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Mobile Engagement Strategies in 2012 (PCA8)


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The optimal mobile engagement strategy for your organization is the intersection of your unique answers to 3 questions. Also covered: new trends, best practices and emerging opportunities for mobile products and services in 2012.

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Mobile Engagement Strategies in 2012 (PCA8)

  1. 1. Mobile Engagement Strategies in 2012 Pat Scherer Product Management…Web, Mobile, E-commerce & SaaS The Detail Person LLC @pscherer
  2. 2. Opportunity * From Microsoft Tag Infographic
  3. 3. YOUR Strategy… Clarity precedes action WHAT? Levels of Engagement But WANT WHO? to be here? 5.Engage Demographics/Psychographics 4. Retain/Support Are you 3. Sell more here 2. Sell something 1. Introduce/Inform HOW? Usage* Yahoo! Mobile Whitepaper: “Mobile Modes – How to Connect with Mobile Consumers”
  4. 4. WebsitesTexting: SMS MMS IM Applications Building Blocks QR Codes
  5. 5. Business Apps SECURITY BYOD Challenges 2012Opportunities AppLication Overload 60+ mobile browser versions 6500+ mobile device models Firmware? Feature settings?
  6. 6. M2M? ApplicationsFun and creative? Geolocal/Geosocial?
  7. 7. YOUR strategy… Snot strategy-du-jour I M PFinal Thoughts L I C “The most important I word in the vocabulary of advertising is TEST.” - David Ogilvy T Y
  8. 8. References•• trends/mobile/••• Sergey-Mavrody.png• of-responsive-website-design/ Pat Scherer m.512.415.3473 Twitter: @pscherer