TRAVEL 8 13 16 22226 Countries Cities Events KM Barcelona Luxembourg Strasbourg Berlin Berne WinterthurBasel London Düsseldorf Hasselt Lausanne Sierre
  38. 38. 448 458 2450 1654 166 14302 5th SOCIAL MEDIA Tweets Followers on Twitter LinkedIn Contacts Video views Facebook Likes Website Visitors Most influential App on SocialMedia in Switzerland
  39. 39. APP 473 901 #33 #3 Registered Nurses & Doctors App Installations Medical App in Portugal (PlayStore) of all Wound Care Apps (PlayStore)
  40. 40. 2016Our Goals
  41. 41. GOALS 2016 WD Inside (Android & iOS) WD v2.0 WD CE Mark SanteDesk v1.0 HealthAnalytics v1.0 OpenHealthAPI v1.0
  42. 42. Image Analysis Big Data Recommendation based Wound Care FUTURE
  43. 43. Thanks for your support and being a part of this adventure MERCI digitalMedLab GmbH Technopark Winterthur, Technoparkstrasse 2, CH 8406 Winterthur